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A population refers to the collection of organisms that belong to similar species and live in a single geographical area at a specified time. An example of a population is all the people residing in the United States.


Saint Andrew is located in Surrey County and has a population of541,000 people. It is the third smallest parish in Jamaica.
The latest numbers I found are 2008 estimates and they are, with a population of 1,984,356, NM ranks 36th.
The majority of people who live in Wales live on, or near, the coast. The inland of the country is mountainous. Not to an uninhabitable level (people in the Alps and the Vosges live in far less hospitable environments), but the coastal area has all the best farmland, and nearly all the mineral...
The US Census recorded 520,116 residents in 2010.
About 15 percent of the world's population is Roman Catholic. Thecountry with the most Catholics is Brazil, followed by Mexico, andthen the United States.
As of 2013, the estimated population of South Carolina is 4,774,839people. South Carolina covers a total of 32,020 square miles.
rounded to nearest million 9,000,000
Answer . About 3,000,000,001 people watched the FREAKIN OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!!
Inprovement in medical health care which would reduce the death rate of people and uncontrolled frequency of having relationships with his or her spouse will certainly increase the population size.
The most populated city in the world is Shanghai, China with anestimated population of 14.01 million people. The most populatedcity in the United States is New York City with an estimated 8.337million people as of 2012.
i would say half the countries in the Middle East in Asia forexample Syria, Lebanon, Egypt,Iraq, Iran etc in the middle east
I hope that this is not a loaded question where the questioner has the assumption that few 'intelligent' people would deign themselves to follow Jesus Christ, and is expecting an answer that suggests that there are very few PhDs who would stoop so low as to be Christians. That said, it is...
198,176,991 White American 39,151,870 Black American Ratio 5 : 1
Any answer based on "official" statistics would be wildly inaccurate. Due to the Hukou system of China in particular, and the local ID Card scheme of Shenzhen city to a lesser degree, you have official government numbers that do not really match the amount of people who live and work in Shenzhen. ...
1. Ontario -13,199,251 people which is 38.73% of the whole country's population. 2. Quebec - 7,856,881 people which is 23.19% of the whole country's population. 3. British Columbia - 4,479,934 people which is 13.23% of the whole country's population. 4. Alberta 5. Manitoba 6. Saskatchewan ...
False, the cities are more densely populated than the countryside. This is universally true.
Densely populated areas have more units per unit of area than moderately populated areas. Example: If 100 people in a store is densely populated; 75 in a store of the same size would be moderately populated.
#1 California - - 36,961,664 as of 2009 #2 Texas - - - - 24,782,302 as of 2009 #3 New York - 19,541,453 as of 2009 #4 Florida - - - 18,537,969 as of 2009 #5 Illinois - - - 12,910,409 as of 2009
Unofficially, there are over 576,000 persons currently living inthe US under the surname of Perez.
0. It is inside the exclusion zone. Anyone who lives in pripyat is there illegally. "50,000 people used to live here, now it's a ghost town...Ive never seen anything like it." -Captain McMillian
It depends on whether you want the actual city population or metro population. Boise: city 205,314; metro 587,689 Salt Lake City: city 181,698; metro 1,115,692
Moscow is the largest European city.
Since it is a ghost town I would guess that no people "live" there.
As of July 2008, the population of Arcadia was 56,248.
in can't china's population is the largest in the world
The latest census (June, 2006) set the population at 2,008,516 people. As of 1 January 2010, the population of Slovenia was estimated to be 2,054,480 .
they occur in least developed countries (LDCs)
Toronto Montreal Vancouver Ottawa Calgary Edmonton
NIgeria has the highest population in Africa with 154,728,892 people
The last official population count was 5,266,214 (as of July 2009). The results of the 2010 census should be available in the Spring of 2011.
About 9,045,389 people from 2010 census.
It is like counting sheep, you have to go and count them your self :)
The population of Ethopia in 2006 was 76,511,887 million people.
Yes. It is estimated that the population of Australia trebled from 430,000 in 1851 to 1.7 million in 1871.
The population of Stowmarket is currently about 17,000; however,this figure is set to increase due to the ongoing plans forextension.
the carrying capacity of Karachi is lost due to the massive pollution in capital of the Sindh. if the initiations can not be taken to control the carrying capacity of the city, it may be possible that all resources will be depleted and that create the disturbance in the life standards of the people....
What?? Presents his theory pf population?? Who presents his theory pf population anyway?!
4 million people live in puerto rico
According to the 2013 CIA Factbook, the population of France was66.6 million, 64% of whom (42,624,000) are Catholic.
South Dakota. South Dakota has the lowest SAT scores of all the states. --- Hope I could Help!
The capital of Alaska is Juneau. The population of Juneau is 32,164 people. This is the smallest United States capital city, andAlaska is the largest state.
Latin was the language of the Roman people and the lingua franca ofthe Roman Empire.
1.2 million Pakistani as well as Indians.
This figure is close. As of mid-February 2014, the estimatedpopulation of Australia is 23,386,193.
It was successful, until all the slags were killed off and then Singapore's population fell so much that it's the boring shithole it is today.
According to census.gov, the 2007 population density estimate of Texas is 93 people per square mile........
Because it give an answer of what resources we will need to produce what demands we will then put on the environment to produce though resources and our waste production and subsequently environmental damage
Nope. In soccer, it's bigger in the Men catagory.
The worldwide Muslim population in 2013 was 2.04 billion people. Asof 2014, the estimated worldwide Muslim population is 2.08 billionpeople.
In April 13, 1325 when the Mexica ( Me-she-ca ) people settled some swampy islands within the Lake Texcoco, naming it as Mexico-Tenochtitlan. It is not known how many people conformed this first settlement, but it eventually had a population of more than 200,000 by the time first contact with...
The population of a is 30 million in 2003 what will it be in 2020
Since knights were nobles I would guess 10% tops but probably morelike 5-8%. _________ Far lower. Probably nearer 1%.
Population is the number of people in a country or place, or the inhabitants of a place considered collectively
The largest cities in Alaska and their populations as of 2008 are: Anchorage 359,180 Fairbanks 97,970 Juneau 30,988 Wasilla 9,236 Sitka 8,920
that's because undevoloped nations do not have the infastructure to create a large city.
There are about 7000000 people in Hong Kong, and about 2500000 people are from a different country.
There are about 400 million vegetarians 6 billion people so that would mean 5.6% are vegetarians. Hope this helps
Half of Puerto Rico's population lives in the San Juan Municipal district.
China is known for their many exports. A few of China's exports aremachinery, plastics, electronics, vehicles, and footwear.
its cold and you can get frost bites. you can fall. you need equipment in case an avalanche.
there are 3,324,047,000 males in the world. the worlds population is 6,615,852,000. Making males being 50.24% of the worlds population. ( men are higher because in China most families only want the guy.
Well, first you'll have to decide if you'd live in rural or urban areas of England. The urban areas are really noisy and busy, while the rural areas are quiet and not as busy. I for one think England is a great place to live, but in order to get a more accurate answer, you have to be more specific...