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Boeing is the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world. Ask questions about the company, its products and culture here.
Anywhere from 80 to 180 miles, depending on which Boeing Factory in Seattle you mean. Use Google Maps and the correct plant name to find out.
The God Delusion is a book by Richard Dawkins detailing his beliefs on the plausibility of a deity. He offers arguments against theism in his book.
no it cannot take off if it is going slow
The maximum altitude for a 747 is 45,100 feet.
the biggest one can seat 190+
It backs up by either a pushback tug which's the normal way and also it can use the thrust reverser for a limited time and usually is not recommended by airliners.
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The 747 normally uses fuel called Jet A. The are other variants, Jet A1, JP4 etc. All are forms of kerosene.
Mach 0.80 (530 mph or 458 knots) at 35,000 ft.
B787-3:170,000 kg B787-8: 228,000 kg B787-9: 247,000 kg
Depends on what position they are in the company. There are janitors and there are engineers.
Boeing's mission statement is to have their employees work togetherwith quality, leadership, and customer satisfaction to do the bestthat they can. Boeing wants to accomplish this goal globally.
Boeing is a major defense and aerospace manufacturer.
the cruise speed of a 747-400 is 564mph
Boeing 757ER or 737-800 or u culd fly a lockeed
Answer. The bombers carried bombs that had 3 general bype designations: GP General Purpose HE High Explosive Incendinary
The aircraft gains speed. Its wing is curved on top and flat on bottom, so it gains lift. Then it soars into the sky with its nose pointing up.
I was wondering the same thing after listening to a CBC program about clotheslines. After moving to a farm where we depended on a well for our water, we purchased a sudsaver washing machine, I believe it was a Maytag. I loved it! That was in the 1970s. Today I live in town, and pay ever...
Boeing 727 can easily carry 228 -230 passengers.
The estimated average lifespan of a Boeing 777 is approximately 4.3years. These planes can seat between 314 and 451 passengers.
The DC 9 and MD 80 use servo tabs to drive the elevator and ailerons. The flight controls are free moving and the air flowing over the servo tabs moves the flight control surface. Take a look at the elevators when the airplane is on the ground and you will often see the elevators on the horizontal...
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first off there is no b797 there is a b787 and that is smaller than a A380.
747-400ER 416 seats 23 first class, 80 business class and 313 economy class.
The 747-8l has a total fuel capacity of 64,225 U.S. gallons. Fuel is normally distributed across five separate tanks - two in each wing and one in the fuselage.
No, Boeing is an airplane manufacturer, founded in 1916.
umm, no, that will never, ever happen, you would be sucked into the engine before there would a chance at that.
So far there has been 2 this year 1 on the 24th of Jan and 25th of Jan
The main battery switch is crucial for avionics. Because the engines are running off of fuel that is being pumped the battery switch is crucial to that pump being able to run. All of the flight controls are hydraulic based the plane will still be able to control itself in the air. Things effected...
No but it was the first commercially successful jet liner. The first jet liner was the de havilland comet.
what type of aircraft are you talking about? it varies for every type.
Boeing founded in 1916. Its first aircraft, Boeing Model 1 , was manufactured in the same year.
Answer . \npersonally i would check the oxygen sensor, plugs ,wires,
Try the autostart option in the menu at the top of the screen.
Aileron: To roll left & right. Aileron Trim: To roll left & right a little. Anti-Collision Warning Beacon: A red light to warn other aircraft and help prevent mid-air collisions. A.P.U. Exhaust: This is the exhaust pipe for the A.P.U. (Auxiliary Power Unit). The A.P.U. is an engine...
Until July, 1996 only Boeing 737-300s were used on the Sydney-Adelaide route. After this month and until the airline's collapde one Boeing 737-300 and one Airbus A320 were used on the route. During the brief time of Ansett Mark II one Airbus A320 was used on the daily Sydney-Adeliade flight.
cus it sells planes to airlines
They can sit up to 440 passengers.
what is Boeing company
Average Captain's salary with 10 years experience as a Captain~$265000. The above "answer" is very high. Although salaries vary fromairline to airline, a more accurate ballpark figure would be around$200K. By the way, the term "salary" is not really the right term.Pilots are not paid a "salary."...
The Boeing 777 has at least 2 engines.
The white line you see in the sky behind an airplane is water-water vapor. Known as a contrail (for conensation trail), this isvisible when the very large amount of water vapor created byburning jet fuel meets the VERY cold air at high altitudes. Just asyou can see your breath on a cold day, you can...
Denpends on WHICH Antonov Aircraft you're talking about. Antonov isa factory, a producer. They make/have made several different typesof Aircraft.
No. The Airbus A380 is the biggest passenger plane in the world.
