The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena is all part of science. Nothing is immune to the scientific process: from charm quarks that haven't existed naturally since the beginning of time to Pluto, recently demoted from planet to dwarf planet. Questions on knowledge about the material and physical aspects of our world are asked and answered here.
Kangchenjunga* at it's peak Is the 3rd highest elevation point onour planet, Earth. Total elevation: 8,586 m (28,169 ft) Prominence: 3,922 m (12,867 ft) Credit for information goes to Wikipedia. Please check there forSource material.
The gill is a unit of measurement for volume equal to a quarter of a pint.
50 kilometers = 164,041.995 feet
Sodium chloride (NaCl) is a unique substance, a compound formed by a chemical bond. A mixture involve the existence of min. two different substances.
Humans had visited the Galapagos Islands as far back as the firstdocumented visit by the Bishop of Panama in 1535 (almost 300 yearsearlier) . There have been finds of Incan artifacts, but not ofsettlements, so they might not have had permanent homes there.
Initiation involves binding of mRNA and initiator aminoacyl-tRNA to small subunit, followed by binding of large subunit. Initiation codon in mRNA (AUG)
A volcanic crater is a generally circular shaped depression.
Supplies of food, places and sources we can get food from.
Median is finding the center of a line of some values. The values have to list in ascending order. When there are an odd amount of numbers: the median is the middle number. Example: find the Median of {12, 3, 5}. Put them in order: {3, 5, 12}. The middle number is 5, so the median is 5. ...
The red line goes down and the blue line just goes all the way up.Cool right?
Any . +++ Strictly speaking, it is ADD. . The word 'sum' is used colloquially for any simple arithmeticalcalculation, but in mathematics a 'sum' is properly the result ofadding two or more numbers.
Kalahari Desert & Richtersveld
Its appears that the highest value ever sanctioned by the FederalGovernment has been $100,000. Even that was a very limited issue,printed for less than a month (between December 1934 and January1935).
The Prime Meridian- Straight line, runs through Greenwhich,England, is 0 degrees longitude, splits the world into Eastern andWestern Hemispheres. The International Date Line- Much less of a Straight Line, runsthrough middle of the Pacific Ocean (Kind of), is where the day"switches" from one to...
It's not the only reason, but the same force will produce lessacceleration in a body with more inertia.
This could be down to a lack of fruit consumption. This happened toa cousin of mine and the doctor said more fruit and veg should beeaten. If you're really worried go to the doctor. Hope this helped!
yes, in fact Connecticut was one of the first states to start the gold rush.
MCMLX in Roman Numerals is 1960.
0.0295735 liters.
River Tees , river in northeastern England, rising onCross Fell in the northern Pennines and flowing 70 miles (110 km)east to the North Sea. It forms the boundary between the historiccounties of Yorkshire and Durham. In its upper course the Teesflows in a typical Pennines dale (valley) where high...
1 pint ≈ 56.8 cl
degree is the unit of either temperature or angle. But feet is theunit of length. So no relation between these two
The three longest rivers of Poland are: . Vistula (pl. Wisła ) - 1047 km, entirely within Poland;flows through the capital city Warsaw, among many others; thelongest river emptying into the Baltic Sea; . Oder (pl. Odra ) - 854.3 km, of which 742 km in Poland,the rest in the Czech Republic and...
This is not a phrase we use. A chemical change is one whichproduces a new substance. A state change means conversion betweenphysical states, solid liquid and gas. These are physical changes.
Yes! Lets take an example, we are exercising and our breathingsystem is working, other systems will also work like muscularsystem will work, it will help the body to move around. Nervoussystem also function, it'll help you to run by giving sensoryimpulses to foot, and to heart to pump blood. So...
Right angled triangles
It turns to water and sometimes methane gas is released.
Some archaebacteria are photosynthetic , meaning they maketheir own food; however, rather than use the pigment chlorophylllike green plants and algae, they employ a light-sensitive purpleprotein called bacteriorhodopsin. Other archaea live in placeswhere no sunlight penetrates, such as deep-sea...
In desert plants the root hairs are more sensitive for waterabsorption and can absorb water at times from the moist air presentin the porous soil. The root hairs of tropical rain forest plantsabsorb only capillary water present in the soil.
Multiply by 9/5, then add 32. 19.5 degrees C is the same as 67.1degrees F.
As long as the electricity is static, it is of little concern. Ofcourse, static today, current tomorrow. If you are in contact with a large static charge and also with theEarth, the energy can flow through you, and there might be enoughto stop your heart. I heard of a man who picked up two cables...
Clostridium tetani , the bacterial pathogen that causes tetanus (lock jaw) is arguably armed but is definitely dangerous. The toxin excreted by this bacterium causes serious illness and death in humans, but it is arguable whether that toxin can be considered an intentional weapon, since it serves...
If it is triangular, area = height x base/2 = 5 x 6 /2 = 15centimetres squared.
Like nothing no such thing as society
No they are not. A fluid ounce is a measure of liquid volume while an ounce is ameasure of mass or weight. A fluid ounce of milk and a fluid ounce of tar do not weigh thesame.
