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Translating Spanish words into English. How you say and spell Spanish language words and phrases in the English language.
How are you today? or How does the soup taste? or How did you do on the test?
El infinitivo de Saltaba es Saltar.
The name "Carol" is also used; I guess "Carola" would be the Spanish equivalent.
Who's going to take care of you?
La means "the" so la rosa is "the rose" when translated from Catalan, Italian or Spanish to English.
'Much with all my heart but if you do not want to tell me
Apúrate means hurry up
A eme o are Portuguese and Spanish letters of the alphabet to spell amo ("I love").
Tengo que decir algo que decirte
"Well you had better"
Roughly translated: It is better than anything you have
Saber means "to know." It means "know" in the sense of knowinginformation. The verb "conocer" means "know" too but in the way yousay you know a person or you know all about something. A secondary meaning of saber is "to taste".
Chakara el baston means a crazy person that never makes sense
Translation: scrap the cane
Chakarra el baston means a person who is crazy and never makes sense yoooooooooooooo genesis WTF it's wrong witcha? huh? makin' this dummy questions like ur a lil child jajjaajaja lmfao. them words don't even exist!! you betta go to sleep kid befoe i call your parents lol
Belen, the city, is Bethlehem. A belen display used at Christmastime is called a nativity scene.
To calm down and "take it easy". IE: To stop worrying over someoneor something.
The most beautiful girl ever I love you
\n. \nAyer\n. \ne.g. We went to the cinema yesterday.\n. \nFuimos al cine ayer.
Odio la temporada otoño.
De regreso --- as simple as this. You can add previously: Estoy, estás, está, estamos, estáis, están // Estaba, estabas... // estuve, estuviste, estuvo...
I also want to see you a lot.
'te violo....' = 'I violate/ravish/spoil you....' '....vene' is ungrammatical, but probably means 'come'.
You can say: Lentes (Lenses) Anteojos (Before the eyes) Both are correct and used interchangeably.
Eres el deseo de mi corazón.
Translated to: "Hablando (a-blando lower case A sound) a mi novia caliente."
Botas marrón o (o is or in spanish) Botas café
The rope is "la reata" and it's where the English word "lariat" comes from.
This is in Spanish .It means Souls from the Silence
Being fluent (in any language) means that you can speak enough the language to be able to communicate effectively with the native speakers. Contrary to many believes, it does NOT mean that you have to be able to speak to them 100% of the time, because no matter where you go, every country and...
Spanish: Usted gana a veces y usted no hace a veces. English: Sometimes you win and sometimes you do not.
it means i wanna know more about you in a less direct way.
It means stay with me .
Translation: Hello, what's up, how are you? Yes. It is that redundant in Spanish too.
Translation: What's up, how are you? I'm hoping you are doing well.
es este un tipo de tiburón de smoothhound
I'm not exactly sure, but surely it will mean correspond? which means : . 1. . conform or be consistent: to conform, be consistent, or be in agreement with something else. 2. . be similar: to be similar or equivalent. 3. . write to one another: to communicate with somebody by exchanging...
"usted más asombra" literally means "You more amazing". I alsochecked an online Spanish dictionary site that lists asombra as aconjugation of the verb "asombrar" which means "to amaze orsurprise". So, in that case, the phrase might actually be trying tosay something like "You amaze me very much"...
This means "I hope you get married soon."
It means "Name of Cardholder."
"In the boat I return alone" is an English equivalent of the Spanish phrase En la barca torno sola . The preposition, feminine singular definite article and noun, first person singular present indicative, and feminine singular adjective may be said of any small boat, such as rowboat. The...
"Lucky?" Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya? Punk?
How do you make a game for times tables
Great question. It really depends how much swagg you have and howhard you are willing to go. I don't think there's a directtranslation in Spanish for this English expression. However, ifyour swagg is real tough, and you are willing to go super hard, I'msure everyone will understand that your "swagg...
Como te llamas? means What is your name?
Tiene que responder en español.
not if it is made from leather
Amanat = Amanat means trust "Amanat" means a Trust, a Deposit with the condition that it will be returned safely (and completely) when requested in the future. Also "Amanat" is a promise which must be kept . Guardianship . سرپرستی ٬ حفاظت ٬ اما...
If it's Spanish it's ( Hah- cob ) Accent cob.
No olvide / olviden / olvides / olvidéis ... Que no se le / les / te / os olvide...
Translating "Hey What is Up" to Spanish is "Hola, que tal? "
Goal (as in Soccer) -- Gol! Goal (as in an achievement) -- Meta, logra
It means "to walk."
Señor is the equivalent of "Mr." but can also mean "man". It is used with a last name. "Don" is an honorific, used to show respect(for the person or the rank), and is used with a first name.
well you just said it correctly!
i believe it means 'i want to see you all the time,' but im an English speaker learning spanish so you may want to recheck that!
toe= el dedo del pie (Literally "the finger of the foot")
Chaparral is vegetation consisting of shrubs and thorny bushes. ElChapparral - The bushes
"I have a pig in the.." "I have a pig at the.." Depends of the context.
estoy esté estuve estaba estaré he estado había estado hube estado habré estado estaría habría estado estuviera / estuviese estuviere haya estado hubiera / hubiese estado hubiere estado que (yo) esté / que esté (yo) (imperativo indirecto)
It means " Can you do something for me?".
Do you think about me when you're not with me?
In-service training = Entrenamiento en servicio.
bajan. pronounced (BA-HAN) but its a long A
Perdedor is the Spanish word for "loser", therefore, mi perdedor would be 'my loser'.
Estoy bien (I am good)
¡Que bien! means: That's great.
Do you protect the King Penguins from predators?
El Nino refers to the warming of the Tropical Pacific Ocean.
If the movie is very interesting..
Esta tarde most likely means "This afternoon" However, with an accent on the 'a' in 'esta', it could also mean: "You (formal, singular) are late" "He/She/It is late"