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Nike is a major sportswear and equipment company headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon.
You have to buy it through there website
It's just a normal nike shoe.
They are more reliable than the other types of shoe, and they are more comfortable.
it's really your own opinion but i would say yes it is!
it last for 1 year or malfunction
Nike was founded by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight.
yea u can but u need to send them a check before u join
Weight of a Size 9D Skate is 884.5 grams
Right now I know they have the Mavrk Mid 2 Wake.
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someone who works for nike! i think he likes to keep it secret!
\nabout 1.7 billion dollars a year
About 24 Million A Year!!
no one babaes ;)
They sponser Kobe and LeBron
well anywhere really go to nike website or amazon or just type it on google!
To honor Athena the Godess.. To honor Athena the Godess.
Yes, it's really easy
it helps them to advertise their products, and give more information on the products they sell/advertise.
It takes quite a bit of luck. The first round of K leather vapors were introduced in 2005 in the Mercurial vapor II line, in black and white. The only other time they were produced was during Euro 08, when each of the 4 nike boot lines featured a chocolate/blue/white colorway. These K leather boots...
Nike started out as being called Blue Ribbon Sports when it was Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman were selling shoes out a van. It didn't officially become Nike until 1972. And if you didn't know, Nike is the name of the (I think) Greek Goddess of Victory
They dont. To improve on the above answer Nike helps gives back to their local community through causes like their annual community involvement day. Nike has collected and given out almost 25 million pairs of shoes all around the globe, all from recycled shoes. Their 'girl effect program'...
You can only get it if you have a Nike contract as a college or professional player.
I am trying to reach Nike Marketing about a possible partnership onStadium Naming Rights for Oregon State Softball...We are trying tosend this proposal to your Corporate office. My Email is 541-730-7589...Thank you,Patrick Garcia
Nike and Athena are only related through the Temple of Athena Nike. Athena is goddess of victory in war, and Nike is goddess of victory.
No converse are not better then nike cuz coverse have cloth that can get dirty esily and you can not where them in winter. But nike there the best cuz u can were it with any thingg there good for running and also for school theyy are wayyyy better the coverse and plus there really popluar every 1...
i don't know what is it ? Nike first started in Japan, partnered with a Japanese athletic shoe seller the co. Onitsuka Tiger co. Philip Knight started the business with BRS, Blue Ribbon Shoes. in 1962.Then in 1963 Philip partnered with his former coach, Mr.William Bowerman. In 1968 Bowerman invented...
2 lbs. 2 ounces or 964 grams each skate for size 9 skates.
Yes, because Nike is a company & companies and coporations are the same
I dont know if they still make them but Nike style number:309655-001 was steel toed... Hope this helps you and if u find any others plz post them here as I am looking for some too :S
no, they died october 27 2001 (incorrect previous answer) Ray died on December 21, 2004. Elfriede is still alive as of August 2010. She is 85-years-old and attended the Prefontaine Classic this year:
Nike uses a large amount of advertising and marketing to sell theirathletic products. To sustain relevance the company responds totrends quickly.
HVX 200a with an xtreme fisheye.
Gerard Piqué i Bernabéu - now
I have had those type of shoes before and their is nothing that I know of to do other than toss them. I did send a pair back and they told me that it was because of the walking conditions that they could not replace them. I have stopped buying the ones with the clear air packs in them.. SoRrY
Of course the blade AND shaft flex on all sticks. But the amount of flex is dictated predominately by the structure, materials and the length of the overall stick. If the heal (or the rear part of the blade) is damaged, you will get movement separate from the shaft. This is a real problem. But...
Yes they have to have dot on the front of Nike XXV because I have some Nike XXV in black.
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Vans Shoes headquarters is located at 6550 Katella Avenue Cypress, CA., 90630.Their ph. # is 714-889-6100
heat it up to like 100F and then bend it.
Nike created by Pill Nike in 1972 worth 10.290billion dollars, "Just do it" Puma created by Rudolph Dassler in 1948 .
Well it's pretty hard just by spotting it from a distance, butthere are several close up inspections that will proof it'sauthenticity of the shirt itself. 1) Look out for the instruction tags on the bottom left of theshirt (wearing position), usually it's 2 or more tags stitchedtogether. 2) Nike...
They use pigskin and now they use cow hide also dead people skin
There are many official Nike store locations throughout the US.Typically, these are nestled in larger cities, such as Seattle, WAand Portland, OR. You can simply research a plethora of otherlocations on google maps or through Apple's navigation.Alternately, there are a few 3rd party retailers, such...
yes well sorta.
χαρούμενη νίκη (charoumeni niki/nike)
ali in the jungle by the hour
It depends on your shoe size, and at times its the Jordans but that's just my opinion.
well the perisans distroyed it in 480bc
NIKE does not have the best shoes, if you go to JOURNEY'S in the second tanger outlet, the have the best Nike's, they also have vans, skater shoes, and etc.......
Nike was kind, arrogant and hated defeat. She was also impartial and always won.
It depends on how much you where them or how you use them. If you ware them just for walking you can get atleast a year out of them, but if your running and working out them I will give them six months,
£100.000 in cash
The company was founded on January 25, 1964 and officially becameNike, Inc. In 1978.
the us dollar is getting smaller and smaller in length, this is causing big problems for the people over seas, the poor are gaining but the rich are getting poorer so its a big problem lyk.. BETH COOPER AND HARLEY ADAMS ARE THE BEST BABES GOIN
In the late 70's and early 80's Nike used an Orange swoosh on their label. Orange swoosh Nike is very collectible, and worth quite a deal of money : )
Nike's obvious ability to get top athletes of the generation to be their spokesperson is a great marketing skill. Take for example when Michael Jordan was for Nike. People loved MJ and wanted to be just like him. Kids wanted everything Nike because Jordan wore everything Nike. Also, by having big... , , , , and many more skate websites although nike sbs are exclusive
Philip knight does have children. He had 3 with his wife, Penny.
about $50-$70, for a pair of nike basketball shoes, now they range from $80 at the low and $240 at the high.
Phil knight started Nike in 1968 when he founded Blue Ribbon Sports with Bill Bowerman. Later in 1972, they renamed the company to Nike after the greek goddess of victory.
their business goals is to eat all your past shoes
You may be able to find customised Nike clothes in the exchange on Link:
it is a program for underprivileged kids to get active
William J. "Bill" Bowerman and Philip Hampson "Phil" Knight
by making cool shoes and us wearing them!!..