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Field Hockey is an outdoor sport where players use sticks to get a ball into a goal. Questions in this category include the history of field hockey, rules and regulations of the game, and how various sticks are made.


They are use to spread microbes on an agar plate.
Some teams prefer a buildup strategy; they will make short safe passes between the halves and backs to draw the forwards out, then slowly move forward gaining territory until they get a chance to strike into the 25 metre area and the circle. Others will exploit the basic drawing, then throw a quick...
There are many famous Australian Hockey Players which include, AnnaFlanagan, Georgie Parker, Casey Sabowski (nee Eastham), MadonnaBlyth, Kate Hollywood, Nikki Hudson, Ashleigh Nelson to name a few.
they go on the left from the center of the rink and try to score like others
It seems that it is because Hockey experienced its greatestlevel of success in British colonial India, where Calcutta HC wasfounded as the first professional field hockey club outside ofEngland in 1885. Still some people argue that hockey is not anational game in India, I am not certain about it...
On the field in a straight line, a ball can only go 106.3 metres before it goes out. In a game, the ball might travel many kilometres in total, and may not go out for much of this. If shot from a large enough airgun, a ball could go forever.
The bow cannot be more than 25 millimetres, measured on a flat surface from the surface to the stick at its highest point. The bow can be either convex or concave, but not both .
If the stick is not dangerous, then it is fine to use. Because of the way they are made, one having a hole is likely to be much weaker and prone to shattering which can be very dangerous, so is probably not going to be allowed. if the hole is small, you can probably patch it with some stick-repair...
Warm it up properly. That means at least five minutes doing lightpasses or juggling and jinking with a ball, then some sweeps andhits. The most important thing that you should definitely do is hold thestick quite tight in your hand so that the vibrations are absorbedby your arms and body. The loser...
No, this is a common misunderstanding of the rules, especially whenthey are explained by another player who is also unfamiliar. If the First shot at goal during a penalty corner is a hit(including sweeps) then it must enter the goal at the heightof the backboard or lower unless it has been...
In the men's field hockey team, Mike Mahood was the main goalkeeper; David Carter was the reserve. In the men's adult ice hockey team, Martin Brodeur, Marc-Andre Fleury and Roberto Luongo are the goalkeepers. In the men's Under20 ice hockey team, Jake Allen and Martin Jones are the goalkeepers. In...
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The following Sports have 11 players on the field of play at anyone time. . Field Hockey . Football (Soccer) . Football (American) . Cricket . Bandy
Sardar Singh was the captain in 2010. He was first captained in2008 though, and was the youngest player to captain an indian team.
Any and all positions commonly wear a protective glove, from attackers to defenders. That worn by a goalkeeper is not technically a glove, but is often referred to as such anyway.
Field Hockey rules are complex, as you can imagine, all sports are. For a full breakdown of the rules and how they came about please visit the Field Hockey Governing Body website (FIH) The link below will take you straight to the rules pages.
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The answer to this question is very difficult as it depends on whatkind of stick you use... wooden, composite, full composite... First - do a visually check of the stick to see for any breaks orfractures usually that will give you an idea. Secondly - the best thing to do would be to listen out for...
The only restriction on player movement is that goalkeepers cannotleave the 23 metres area (except when taking a penaty stroke).Every other player can go everywhere.
Manon Rheaume played exhibition games with the Tampa Bay Lightning in '92-'93, though it has since been exposed as a publicity stunt for the then expansion franchise. Theoretically the NHL is the highest league a female athlete can play (with goaltender the most likely position).
Field Hockey is the national game of india.
Similarities: . The sports are called hockey. . They are Olympic sports. . They involve using a stick to move an object into a goal. . Goalkeepers wear large thick padding to protect themselves. Differences: . See the related questions.
Constance Applebee. She was the one who brought it to the US. However, Field hockey was not widely played until she came in 1901.
Physics is everywhere in hockey, from how the players speed up, to how the ice has a low frictional coefficient, so everything slides. The skates are sharpened so that there is a smaller area of contact between the skates and the ice, so that when the skater tries to turn, the smaller contact area...
In field hockey, the hit is a method of striking the ball hard using a swinging motion of the stick, and is often used when pure power is desired, such as for shots on goal, free hits or driving the ball downfield. In ice hockey, the hit is the event of using the body to charge another player,...
