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Before Independence, there was a single political party. But now, it is coalition because of coming up new political party in every election. Because of so many political party, no one is able to get the majority of votes during the elections. There is a rule to have a 50% votes as well as majority, otherwise they will unable to form a government that's why there is a coalition government.

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Why is America different than other governments?

because we have a democracy as a government

In what way was Athens democracy limited?

The way Athens democracy was limited because they had different governments and their kings were big shots

What do you mean by coalition politics discuss the different forms of coalition politics?

A coalition government - is formed by members of all parties. This is totally different to a government formed by just the members of the majority party. Coalition governments are better for the electorate, as they cover all viewpoints - whereas a 'single-party' government can often be one-sided.

How was the democracy of Athens different from the governments led by the pharaohs of Egypt and the kings of Mesopotamia?

how was the democracy of athens different from goverments led by the pharaohs of egypt and the kins of mesopotamia

What are some different types of government?

some governments are democracy, republic, monarchy, anarchy,& a theocracy.

What are the different types of government?

there are governments that give us rules and laws, there are governments that keep us in order Sean wray cant type!! =xthere are three1)democracy2)monarchy3)oligarchiesthese are from the ancient Greece timesthere are lots of different types of government. Republic, Democracy, Dictatorship, and Monarchy are a few examples.

5 different types of governments currently in power in the world?

They include: Democracy, Absolute monarchy, Communist, Islamic republic and Parliamentary democracy. In some countries more than one system applies.

What govenment conducts elections?

a democracy or republic as an add on,elections for different level representatives are conducted by either city/town or state governments

Is democracy different from non democracy?

It is not different there is mo such thing as a non democracy

What did the early government of the US have in common with ancient governments?

Nothing. We are talking about different historical periods, different societies and different institutions. In the ancient days there were kings and emperors, which the US do not have. When there was democracy, it was different. It was direct democracy, whereas the US and other modern democracies use indirect democracy. Direct democracy means that instead of electing representatives to vote on laws, people voted on bills themselves (directly) by gathering in popular assemblies to vote.

Are there different types of liberal democracy?

Are there different kinds of democracy

Who are the modern leaders of Israel now?

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Israel is a secular democracy, in which all faiths are citizens and have equal rights. The government is a coalition; in other words, it is comprised of several different political parties. There are one or two tiny religious groups as part of this coalition, but Israel has never been a theocracy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What are the similarities to Athenian democracy and Canadian democracy?

@Wiki User, they are asking for similarities. We have a different democracy sure, but there still are similarities

What type of government does the European Union country have?

The European Union is not a country. It is an organisation. There are 28 of Europe's countries that are members of the European Union. Each of those countries have their own governments. They would all be democratic governments, but have different styles of democracy.

How are the European absolutist governments different?

All European governments seemed similar, but they're actually different regarding structure in their governments

How is a direct democracy different from a regular democracy?

Define regular democracy. A democracy is a government by the people. A direct democracy is a type of democracy.

Different forms of democracy?

There are a handful of different kinds of democracies in the world. One form of democracy that is popular is direct democracy.

How was the democracy in ancient athens different from democracy in the united states?

The democracy in ancient Athens was a direct democracy. The democracy in the United States was a representative democracy.

How was the direct democracy simular and different from a representative democracy?

This is significantly different to the representative democracy practiced in almost all democratic countries today.

How was the government of the Roman Republic different of the government of the Roman Empire?

The Republic was a coalition of senate and people's assemblies. The Empire was a coalition of emperor and senate.

Does Asia have a democratic government?

Asia is a continent and has many different countries, so it has many different governments. There are different types of governments in Asia, like democratic ones, dictatorships, communist governments, military governments and other types.And they are still poor!

How was the government of the Roman Republic different from the government on the Roman Empire?

The republic was run by a coalition of citizen assemblies and senate, the empire by a coalition of emperor and senate.

How are limited and unlimited governments different?

Limited governments can only do certain things. Unlimited governments can do anything they want.

How is America form of democracy different from the athenian form of democracy?


In ancient Greek settlements governments tended to develop in a predictable order. Which form of government usually came first?

Monarchy, followed by oligarchy, followed by tyranny, followed by democracy, sometimes in different sequences in different city-states.