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Netball is a sport similar to basketball, mostly played by women. Ask questions about netball rules, teams and records here.
A netball hoop is about 3m high. I'm not sure of the exact measurements but I know that this is close.
The players on the England netball team are Sara Bayman, EboniBeckford Chambers, Jade Clarke, Pamela Cookey (Vice-Captain),Stacey Francis, Rachel Dunn, Serena Guthrie, Joanne Harten, HelenHousby, Geva Mentor (Captain) , and Sonia Mkoloma.
there are five players on a junior netball team. a goal shooter and attack, a centre and a goal defence and keeper. the goal shooter and attack can go in the attacking two thirds and the goal defence and keeper can go in the defending two thirds. centre can go everywhere except the two D's.
They won Super Bowls V (January 17, 1971) for the 1970 season and XLI (February 4, 2007) for the 2006 season.
Say the C has no where to pass to they then pass either in the attacking or defending third. u r not allowed to do dat in netball a C pass has to be taken in the main third when starting off fresh..
Double Bounce is a very fun basketball game that doesn't require a lot of running around and sweating.. the rules the game are, It starts out with one person taking a shot from the foul line, if they make that shot they get 2 points, now because they made that shot they get to keep taking foul shots...
Answer . A maximum of 12 players in a team with 5-7 players on court (a game cannot continue with less than 5 players on court)..
running, which is not a sport, assuming you mean usain bolt
Up to the first 1/3 (the first line on the inside of the court) and inside the semi-circle.
Maria Tutaia is a very professional 22 year old
Maria Tutaia, the 6 foot 2-inch netball player, resides inAuckland, New Zealand. She was born in Tokoroa in 1987.
Answer . It is estimated that there are in excess of 20 million people playing netball in 70 countries and on all five continents eg Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, England, Malawi, South Africa, Cook Islands, Samoa, Fiji, Botswana, Trinidad & Tobago, Wales, Barbados, Scotland, Singapore,...
what is the area of a netball court
they need speed and endurance to keep themselves running in the game, speed Will help with defense and also with getting the ball down the court
Goal Keeper (GK) Goal Defence (GD) Wing Defence (WD) Center (C) Wing Attack (WA) Goal Attack (GA) Goal Shooter (GS)
Fast-netball is actually referred to as Fast-Net. This is a faster and simpler version of the original game. The coach can call off a player and switch postions during the game instead of during breaks. This type of netball came about in around 2007.
wing defence basically defends the opositions wing attack who runs forward to get the ball from center they are allowed in the middle and their teams defending ends but not in the 'd' shooting ring
The basic rules are: You can't move your feet with the ball. You can't touch anyone else, with or without the ball. You can't defend within three feet of the player with the ball. You must stay in your designated area of play.
10 metres.....I think
Your nails should not be longer than your finger itself.
They can - I'm a boy of 13 and I do, because I found basketball too difficult and frustrating - but I don't find netball very easy either. The girls I play with are faster and more confident than me, and I end up getting teased a lot during the game. Like tennis, it's really a sport girls are better...
If your on about how long a quarter is, they can vary from 10-15 minutes. Depend at the level you play. At higher level such as England you play for longer so 15 mins, :) 4 quarters of 15 mins = 1 hour ;)
a netball captain usually calls the toss before a match to see whos centre it is. also if your coach isn't that good or has to referee, the captain needs to be able to warm up her team and do a couple of ball exercises. she needs to be confident because if your coach is refereeing she cannot call...
The Centre (player) must be within the centre circle when the centre pass is taken. All players (except the two centres) must be behind the third lines (i.e. not in the centre third) The ball must be received by another player within the centre third.
fake one way and then go off the other way, or you could do a roll off
The ball should be caught in the centre third on a centre pass.
goal defence marks goal attack goal keep marks goal shoot wing defence marks wing attack and centre marks the opposing centre
*umpire In netball, the umpire controls the game by picking up breaches of the rules of the game. These include stepping, obstruction, contact, replay and intimidation. (I think that's all of them)
She has 5 siblibgs 3brothers 2sisters
by practicing netball skills and hanging out with her mates.
The Spanish word for Netball is Baloncesto.
there are 3 thirds on a netball court, with each end cort containing a semi circle know was the goal 'D'. this is the only section of the court that a goal can be scored from.
Go and visit her... Or find her on facebook.. Or you can go and watch her game and that where you can contact to her..
I think the question should be more of, "what did NZ do to help Irene in Netball"? She came from a country very different from NZ and wanted a better life for her family. NZ Netball and her love for the game definitely helped her achieve what she wanted personally and as a career too. Her...
If you mean originate, then it started in America, and it was called women's basketball, as women didn't play it then. GO HHS NETBALL TEAMS!!!!
for anyone over the age of 11 the height of the hoop needs to be 3.05 metres high
Wear your teams uniform and if you have a netball it would be a good idea to take that also so you can practise before hand. It is also a good idea to take a water bottle and some snacks to eat when you are off.
