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The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena is all part of science. Nothing is immune to the scientific process: from charm quarks that haven't existed naturally since the beginning of time to Pluto, recently demoted from planet to dwarf planet. Questions on knowledge about the material and physical aspects of our world are asked and answered here.
A physical quantity is always measured of natural non-living  objects (Inanimate objects) whereas a number is always displayed  with the corresponding digit (1-9)
There is no difference in the meaning. The spelling aluminium is the international chemical term recommended by IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry), in line with other names of elements (such as sodium, chromium, cadmium). In the US it is specifically spelled as aluminum. The...
This is a very simple one to know that all triangles including  right angle triangle have 3 sides.   to get more help in mathematics jus visit acadsoc website and find  all your answers from a range of expert tutors.
As the material body travels at the speed of light its relativistic  mass becomes infinite. Hence the kinetic energy too becomes  infinite which is not practically possible
Yes it does. The two bases (hexagons) are congruent, and the six  rectangular sides are congruen to each other.
  == By who lives in it. ==     Examples:     Consumers, primary producers, decomposers, omnivores, carnivores, herbivores.  
They are located where the resources are plentiful and easy to  reach
Cogito ergo sum = I think, therefore I am .
2. they have modified leaves that trap insects.
Think of a toilet roll ey?? its like a cylinder on ya
It can if exposed to the requisite conditions and circumstances of  weathering and erosion.
   High Temp:  26.1°F *      Low Temp:  10°F      Average Temp:   16.9°F  (  24 )     Dewpoint:   4.4°F  (  24 )     Sea Level Pressure:  1031  mb  (  24 )     Station Pressure:  997.3  mb  (  24 )     Visibility:  14.8 ...
No. sulfur does not react with water.
Zinc is a solid, brittle and crystalline at room temperature, but  it becomes ductile and malleable when heated between 110°C and  150°C. It has a melting point of 692.68 K (419.53ºC) and a boiling  point of 1180 K (907ºC) (K=Kelvin)
Mechanical Advantage = Length of Slope / Height of Slope ( MA = L/H  ) so if the Length you refer to is the length of the slope then MA  = 6 / 2 = 3.   However, if the length you refer to is the length of the ramp from  end to end (rather than measuring the length of the slope) then you ...
yes through surface run-off or groundwater flow
bacterial motility, sensing, attachment
I don't want to avoid the question, but it is something like asking  how big a lake is. Some are tiny and some enormous. Similarly, you  may be asking about a small windmill on an farm in Lancaster, PA  producing kilowatts or a large "wind farm" that connects to the  east coast power grid and...
Muscles contract when they receive nerve signals from the brain,  telling them to put filaments in action. The thin ones slide past  the thick, shortening the sarcomere (this is a special part of the  muscle).
12' x 20' = 240 square feet
Your blood is never truly dexoygenated, but as it delivers oxygen to tissues the saturation of oxygen gets lower. When the blood reaches the alveoli of the lung oxygen diffuse from the higher concentration of the air to the lower concentration of the blood, where most of it binds to hemoglobin...
Seeds are enclosed in fruits. Leaves are usually broad and flat.Flowers are presentbut cones are absent.Fertilization Is double.Angiosperms are divided into two major groups ....1. Monocotyledons2. DicotyledonsIn angiosperms, the reproductive structures are located in the flower, which consists of...
It would be about 200,000,000 feet short from the moon.
The length of a parallel cable varies greatly, as much as 6ft to  25ft depending on exact standard, manufacturer and desired  specification.
Veins that draw blood from the brain are called dural venous sinuses. They receive oxygen-poor blood from the brain and pass it on to either the sigmoid sinus or the inferior petrosal sinus, which then pass the blood to the internal jugular vein, in the neck.
I believe it is 1997
Friction keeps us from sliding indefinitely in any given direction. Magnetism governs compasses and even audio speakers.Gravity keeps on Earth.
write a comple set of quantum numbers for each of electrons in  boron
Around 80 to 90 percent. Acurracy: 85.55%
Reflection, refraction, and diffraction. Reflection is most common, when we see ourselves in the mirror. Refraction is evident when you insert a straw into a clear liquid (7-up, for example) and see the straw bend at the surface apparently. Diffraction is when light passes through a slit or opening,...
The pancreas is a glandular organ with two main functions. It functions as an exocrine organ by producing digestive enzymes, and as an endocrine organ by producing hormones. The pancreas secretes digestive enzymes such as proteolytic enzymes which are responsible for the digestion of proteins,...
Predominantly due to friction. Major earthquakes (the ones you hear  about on the news) occur at collision (where two tectonic plates  are smashing together) and conservative (where two plates slide  side-by-side) boundaries.   Rocks (which obviously make up tectonic plates) can undergo two ...
The best answer is to go to the restroom and just raise your hands  and shout,it really works.Please avoid pills.
