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Flamingos are tall, pink birds that often stand on one leg. Ask questions here about their habitat, behavior and conservation.
A flamingo becomes pink gradually over a period of 1-3 years
Chilean flamingos can fly when they want to.
Phoeniconais ruber ruber is the American flamingo's scientific, or Latin, name.
Flamingos inhabit the edges of lakes and swamps where they can eat shrimp, algae, and other small creatures that live in shallow water.
A flamingo is a creature of wetlands and estuaries.
Flamingos live in areas with shallow water beside lakes and riverswhere there are few predators. Their most common predators arebirds of prey such as eagles and hawks passing over. The adultflamingos are not in danger from such predators because of theirlarge size, but their chicks are and they must...
They can grow up to 2 metres tall.
The Northern Mockingbird is the official state bird of Florida. It's a very active songbird and is in residence throughout the year. It's a favorite bird in Florida.
the pink flamingo represents trashyness and is seen to be tasteless by some who are less informed. This is completely wrong as well, my friend. People need to become more informed as far as Flamingos go. The Flamingo represents grace and poise. Look it up. um, yeah but plastic flamingos are so...
no they live in your bath tub.
No, a flamingo is a type of bird.
No, Flamingos are birds. Not Reptiles
i dont know how many grams but I know how many oz it is 602 oz
i think it eats 1,520 grams and 602 oz
In Kenya's lake baringo and lake Nakuru the predators are usually Baboons , Snakes for the little ones and hungry crocodiles
Flamingos lay their eggs at the edge of the pond, lake or marsh that they are living in.They surround the eggs in mud,leaves and twigs.
Flamingoes live in swaps, lagoons and mud areas.
there color is pink because they their favorite food shrimp their knees turn to grey if they don't it shrimp
They're pink because of the food they eat.
There are flamingos in the Blau Natura Resort located in punta cana
a place where homeless flamingos go for shelter
Another animal that lives in the same habitat as flamingos is: alligators.
Because it's the national bird of the bahamas.
1. I believe its one FOOT 2. Why do you care? 3. Because of the polarity of magnetic influence of the world pulls them to one side, thus the need not to stand on the other leg.
No, flamingos are birds, therefore, they lay eggs. The only reason humans have belly buttons is because that was where the umbilical cord was attached. Seeing as eggs aren't attached by an umbilical cord, they don't have belly buttons.
actually flamingos ARE pink its because of how much shrimp they eat
The habitat of a flamingo is freshwater and saltwater lakes,marshlands and wetlands in both tropical and subtropical regions.The flamingo is found in Central and South America, the Caribbean,south west Europe, Asia and Africa. Any place that would grow a lotof algae. Flamingos like hot soda lakes as...
i am not really sure. Try asking one!
No- they are birds. Birds lay eggs.
No, a flamingo is a secondary consumer.
They fly away from potential predators.
The consensus in the scientific community is that flamingos are diurnal birds. However, some studies documented flamingos feeding or flying by night.
•flamingos have long legs, they can wade into deeper water than other birds. Their webbed feet supports them on soft mud and allows them to swim faster.•There are many possible reason why flamingos stand or rest on one leg. It allows the leg and foot to dry and it also keeps the heat and...
they make kind of a squawking noise
Certainly not - they eat brine shrimp.
Because it symbolized balance and order with values of beauty and relaxation.
not aggressive but scared
Yes, they are birds and birds lay eggs.
whit there beaks
There is not a season flamingos are born in. The female flamingocan lay eggs to be hatched during any season.
The flamingo use there feet for defence
no a beak beak
they eat shrimp(thats how they get their color):)
The flamingo's "packs" are called "flocks". Like all birds of a feather, they flock together.
flamingos travel in groups. they are weak otherwise. but in groups, they seem to be more of a threat, fending off predators. glad to help
flamingos are pink and swans are white.
Flamingos stand while they are both awake and while they are sleeping. Flamingos sleep on one leg with their head tucked under a wing. The leg locks into position.
They live near water.
the romans, the people of pompeii
A flamingo's life span is about 50 years.
Usually in South America or North America.
cause it's pink and has a reaction to lettuce
Flamingos are birds not mammals. Only mammals possess mammary glands. Only mammals produce milk. Flamingos do not produce milk. Edit: This answer is not entirely correct. While flamingos are not mammals and not not produce milk from mammary glands, they do produce a "milk" from the cells lining...
yes according to seaworld they are pink because they eat so much shrimp
they cant jump because of their weight and can only fly little amounts
there are no other things for baby flamingo its just called flamingo
You're a pink flamingo!
Wading birds, such as herons, usually have three toes forward and one behind, all long to support them on soft surfaces. Flamingoes, however, have a very small first rear toe, with three toes forward, webbed for swimming, that are not so long as most wading birds.. What we see as the foot is only...
Dr. Baekland, also an American, invented the world's first moldable plastic material in 1909.
my flamingo Pinky bit off Tony's ear and made a babbling sound when blood rushed from Tony's ear she said 'i kill you"
The pigment from all the shrimp they eat makes them pink; they are born white.
food chain....... i am not sure but they eat...... . Blue, Green, Red Algae . Larvae from Incests . Crustaceans . Mollusks . Small Fish Hope that Helps
it is beacouse a flamingo has many prays and it aso hast to live just like a human. there are most flamingos in dangrered and the ones that are indangerd we haft to protect the flamingo or eles they may come in stinked. plaese help sove a flaming in dangerd.
\n. \nThere are about 1.5 to 2.5 million flamingos.
The collective nouns for flamingos are: . a stand of flamingos . a flamboyance of flamingos . a colony of flamingos . a flock of flamingos . a flurry of flamingos
In 1957 a 21-year old sculpture student invented it. His name was Don Featherstone. Hope that Helps
It doesn't. It stands on two wheels and a leg. Three ground contact points will - is correctly positioned - support most items.
Other than using freshwater inlets for bathing and drinking, the greater flamingo rarely inhabits areas of freshwater
YES of course
white because where there in there mummy's tummy there can't eat the foods that turn them pink so now u know don't ask me a question again
Different flamingos are different sizes. Yet the largest one can look a 40 year old man right in the eye! Maybe can even tower over him at 6' 3''.