In hot metals the kinetic energy of electrons becomes higher andthey move randomly so their movement in one direction becomesdecreased so the conductance becomes decreased.
One disadvantage for wind power is that it takes a lot of money tobuild an actual wind turbine. You could also talk about the spacethey take up which could be used for agriculture or housing.
Significantly fewer people died or were left homeless by last year's earthquake in Haiti than claimed by the country's leaders, a draft report commissioned by the US government has said. The unpublished report puts the death toll between 46,000 and 85,000. Haiti's government says about 316,000 died....
Look in this site. You'll find out the answer to this question..
Geothermal power can be used in our homes as air-conditioners andheaters. It is renewable as the Earth is constantly making heat.
A sharp tap just below the knee.
There are 25.4 millimetres in one inch. Therefore, rounded to two decimal places, 6 millimetres is equal to 6/25.4 = 0.24 inches. Direct Conversion Formula . 6 mm . * . 1 in 25.4 mm . = . 0.2362204724 in.
The name is Chinese is 天蝎座 ( tiānxiē zuò ), which means 'The heavenly scorpion constellation'
According to theUnited States Geological Survey, more than 3 million earthquakeshappen each year. That's one earthquake every 11 seconds!Obviously, many of these earthquakes have little or no effect onhuman civilization - most are too weak to notice, and many othersoccur in completely uninhabited...
A sample is a part of a population
well it depends on what kind of animal your talking about.
You can calculate as follows: * Convert the 4 inches to feet. * Multiply the area by the thickness. The result, so far, will bein cubic feet. * Multiply this by the density of the base. If you have the densityin pounds per cubic foot, the answer will be in pounds. * Convert that to pounds.
The quotient is the result of dividing the first number by thesecond number. So, 182 divided by 7 equals 26, the quotient.
Radium is a decay product of uranium and is constantly beingproduced. U-238 has a half-life of about 4.5 billion years, sothere's still quite a bit left of the original amount on Earth.
980 square feet. Just multiply length by width - the answer is the square footage.
This means that playing is a crucial stage in the brain developmentof any young animal. It is a chance to act out the situations that they will have toface in real life, but in a safe, controlled way.
Many problems accompany the project from the proposal to thefinish. The early disputes stressed on the economic and technicalfactors. It was generally accepted that these two factors could notsupport the construction of the project and the problem ofmigration was hard to be settled. After 1980s, by...
There are one directional valves in the veins and in the heart.
ya it may be possible that by the using role scoper results in soilerosion
Many substances will cause water to lather when shaken. However, Iwonder if you mean how can soap be made? The ingredients are fatsand alkali, and there is no organic alternative to the alkali.
its the shape of an orbital
The molecules of water are held together by hydrogen bonding between molecules. These are electrostatic bonds (attraction forces between opposite charges) that hydrogen makes with the oxygen of neighbouring molecules. Hydrogen, when bonded to oxygen to form water molecules, is slightly positive...
As the Moon moves in its orbit around the sun, our view ofthe side illuminated by the Sun changes. Let us work through the cycle, starting with the full Moon . At full Moon , the moon rises at sunset and sets at sunrise.At 3rd quarter , the moon rises at midnight and setsat noon.
This is actually 3.0 musculoskeletal and 76 gr of musculoskeletal
Judaism has its own unique calendar which is a luni-solar calenderwhere every month is a lunar month, but the years change length tocoordinate roughly with a solar year (354 and 384 days) and becomeequivalent after 19 years. This calendar in its present form datesback to 360 CE; before that, the New...
Countries that lie near the equator, the imaginary line dividing the northern and southern hemisphere of the globe. For example, Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia etc. People in these countries do not experience the four seasons as compared to residents in temperate regions.
Graphic and fractional scales are two different things. A graphicscale on a map is a line marked with the lengths which representreal distances. It has a zero at one end. A fractional scale simplygives the ratio between map and real distances, e.g. 1: 10 000, sozero doesn't come into it.
Anaerobic exercise is an exerciseintense enough to trigger lactic acid formation. It is used by athletes in non-endurance sports to promote strength, speed and power and by body builders to build muscle mass.
Oil and water do not mix. Since ice is made of frozen water, it floats on oil because it will not mix with it and also because ice is relatively light
It is because of the difference between the way molecules arehydrogen bonded to each other in the mixture compared to the pureliquids.
It is: 3.25% of 58 = 1.885
Principle of Natural Sciences
the membrane of the tympanum or ear-drum.
Red and blue wavelengths have the greatest impact on plant is least effective.
Water is a 'Universal Solvent'. It provides a medium in which allthe chemical reactions we need can take place. It also remainsliquid over most of the temperatures we are likely to encounter.
The first two reports (1990 and 1995) of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) confirmed that the world is definitely warming and this warming is being caused by human activity.
A: assuming a infinite current source the current will increase accordingly
Pack into its front pouch pocket for storage.
The main attractive force between water molecules is due to water's dipole moment . A water molecule has a central oxygen atom with w hydrogen atoms on one side and two unshared pair of electrons on the other side. Oxygen is more electronegative than the hydrogens, so the electrons that they...