In terms of injuries sustained, field hockey has about 2.5 times more injuries per player than cricket. Field hockey injuries requiring medical attention are in the region of 17 per 100 players per year, while cricket is in the region of 7 per 100 players per year. As a comparison, association...
In ice hockey, they are required to by rule; the temptation andlikelihood of them being used as weapons, whether intentionally or not, is too high. In field and floor hockey, a player is not required to do so, but usually does because of what caused the breakage. They should then clear the pieces...
A foul will usually result in a free hit to the other side, if within the 25 yard line it will result in a penalty corner, if in the "D" or the strike zone it will result in a penalty shoot out.
No, not in an international competition, hoverer for social hockey it is possible.
Anything to delve into the labyrinth of Indian hockey in terms of recapturing its glory and agony in international arena is an emotional strain. It's an admixture of delight and despair, of triumphs and tragedies and of course, a saga of enduring faith even in face of persistent fiascos. Eight gold,...
Cricket need not be the national game of India. Hockey is already the national game. The popularity of Hockey and its fans in the country cannot be brought down while considering Cricket. Cricket's momentum in the country will neither be affected as in the present situation.
You can learn whatever is taught to you, whether by playing, by watching, by reading about or by having the game explained. For example, WikiAnswers has a whole category devoted solely to ice hockey and one to field hockey; we currently don't have categories for any otehr type, but we're working on...
Kickers are the pads worn on the feet of a goalkeeper. What they are used for is simple: kicking the ball away, or sometimes letting it simply deflect off to the sides.
Ice, in-line and street hockey Sticks come in different sizes and configurations to match to every hockey player. Standard hockey stick configuration names and their range of lengths are: Junior = 46-53 inches Intermediate = around 54 inches Senior = 56-63 inches Field hockey Sticks are...
If your playing arrangement is to have three backs (as opposed to two, which is the standard arrangment) then it is better to have a 'forward' back, a 'rear' back and a sweeper (or sweeping back). The forward back should be the first to attempt tackles and meet an attack headon, slowing them enough...
There is no onside or offside in field hockey, at least as used in other sports. It is sometimes used to describe a player is in the wrong half of the field when a centrepass is taken, but that is about the only time.
Field hockey players don't wear helmets unless they are goalkeepers; most of these know how to maintain their equipment. For any other player: why are you wearing a helmet? It's "only slightly" against the rules and doesn't gain you any advantage. This also assumes the helmet is the right size for...
fullbacks, midfielders and forwards
tape, a puck and sometimes wax.
Which country? Which league? Which flavour of hockey (indoor, field, ice, ..)? All of these must be included before we can answer your question, since listing every team of every league is impossible given the resources we have.
Only 79 of 205 NOCs have not, so that makes 125 countries other than the USA which have won golds; far too many to list here. Go to the related link and search in the final column for gold medals; any country with a 0 has not won any ever and would be included in such a list. For example,...
Developed: to bring out the capabilities or possibilities of; bring to a more advanced or effective state; to cause to grow or expand. There were many influencing factors in the development of todays modern ice hockey game, so credit can not be given to a single entity, group or person.
Developed: to bring out the capabilities or possibilities of; bring to a more advanced or effective state; to cause to grow or expand. There were many influencing factors in the development of todays modern ice hockey game, so credit can not be given to a single entity, group or person.
Unless the grade or gametype is one where hitting is explicitly not permitted (and this is for both sexes, usually) yes , women can hit as and when they like; many hit harder than some male players at the same level.
By playing? Yes, they can, assuming the boy is of a similar skill level. By doing anything else? Many male umpires could be "converted" by a pretty face when they umpire a women's game, but those of decent quality remain imprtial regardless of who plays. Spectators of any kind can mean the...
Hockey pucks are usually made of hard plastic, although some rubber ones can be found rarely; they are not generally used because they are extremely hard to use properly.
Field hockey is a winter sport. This means in the northern hemisphere it goes from about September to March/April, and in the southern from March/April to around September. However, international games may be played at any part of the year and summer hockey often makes up a lot of the offseason.
It's Called a Hockey Puck not Ball. Plus The Hockey pucks are made of Rubber.
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Curved, light-weight hockey sticks are the best.
