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There are several theories as to how the body burns fat. One is that it takes the extra energy from all over at once. The other is that it takes it from the nearest source. Experts argue as to which applies. Some good exercises for toning and strengthening the legs are squats and leg lifts.

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Q: Exercise moves to lose weight on your legs?
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How can you have slimmer legs?

Lose weight and do leg toning exercise.

What is the a way to lose weight from your legs?

Simple answer: you can't. Spot training is a myth. To lose fat on your legs, you must lose it all over - this is achieved by a healthy diet and exercise (both cardio AND weight training), and there is nothing "short" about the time it takes to do this. If you are female, your legs will likely be the last place you lose fat from.

Is jumproping a good way to lose weight?

Well,jumping is a good exercise and it works the legs very well.So,yeah it probably is a good way to lose weight.

Do you lose weight with martial arts?

Yes, they are good exercise. Yes. Doing different Martial Arts moves can help you lose weight because of the intensity of the training program.

How do you get your legs to look really thin and get your calves really thin?

I would do lunges and squats to make my legs look bigger (ie more muscular and toned), not necessarily thinner. Your legs don't really lose fat weight unless you lose weight. If you want to lose muscle weight, well, don't exercise them and eat less I guess.

How can you lose weight just from your legs without taking diet pills or without becoming ill when you are exercising but losing the weight?

There is no way to just lose weight from you legs. The only way to accomplish this is through an overall healthy diet and exercise plan. Everyone's body loses weight in a different area first.

What is the relationship of exercise and losing weight?

if you exercise, you lose weight. it's as simple as that!

How can a dog help you to lose weight?

Dogs need to be taken on walks, walking is exercise, exercise can help you lose weight

How can a guy lose weight?


You have really fat legs how can you lose some weight in 2 days?

It may be possible to loose a couple pounds in 2 days. However, the person should eat right and exercise weekly, in order to consistently lose weight.

What is best male exercise to lose weight?

exercise at a 65% vo2max

What is exercise used for?

Exercise is so you can stay fit and lose weight!