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Organized soccer with rules began in Britain where it is commonly called football. Rules were first established in 1863 by the English Football Association and the game is sometimes known as 'Association Football' to distinguish it from other football games like Rugby Football, American Football and Australian Rules Football. It is more commonly known as soccer in North America. It is a team sport played between two teams of eleven players, and is widely considered to be the most popular sport in the world. Football is played on a rectangular grass or artificial turf field, with a goal at each of the short ends. The object of the game is to score by maneuvering the ball with any part of the body, except a hand or forearm, into the opposing goal.
Soccer (better known as football) is extremely popular in mostcountries of the world.
Ashley Cole's real name is Ashley Cole. There is no difference atall.
2 times. They won it in 1950-51 and 1960-61 seasons.
MICHAEL Owen was born in Manchester he doesn't support man u or man city he supports Liverpool! and he said he always has if u don't believe me there's a video on youtube where he says it! Don't know about a Mark Owen
sino ang may akda ng kung bakit nasa ilalim ng lupa ang ginto
It can hold , that is stamford Bridge , about 54 thousand people.
Who took the last throw in. in 90 Mins at world cup final 2014Germany v Argentina
Wayne Rooney has scored 23 goals in all competitions this season, 2009-2010. BPL = 21 Community Shield = 1 League Cup = 1
For there hobby take the example of david bekham
The club was formed on 4/9/1889 om a Wednesday so they added the name.
What is the difference between rugby and soccer?
Ghana have won the African Cup of Nations 4 times: 1963, 1965,1978, 1982.
Association Football was taken to America by emigrants from Europe.
The Current Captain is Iker Casillas.
The answer is in 1916, a football game between Cumberland Collegeand Georgia Tech ended with a final score of 222-0 in favor ofGeorgia Tech
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People go to the Nou Camp which means New Fields just to watch Barcelona play their great football.
kassim was the most famous palyer in kansas
My personal opinion is Luis Suarez. Last year he was brilliant atscoring goals.
There is high possibility of Nottingham forest getting promotion tothe premiership at the end of the season
Micheal Essien can kick the ball hard from 20 or even 30yards and score goals.
Yes, they have won 2 national championships in college football.The most recent one was in 2010 season when they beat the OregonDucks 22-19 at the helm of Cam Newton.
Each team has 11 players on the pitch, and since there are 2 teams, that means there are 22 players on the pitch plus 1 referee.
In English football the record is shared by Roy McDonough and SteveWalsh which is 13 red cards. Not sure internationally though.
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landon donavon is playing for la galaxy he retires at the end ofthe season.
soccer is challenging at the beginning but it get easy if you try hard and play hard
There is no correct answer to that. It is an opinion.
Several Premier League teams have played close-season friendly games in the USA. Although there has been some talk of playing competitive league games in America, this has not been approved by the teams/EPL.
around 50 ,000,000
Light. Clothes, remember to just be comfortable and have fun!
Both Lionel messi qand Ronaldo are good.
It got over 3 years ago
In gridiron football , a spike of the ball is a play in which the quarterback intentionally throws the ballat the ground immediately after the snap
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Financially they are in a big mess, with huge debts.
Jumping Jacks, yoga, ball taps, running, joggin, stretching, and, grapevine/kareoke
Yes, of course you can wear your 3D glasses but you have to do a little bit of work before that. Simple just call up James Cameroon and ask him to convert the game from 2D to 3D then telecast it on TV. Then what, wear your 3D glass and enjoy the arsenal vs Man u game in 3D.. all d best..
the best soccer player in Mexico
No. He Is 59. He was born on November 30,1955.
Paul Gascoigne was born in Newcastle and managed kettering fc forover ten years
Use iSoccer to get down your touch then try stopovers, scissors,the Croife, and Pullbacks. Even come up with a few of your own!Good luck little prodigy! :)
Wigan Athletics's home stadium is the DW Stadium (formerly JJB Stadium), in Wigan, Greater Manchester.
2 years ago against man united
The banana kick is a freekick with the ball dipping in a curve into the net like a banana, Roberto Carlos was famous for this.
Former Liverpool player Luis Garcia joined Spanish team Racing de Santander on 11-Aug-2009. As at 4-Feb-2010 he had made 8 appearances.
Yes Paul gascoigne has retired long ago.He played in the 1990 world cup in Italy.
The current Leeds United manager is Simon Grayson.
英式足球 [yīng shì zú qiú]
Raheem Sterling, Liverpool . Nacer Chadli, Tottenham Hotspur . Diego Costa, Chelsea-2 weeks in a row . Frank Lampard, Manchester City . Edin Dzeko, Manchester City . David De Gea,Manchester United . Sergio Aguero, Manchester City
1955, they won the FA Cup over Manchester City. They also won theChampionship (division 1) in 2009/2010 but most Newcastle fansdon't count that as we shouldn't have been relegated so ;-)
Alan Shearer Andy Cole Robbie Fowler Teddy Sheringham Lez Ferdinand Michael Owen Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink Dwight York Robbie Keane Frank Lampard Ian Wright Dion Dublin Emile Hesky Matt Le Tisser Thierry Henry Ryan Giggs Wayne Rooney Nicolas Anelka