The smallest sticks, intended for use by younger players, can be as low as $20 if you find a good deal. The most expensive (although arguably of lower quality than many cheaper sticks) can be upwards of $500 quite easily. Most are in the middle of the range, with most adult sticks being between $200...
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there are 3 periods in a NHL game after if it is tied it goes into OT (over time) and if it is still tie game it goes into a shoot out
The German's men's team is ranked first in the world of field hockey; the women's team is ranked fourth; they are known for having invented indoor hockey as a winter alternate to the outdoor form. Suffice to say, yes, they play hockey very well.
Currently and unfortunately, no, it does not. However, should there be enough questions to justify a new category for any of the other variants of the sport, it would certainly be done.
In 1975, at Kuala Lumpur
Yes. There are hundreds of men's leagues around the world, and several major international men's competitions.
The action is called a bully . In modern field hockey, the sticks are only tapped ( not hit!) once together, before the ball is in play.
No. Throwing your stick in any attempt to hit the ball is against the rules, and is penalised very severely in every form of hockey.
There are three periods in a hockey game.
In field hockey and ice hockey, hitting is entirely permitted. In indoor hockey, it is explicitly not permitted (due to the dangers and unnecessity of it).
Yes. A teacher in nova scota from Kings View Academy teached there students how to play hockey.
6 players for each team. 12 altogether if you count both sides. 1 Center, 2 wingmen, 2 defense men, and 1 goaltender. 5 players a side if you don't count the goaltender.
An umpire is an official in any of various sports including baseball, field hockey and softball. The umpire is the arbiter of the rules, determining when rule infringements have occurred and the penalties for them as well as recognising scoring actions.meow
No. A player who deliberately uses their body against an opponent, especially when making a tackle, will be sent off straight away, and a strong penalty will be awarded as well. There is no excuse for a deliberate foul like that in hockey.
The green triangle is a personal penalty card, symbolizing a formal warning. It basically constitutes the last chance for that offence or for that player before they will be sent off.
Well,Every january 1st since 3 years ago there's been a "WInter classic"In which 2 teams battle a hockye game like how kids used to play outside,Its a regular game that is played outside theres no championship awarded until late may. Hope i could help you
In no sport does any person tend towards anything regarding sexualorientation. Field hockey is the same; men and women of allorientations play it in a roughly proportionate mix. I am a man who plays field hockey. I am not gay. I know many othermen who also play field hockey. To my knowledge all are...
In the men's competitions, Germany's national men's team and the Netherlands national women's team are currently ranked first.
in ice hockey the first period last 20 minutes but because of all the whistles it makes it a lot longer.
The current captain of the German Men's field hockey team is Maximilian Müller
I used a koho stick back in the late 1980's that I think was fiberglass. It may have been called the K1 or K3, but that was a long time ago. It had an oval shaft. The fiberglass was wrapped with about a 1/8" overlap all the way up, so it looked like it was ribbed. I think I used it for about 6 years...
11 people to each team while playing and also with other people incase someone gets injured
Field hockey is a non-contact sport in theory, but like any physical competition like that, there will be some jostling and player-on-player contact. However, any deliberate or serious contact can be quite severely penalised; accidental contact will often be treated like any other offense of that...
yes they have two sets of picks. one set at the butt end of the stick and a set at the heel of the blade. goalies also have picks on the catching glove.
A player well ram into players of opposing teams as they attempt to move in opposite direction. Another way to slow down momentum is to skate along side and the push them into the wall.
Geographically, there are 17 from Africa, 30 from Asia, 45 from Europe, 9 from Oceania and 26 from the Americas. Africa . Botswana. Egypt. Ghana. Kenya. Libya. Malawi. Morocco. Namibia. Nigeria. Seychelles. South Africa. Sudan. Tanzania. Togo. Uganda. Zambia. Zimbabwe. Asia . Afghanistan....
The 'Lift' is legal when executed properly and only if it does notcause danger to the opposing player. lift's are usually used topush the ball or lift the ball over a players stick in order tobeat the player and get passed them to gain ground or an advantage.
Mainly you loose fat and gain muscle. If you aren't very athletic you may loose truly depends on how much time are you going to be playing field hockey and how serious about it you are. If you're serious and commited and do it for more than a year your thighs will get stronger and sadly...
Besides the fact they both use a stick to put an object into a goal, they are completely different games.