Explain in detail all the options items on the Menu bar and Tool bar of Internet Explorer?

A Web browser that made its debut in 1995 as Microsoft's response to Netscape, one of the first graphical-based Web browsers and, at the time, the dominant browser in use with control of over 90 percent of the market.

Initially called Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE), Internet Explorer (IE) has long held the title of most popular browser in use

Internet Explorer supports Java, JavaScript,ActiveX, RSS, CSS and Ajax, while also offering features like tabbed browsing,private browsing, and built-in malware and phishing protection.

View Menu Items

Internet Explorer provides the View Source command, which enables users to view the HTML source file for the current page. The View Source command is also available from the Web page's context menu. With Internet Explorer 5 and later, users may select editors other than Notepad for viewing source code.

Currently, this feature works with programs that permit spaces in the command path. WordPad, for example, does not permit spaces in the command path, so you cannot specify WordPad as your default editor for viewing source code.

Toolbar Buttons

HTML editors can also be launched from the toolbar by clicking the Edit button. Internet Explorer 4.0 launches Microsoft FrontPage or FrontPage Express, if installed, when the Edit button is pressed. The Edit button on the toolbar in Internet Explorer 5 and later also enables users to edit Web pages using their chosen HTML editor.

Internet Options

On Windows XP, Internet Explorer allows the user to select which application will be launched when accessing an Internet service, such as mail or news. Internet Explorer 5 and later also allows the user to select a default HTML editor. Internet Explorer uses the default client applications that are defined in the registry. Client applications are listed within a corresponding drop-down menu that relates to the client application type. Registered applications are listed in a drop-down menu on the Programs tab of the Internet Options dialog box. (The following screenshot is from Internet Explorer 7.)