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This is the main category for collectibles produced by the Franklin Mint, including dolls, dishes, coins, medals, model cars and trucks, etc.
Sadly I have no idea the current value, but I'm the craftsman that modeled the sculpture.
The value is based largely on the value of silver. Silver right now is about $28/ozt, 25ozt of .925 silver in the set, that's $647.50. Because it's in mint condition and moderately difficult to find you can add a bit more, but probably not much more than 25%, at the most, so between $650-$800.
its worth about $150 including shipping, that would be for one ingood shape, but not any more than $200 all in if it was in mintcondition not a mark on it including display stand and booklet withcertificate of authenticinty
if they are the mini medals, the set is worth about $25 ... if theyare the ~1/2 ounce medals, the set is worth about $300
One of the best websites to determine the asking and selling prices for this and other coins is on eBay. First identify the year that the proof set was issued and search accordingly on eBay. Once you get one or more matches, click on to "completed listings" and you will see the actual prices for...
the 7 piece set, with box & papers sells for about $150
unfortunately these stamps are worth virtually nothing -- perhaps10 cents apiece
1000 grams sterling is currently worth about $415 ... 1000 grainssterling is worth about $27
This is a bullion coin and its value follows the market price of silver per ounce and as of 2-8-10 value is $15.13 per ounce, so that's the value of the coin.
I have this set also and want to see what its worth. I have seen them advertised for as much as $635 and a low as $136. I have been offered $57. Considering what I paid, I still have them..
With no mint mark, or an "S" on the reverse side, this coin retails for about $200 if worn, up to $275 with little wear. With a "CC" mint mark, the corresponding value range is roughly $300-$500
One source indicates the retail value is $300.
In the past (2/16/07) I saw one on Ebay selling for $350. It was only the start of the bidding, however. Since prices always change I cannot give you an exact estimate, sorry. OMG if you have one you are one lucky sod you can sell that or buy that for over ten grand on certain sites
Whatever the spot value of silver is times the total weight of pure silver in the set less all the fees the leeches in between you and the buyer will take.
Answer . Hi there.. to do this well, one needs to know the weight of the set and the current value of silver. If you can post the weight of the set, I can post the value of the set. See you at the auction.. The set is 22.5 Troy onces. Thank you, Ivy
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Now, if you are certain that it is a real Faberge egg, than it should be worth between $4,000 to $75,000.Is excellent for investment Answer I sell four eggs of Faberge by Franklin Mint that only the real one with 24k gold,enamel,pearl and hand decorations for 25000 in December and was easy...
YES! Philippines: 50 Piso, KM#236. .8410ASW. Mintage 4,626. Catalog $47.00 Solomon Islands: 5 Dollar, KM#13a. .8410ASW. Mintage 1,368. Catalog $30.00 New Guinea: 5 Kina, KM#20a. .8410ASW. Mintage 1,798. Catalog $28.00
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How much is the Franklin MINT 1973 silver Panama 20 balboa coin worth .
Single Franklin Mint pewter goblets can be found for sale in aprice range of $38 to $59 each. There are also sets of 6 for saleranging from $189 to $250.
Try this link: you'll find numerous auction results of this artist for you to compare to. This should give you a first idea.
It depends on which doll, the condition, and if it has the box and COA. Some, like Scarlett in the BBQ dress can be found for $30 because they were so over produced. Later Gold Standard editions can sell for several hundred, again depending on which doll and condition.
The value of any collection always depends on being able to findsomeone who wants to buy it. The Franklin Mint Fish Collection canbe purchased for as little as $19.95.
Unless there's a small C next to the date, it's only worth about $2.50 retail; a dealer will pay face value. 1953-C $2 bills are a bit more valuable, and can be worth roughly $3 to $6 depending on how worn they are.
Today, 25-Mar-2010, between $.42 and $.47 per gram.
I had one of these sets also. I found a site called with a price guide for Franklin Mint. I learned that there were two versions of this set, bronze and silver. The bronze set has little or no value, but the silver set is quite valuable. Here is a link to the price guide page for...
The Franklin Mint U.S. History mini silver coin set can bepurchased from resellers for around $300. In some cases the setmight be worth more than that.
Tonight 03/16/2012 651.20 (retail - not what you will get on the street)
Your medallion is one (1) troy ounce of sterling silver (.925) which has an intrinsic value of about $30 right now.
"JS" isn't a mint mark. It's the initials of the coin's designer, John Sinnock. His monogram appears under FDR's portrait. Please see the Related Question for more information.
depending on wear and condition anywhere between a few hundred to $5-$600 depending on where you sell, ive collected the series and find them sometimes as low as $30-$40 a goblet and $100 for bowl hope that helps
Hard days night, help, I wanna hold your hand beatles music boxes, what's their value?
None of the Eisenhower dollar coins struck for general circulation have more than face value. Only proof and uncirculated collectors coins sold from the Mint have premiums
They weigh 1.06 Troy Oz. each times .925 for being sterling = .9805 Oz silver ea. times 50 = 49.02 Oz total then multiply by the current price of silver (see -- currently about $16.64 per ounce -- then multiply by .90 to .95 for the dealer's profit margin, and the result will be a...
how much is a sword of kings watch by the royal mint worth
I just saw a 6 pc. set go for $193.00 on Ebay. In 2011 a set sold for $100.00. It depends on how bad you want them.
I have the full set of Franklin Mint Classical Record collection......50 leather bound cases....the records are a reddish colour...
There is almost no gold value all in these foil replicas. It is a layer an atom or two thick on aluminum. There is little extra value to these replicas and stamp collectors typically do not want them in their collections.
well, i do not have the answer, but would like the answer. i have a full collection of nature plates by peter barnett by frankin mint. january thru december.
My Mom had bought the sculpture the year it came out for $200 Canadian. It is a part of a series of horses from the Black Beauty novel by Anna Sewell. Whether by itself or as a part of the series it was expected to increase in value over the years.. At the very least it is worth the $200. We still...
i have the complete collection without the display case but do have the original booklet that came with them / how much do you want to pay for them? they are in imaculate condition and are beautiful rick 760 605-0344
Answer . The gentleman in the painting was my great uncle, retired Rear Admiral Andrew Mack, a neighbor of Mr Rockwells who posed for a few of his paintings. It was painted in his home office with I believe an employee of the Franklin mint.We think the original is undoubtely still at the mint.
In excellent shape, they are as a collection worth about 2000.00. All unopened and in perfect condition, the value goes up to whatever the buyer will pay.
I have 20 Franklin Mint Dicast Cars for sale. Many are in the original boxes unopened. Most are corvettes from the 50s - 70s.
The original price of the Sun Bird Framed Etching was $185.00
Please check your coin. Queen Anne was on the throne on in 1709, George I did not come to the throne until 1714.