To be honest they sometimes look better on people with a bit more weight. Don't stop playing the sport if thats what you like just because of the uniform. If people can see that you are confident in what you are wearing they won't look at you any differently to someone a bit smaller.
She has Two but im not sure of the names
You use a shoulder pass when you are passing a further distance. Other wise, you use a chest pass for short distances, a lob pass when you want the ball to get over the player whom is defending you and a bounce pass for an escape.
I think the opposing team decide on a player and they throw the ball from the sideline to their teammate's, hope I'm right!
usually in winter because if you play a lot then you will get very hot i mean temperature ok?not sex but cuz i play netball with my friends then i know cuz my friend told me YOU CAN play in summer but i wouldn't this is my advice its might not matter to you though i hope i have helped;)
A defence technique where usually GD and GK will team up on either the GA or GS. used mainly when one of the shooters does not usually shoot.
so that there is no cheating, pushing, swearing, and unfair play on the court whilst a game is being played.
Everything looks bad on larger girls.
An umpire calls all the shots and uses a whistle
A variation of footwork or stepping. It is when a player catches the ball a split second before taking off from one foot, landing on the other- the player thinks that the second foot is the 'grounded' foot and regrounds the first foot.
netball involves four quarters, but the length of time depends on the level you are playing at
She is famous for being a netball player
You dont have to be tall to be the gk it's just better to be tall so you can get the rebounds and block the shooters goal However, being tall can help you catch interceptions more easily and might put more pressure on the other players when you defend them.
Both basketball and netball are played on the same court
you could search the internet for the rules and let them watch netball games on you tube. And if they are in year 6 or bellow you can let them play in school netball.
A game of netball goes for 1 hour, there are 4 quaters that consist of 15 minutes each and in between each quarter there is about a 2 minute break. From Tylar Leishman
no, or you will give away a free shot
a skirt, knee socks, a polo shirt and a bib with your position on it
There are many ways to motivate your players. Positive feedback always wants to be heard, even if they know they did something wrong, so try to let them down easy. Keep them happy and make them enjoy training sessions. Have Team Talk Nights where the whole team gets together at the captain's house...
The first netball nets were made from wet paper bags attached to the end of broomsticks.
there are many rules in shooting. here are some (if righthanded): -elbow and knee are in one straight line -bend legs -straighten back -put ball right under your right eye -put left hand on the side of the ball -put right foot out a little bit more than left -ALWAYS LOOK AT THE BASKET!!! -extend in...
well i think u have to be 12. my niece is 12 and she is looking in to be a netball coach. she says that u can be 12. well good luck in ur job as a netball coach xxx
officials are there to supervise the game and make sure the umpires and players are being fair, also to keep the crowd from getting overexcited. They make sure the whole game is being played by the exact rules.
they can go in: attacking third goal scoring ( the big D )
7. Gk - goal keeper gd - goal attack wd - wing defence c - center wa - wing attack ga - goal attack gs - goal shooter
If I'm not wrong, it's a little more than half the height of a regular netball post; perhaps 1.3 metres.
Muscles and Directioners power
Gk/goal keeper most of the time
normally around $30 - $40.
In netball, if the shooter shoots, misses the hoop and catches it, it will be a replay ball and the ball will be handed over to the other tea.
You shouldn't get blown for it, but i would make the pass look accidental, to make sure. Be carefull as the ball could easily miss the post, or get intercepted to cause a turnover.
The shooter can do this as long as she doesn't complete a whole step, ie the leg must be kept off of the ground before the ball is released otherwise a foot fault error will be incurred.
you need to the post as much as you can in gs and then you should make set ups so that the WA passes to the ga and then the ga pasees to the gs and then the gs shoots and then rebond if it doesnt go in but if it doess then yer you got the goal so the main thing is set up and rbondibg the ball
go down or call your local courts or netball center and they will give you a list of clubs where you can go and join at the start of the netball season. hope that helps
The 'C' Player of the team on attack starts in the centre circle. The opposing 'C' player can be anywhere in the centre third. The WA and WD always stand on the left side (if the players are facing toward the middle.) The GA and GD always stand on the right side. All of the GA GD WA WD are in the...
people usually play netball because they find it challenging or they just enjoy the sport
10 feet, the same as adult height.
If you want to play a game of netball you'll need: . a netball . 7 players per team . an umpire . position bibs
on a court there are 7 players on each team- center (C), wing attack (WA), wing defence (WD), goal attack (GA), goal defence (GD), goal shooter (GS) and goal keeper (GK) 7 on the court per team. So that's 14 people on the court at a time.
She lived an average life on a farm with her parents and siblings
a person that plays netball at school would usually train for atleast two hours a week and a professional would train for atleast eighteen hours a week.
The center player and the shooter