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Famous people in colonial North Carolina?

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The Virginians and Taylor Janssen founded North Carolina Colony

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what was the biggest trade in colonial north Carolina

they are people who found the colonial of north carolina.

Yes there are many famous people from North Carolina, for example Dean Smith the old coach for carolina is a famous person from North Carolina.

People in colonial North Carolina were very social because they traded and shared their food. They "networked" with each other to increase their chances of surviving.

The religions that were practiced in colonial North Carolina were the Anglican and the Jewish religions.

Some occupations in colonial North Carolina were: Sewing, craftmen, artisticfeatureics, & fishing.

North Carolina was settled in 1663.

What are the best places to see in North Carolina

The Didn't the virgians found the colony

Blackbeard,The Wright Brothers,

singer and dancer was born in North Carolina and moved to North Carolina and sung his heart out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

clothing that colonial north carolina wear

They wore pants, cloaks, wigs and boots

Colonial North Carolina was a very big producer of tobacco and cotton. They were also one of the major importers of slaves.

The primary economy of colonial North Carolina was based on agriculture. The most common crop was cotton along with corn and wheat.

North Carolina in the colonial times was very flat and had a lot of lakes. There was also rich soil for growing tabacco.

In 1720 the population of North Carolina was 21,270 then by 1775 the population grew to 345,652.

I would think so, since North Carolina still exists today.

Colonial North Carolina was founded by king george or king Charles the second

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Robert Byrd & David Brinkley.

people would help others. like if you were new people would build you a house or barn.