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A population refers to the collection of organisms that belong to similar species and live in a single geographical area at a specified time. An example of a population is all the people residing in the United States.


According to the 2008 census the population of Duluth, MN is 84,284 (2,634 less than the 2000 count of 86,918). Duluth is Minnesota's fourth largest city.
It's is hard to tell, but Lictenshtein in South Africa, have 0 familys, which means 0 people.
According the demographic transition chart and the declining BR and increasing DR, Russia is in stage 3 of the Demographic Transition!
Anderson is a city in and the county seat of Anderson County, South Carolina, United States. The population was 25,514 at the 2000 census, and the city was the center of an urbanized area of 70,530. It is the principal city of the Anderson, South Carolina Metropolitan Statistical Area (population:...
The population for Los Angeles in 2010 is 1,2009.
A characteristic is a feature that has different forms in a population
Actually our population has decreased by one million within a decade.
The population of Maine on April 1, 2000 was 1,274,923
the most useful measure of fertility are cohort measures.
\nThe biggest Hawaiian city is Honolulu. Hilo and Kailua-Kona are the two biggest on the Big Island..
Most people lived on farms in the 1790's.
New York has been the most populous city in the US since the first census was conducted in 1790.
Greenland is mainly populated by indigenous peoples. People have been in Greenland since prehistoric times. They did not see any reason to leave, obviously, as they established a culture to fit their habitat. Greenland also has a large population of Europeans, as Greenland has been under European...
India has the highest population of Hindus
Bahrain. There are approximately 987 people per square kilometer on this tiny island. Egypt
what is one of the top stories in todays news for people living in Dalton Georgia
The largest metropolitan area in the world in terms of populationis the Kanto Major Metropolitan Area in Japan, includinga.o. Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Saitama and Chiba, and with over 35million inhabitants.
I guess it is if you are in war or your country is tortured by a disease. Then many people will be killed in war/get infected and die. After that even if the birth rate is high, the death rate would be higher so the population will decrease in size. It is possible. (Sorry for not professional answer...
Alaska is a US state situated in the northwest point of the NorthAmerican continent. In 2013 the US Census recorded a population of735,132.
The population of Mississippi was 2,915,958 as of the 2010 U.S.Census.
According to U.N. estimates, Winkler said, there are up to 200 million fewer women in the world than there should be, based on demographic data which show that for every 103 boys born there are 100 girls..
Not a lot. The Black people we tend to get are Africans, not Black North Americans [or African Americans/Canadians]. I'm not sure why we don't have a lot of Black people - maybe because we are so far West? The Quakers helped Black slaves escape from America via an underground railroad on the East...
China is the most populated country in Asia and the world.
There is no large Chinese population in the Middle East, but it is increasing, especially in Iran since most other countries will not assist the Iranians in drilling for oil (due to the sanctions). There is also a Chinese guest-worker population in Israel in the few hundreds. However, the Middle...
Washington County has the largest area and Providence County has the greatest population.
Well, the definition of population is is more than one organism of the same species. So, anything 1+
Greenland's population is about 57,000 while Mechanicville, New York's population is about 5,000. Greenland's population is about 11.5 times the size of Mechanicville's.
Cri Du Chat syndrome is a rare Genetic disorder. About 10% of the population has Cri Du chat. There is no cure to this disease.
According to 2009 survey, there are over 390,894 Australians ofIndian origin of which 308,542 are born in India. Some of theprominent names are : Kareem Bux who came in 1893, Sardar BeerSingh Johal who came in 1895 and Sardar Narain Singh Heyer who camein 1898.
Liverpool's population density is 5,000 per square kilometer.
100,000-200,000. See Primate Info Net for more information.
its in france, who cares? Answer 2 Basel is in Switzerland. The city proper ("Basel-Stadt") has a population of 170,000. The Basel conurbation has a population of 400,000-500,000.
The last full census was carried out in 2001, at which time the population of Redhill was 25,751 in 10,940 households.
It is 5,113,149 residents.
According to the U.S. Census Borough, as of 20:54 UTC (EST+5) Feb. 10, 2010 there are 308,658,113 people residing in the United States. (there are 6,801,947,086 world wide) U.S. Census Borough (10 February 2010). U.S. and world population clocks. Retrieved on February 10, 2010 from http:/...
Mumbai occupies around 603 km2 and Mumbai suburbs occupy around1553 km2. It is a small city with over crowded population.
The US Census is held every 10 years. However, estimates are given each year by the Census Bureau. The Census Bureau even has a US Population Clock, giving estimates every second of the day.
1.China. 1,336,718,015 2. India 1,189,172,906 3. United States 313,232,044
New York, NY pop: 8,274,527Los Angeles, CA pop: 3,834,340 Chicago, IL pop: 2,836,658 all populations based on 2007 data. source: http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0763098.html
Understanding population growth is important because populations of different species interact and affect another, including human populations.
City and County of Denver, El Paso County, Arapahoe County, Jefferson County, Adams County, Boulder County, Larimer County, Douglas County, Weld County, and Pueblo County.
The population growth rate of Europe is currently at about -2%.
Absolutely. Many of us believe it is the best country on Earth, even though that is just our subjective opinion. The great outdoors lifestyle; the unique fauna; the religious and democratic freedom; great education and health systems (that everyone still complains about, but which are among the best...
1 Philadelphia 1,547,297 2 Pittsburgh 311,647 3 Allentown 107,815 4 Erie 103,571 5 Reading 81,000
The amount of people in a stated area, usually square kilometre or square mile.
About 1.8 million.
Births + Immigration = Deaths + Emigration.
1) BIRTH RATE- the number of live births per 1000 in a year Birth rates are affected by such factors as nutrition, fertility, attitudes about abortion, labour value of children, government policies, social value, the availability of contraception and culture. 2) DEATH RATE -the number of deaths...
Virginia Beach is by far the largest in population.
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Wyoming is the smallest state in population.
Britain has a high population density because Britain has flat areas, good roads, rich soil, wet areas, lots of jobs and many more
Spain has a population of 45¸4684484874
Ohio is the 34th largest state within the United States. It alsohas the 7th highest population with approximately 11,500,000 peoplenow.
Every decade, like 2010, starting in March.
100,000 The last census for Aruba was taken in 2010. According to the last census taken in 2010, the population of Aruba is 101,484 people but the population has either decreased or increased between now and 2013.
The most popular cat in the world is the Savannah, it's cost can range to about $20,000. The Savannah is the most wildest cat in the whole world, 50% wild 50% domesticated. Hope that helped :) Smokepaw the wolf whisperer.
The estimate for January 1, 2009 is 89,979.
10 billion people has population i see on http://eucars.ru
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The July 1, 2009 estimate has Arizona at 6,595,778, which would put it at 14th most populist.
The total literacy rate is 80% according to the 2000-2004 census. The female literacy rate is 80.2% according to the 2000-2004 census. What I can't find is the male literacy rate!
5million people
Sao Paulo Rio De Janero
Elevators allowed residences and businesses to exceed the reasonable heights that could be accommodated by stairways (5 to 10 stories). Elevators allowed the construction of skyscrapers and vastly increased the population density of cities. This resulted in a huge growth in commercial and retail...
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Philippines is part of the over populated countries
Newark . Jersey City . Paterson . Elizabeth . Edison . Woodbridge Township . Toms River Township . Hamilton Township . Trenton . Camden . Clifton . Brick Township . Cherry Hill Township . East Orange . Passaic . Union City . Middletown Township . Gloucester Township . Bayonne . Irvington.