1 ton = 2000lbs. a car is usually between 3000 to 4000 lbs or:. 1.5 to 2 tons . This depends on the vehicle, each vehicle weighs different, small cars like the 2008 Honda Civic's Curb weigh is 2,628 lbs (1.3 tons). and larger cars like a 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis weighs in at 4,039 lbs (2.0 tons)....
yes it does. 2 in its current fleet, one flying non stop to London and the other non stop to Tokya. 4 more are on order.
According to Boeing's website, "the 747-400ER is now the largest and fastest commercial airplane in the sky - cruising at Mach 0.85, or 85 percent of the speed of sound."
Are we talking the base model, or the executive model which has napkins in the armrests?
Joseph sutter
It can be anywhere between 80 and 140 knots depending on aircraft
Answer . According to, it was 65 cents a gallon
A small Cub needs approx 80 knots whilst an A380 can lift at 140.
Yes and no. Boeing makes multiple models of both aircraft. It really depends on the model. To answer in short the largest Boeing 777 in production is longer and wider than any 747 ever made to date. The 777-200s and 777-300s are currently the largest Commecial Airliner Boeing makes, however Boeing...
Mainly aluminium Alloys, steel axles and fasteners. Rubber tires.
depending upon the revision and model it's 42-45k ft
The Boeing 737 series can fly speeds up to 890 kilometers per hour.Other Boeing models can fly speed up to 910 kilometers per hour.
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No. the first test flight was Feb.9, 1969.
flight attendants have a passenger list and they know what seats are occupied. you will be asked to go back to your seat or pay.
Boeing 777 can connect any two airports in the world without stopping anywhere. with 300 passengers B 777 can travel 17,300 kilometers. London to Auckland is over 18000 KM. But with load limitations B777 can surely connect London and Auckland without a single stop.
Depending on the configuration, about 135 knots, or about 155 Miles Per Hour.
no one invented Boeing, it is a company that was started by William Boeing, and today is one of the largest, if not largest aircraft manufacturer.
2, in most airplanes, but some have more or less. there is also more if you include the horizontal stabilizer, the two small wings on the back of the airplane or on top of the vertical stabilizer, used for controlling the airplanes pitch and the up and down motion.
Answer . about 63,500 gallons for long range jumbos source: check this link for more info: stan (stanley d’cunha,
Boeing has produced many different airplanes. Most current ones are in the 700s line (Boeing 707, 717, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, and 787). Each number has many different models and setups, as the number just specifies a general fuselage design. Some additional models are considered part of the...
The name of the US President's airplane is Air Force One. The current plane is a modified Boeing 747-200 designated by the Air Force as a VC-25A. Technically any plane is which the US President flies is temporarily designated Air Force One.
It's simple and straight forward. If things go wrong with an aircraft in flight, there can be catastrophic consequences. It is a good idea to monitor and maintain avionics systems so that things don't go wrong in flight. It would suck to be out of fuel if the gauge had failed. It would be bad to be...
"Jumbo jets" are planes that are bigger than normal airliners. The 747 and the A380 would be jumbo jets. A 767 is a normal airliner, so no it's not a jumbo jet.
an act or instance of changing the direction of a movingobject.
Airbus (Europe) is Boeing's biggest competitor. They also compete with Bombardier, EADS, Orbital, SpaceX, Caterpillar & Embraer and many other companies across the different segments they operate in. You can see more information about Boeing's competitors and their other business relationships ...
It can hold 600 passengers
Anyone who wanted to and could pay for the ticket. People chose to travel by Concorde partly because it cut hours of the travel time, partly because of the novelty value of flying faster than the speed of sound.
Mostly in the area surrounding Seattle, Washington. For the new Dreamliner 787, parts are also being made in Japan and Italy as well as Wichita, Kansas.
The maximum flame temperature increase for burning hydrocarbons (jet fuel) in air is, thus, about 1000°C.
60.9 metres to 64.8 metres
Boeing did, of course.
The Boeings used in Microsoft's flight simulator are the 737, the 747-400 and the 777-200.. The blue colored cockpit is the 737 The Brown colored cockpit is either the 747 or the 777 depending on the amount of engines. Please note that the cockpits used by the default planes in FS are poorly...
The 747 entered commercial service in January 1970 with Pan American between New York JFK and London.
A typical Boeing 747-400 has over six million parts, half of which are fasteners!
Assuming a diameter of 40mm and assuming hexagonal closest packed, 625 balls would fit in a cubic foot. Boeing's website lists passenger volume for 747-400 as 31,285 plus cargo. 5536+835 = 37656 cubic feet An estimate would be the number of balls in a cubic foot times volume = 23.5 million...