No. A metal plus an acid gives a salt and hydrogen. e.g. sodium +  hydrochloric acid --> sodium chloride (salt) +hydrogen. 2Na +  2HCl --> 2NaCl + H2
Complexity. As you go right, each element gets more complex (the  same goes for down).
The equation for this problem is pi squared •2 divided by mass
There is technically not a 'Rainy Season' for Alaska, as Alaska's  Summer's are only slightly rainier than the rest of the US. May is  relatively dry, with only a 25% chance of rain, but as the Summer  progresses, the likelihood of rain increases, as in Autumn, the  average chance of rain on any...
Because it's a base, and will react with your dead skin,  effectively exfoliating it.
rocks: igneous rocks,metamorphic rocks,sedimentary rocks  ect.................
To control what goes In and out the cell
No. Even if she has her ovaries left there's no place for the egg to get attached to and the sperm can't get to them since the uterus is gone.
Any one of them could be wrong. Short of reading the mind of the person who posed the question, there is no way of determining which of the infinitely many solutions is the "correct" one. For example, 2 is wrong. The rule for the sequence is: t(n) = (-23*n^6 + 636*n^5 - 7010*n^4 + 39330*n^3 -...
Example: Calculate the density in g/mL of Classic Coke if a 355 mL  can weighs 394 g.   Solution:   Apply the definition:   Density =   394 g =   1.11 g/mL   355 mL   Example: Calculate the density in g/mL of Diet Coke if a 355 mL can  weighs 355.1 g.   Solution:   Apply...
The skin is the largest organ in the human body. The largest organ of the human body is the skin, because it stretches throughout ll the body parts. Although it feels lightweight, if you were to measure the weight of your skin alone, it could be several pounds. The skin of an average adult weghts 3...
delta H = (delta Ho f products) - (delta Ho f reactants) =   ((1 mole CaO)(-636.6 kJ/mole) + (1 mole CO2)(-393.5 kJ/mole)) - (1  mole CaCO3)(-1206.9 kJ/mole) = -1030.1 kJ - (-1206.9 kJ) = +176.8  kJ    This reaction is highly endothermic (positive delta H) at 25 C.
There's no city there. That point is in southern Uruguay, about 60 miles north of the center of Montevideo.
Your question is very unspecific. We would need to know the  vehicle's fuel efficiency (MPG) and how much local gas cost where  you're fueling. Terrain can also effect fuel efficiency.
5869 degrees Kelvin. Rhenium would be the last element to go, with  tungsten right before at 5555 degrees Celsius.
the organ that absorbs nutrients during digestion is the small  intestine. the walls of the small intestines will absorb digested  nutrients into the blood stream
15 divided by 5 is 3 and 15 divided by 3 is 5
DNA stays in the nucleus it safe there. it won't get lost in the cell
DNA is not copied in mitosis but in s phase of inter phase .
There is no specific place per se, but the location of bowen island  is located in British Columbia. Vancouver, specifically.
indicate the total number of p electrons in N(z=7) s electronsin  Si(z=14) 3d electronsin S(z=16)
To find 5 percent of a number, multiply the number by 0.05. In this  instance, 0.05 x 105 = 5.25. Therefore, 5 percent of 105 is equal  to 5.25.
To be more accurate the nucleus doesn't split in mitosis because  after DNA replicates in interphase and prophase starts nuclear  membrane is removed and there is no longer a nucleus just free  chromosomes. These separate in anaphase and then in telophase where  two daughter cells are going to...
The radius is tripled, too. Suppose: (1) C = 2πr (2) C' = 2πr' (3) C' = 3C Then C' = 3(2πr) = 2π(3r) But C' = 2πr', so 2πr' = 2π(3r) and finally r' = 3r.
The products formed are magnesium chloride and water.
There are many different ways a person can get hypnotized. It  usually involves going into a "dream-like" trance. Also, it would  help if you actually believe in hypnotism, too. During that trance,  the hypnotist uses the power of suggestion, which some scientists  says uses the conscious mind...
Sensory neurons - (touch, odor, taste, sound and vision) are are  nerve cells that transmit sensory information. They are  activated by sensory input, and send projections to other elements  of the nervous system, ultimately conveying sensory information to  the brain or spinal cord.  ...
8000 * 0.15 = 1200
Lipids store more energy per gram than carbohydrates or proteins.
Climate change would be my educated guess. The rays that hit the Earth used to be able to get out of the atmosphere. Now with all the air pollution the heat rays are being locked under the atmosphere, basically where us humans are located. In result the earth is warming up. Patagonia, Canada and...
The maximum adult weight is approx. 20 kgs (41 lbs).
13 ounces is equal to 0.368544kgs in Asian unit weight.
they are in the thylakoid sac which is in the thylakoid membrane
Energy is a very broad term. But yes overall it's a fuel for your body
there are like 560 gorilla rserves
If you have both, you have a lot of influence on a LOT of people.  And, depending on how good your heart is, you'll make good choices.  But, unfortunately, generally speaking, not very many people remain  good at heart with a lot of power and authority in their lives.
depends on her/his body growing time