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Fire and oxygen?

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Fire is a process of rapid combination with oxygen.

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What does oxygen do for fire?

The fire needs oxygen to keep burning, so it there is no oxygen fire can not burn.

What is an oxygen fed-fire?

An oxygen-fed fire is a fire that has (most likely) pure oxygen fueling it. The air we breathe is composed of around 19% oxygen, therefore by adding more oxygen the fire will get hotter.

Can oxygen cause fire?

Fire needs oxygen to stay alight, without oxygen there cannot be a fire. The 3 things needed for a fire are Fuel, Heat, and Oxygen.

What effects does oxygen have on fire?

Oxygen keeps the fire going. In some cases, it can make the fire larger, depending on the amount of oxygen around the fire.

What happens when there is no oxygen for a fire?

In most everyday cases, when there is no oxygen for a fire, the fire goes out.

How does oxygen distribute fire?

Oxygen does not distribute fire. Fire is a chemical reaction between oxygen and some flammable substance. Fire cannot burn without oxygen, and the more oxygen there is, the hotter and faster a fire will burn. More oxygen also makes it easier for materials to ignite.

Does fire need air or oxygen?

Fire needs fuel, heat, and oxygen. Oxygen is a component of air. A fire can burn in an atmosphere of pure oxygen, but not in air from which oxygen has been removed.

What happens when you remove fuel and oxygen from fire?

If you remove fuel, oxygen, or both from a fire, the fire goes out.

What keeps a fire going?

Oxygen. A fire needs oxygen to keep burning.

Why does charcoal burn faster when you blow on the coals yet burns slowly when left undisturbed?

Because when you blow on the coals you are adding oxygen to the fire and oxygen fuels a fire. A fire would simply go out without any oxygen. Because when you blow on the coals you are adding oxygen to the fire and oxygen fuels a fire. A fire would simply go out without any oxygen.

A fire blanket is put over a fire what has been removed?

Oxygen. Fire need oxygen, heat and fuel.

Is fire under the ocean?

Fire requires oxygen. There is no free oxygen in the ocean. Therefore there can be no fire at the bottom of the ocean.

What historical report tell you The source of heat which started the fire or The fuel that burnt the fire or The supply of oxygen for the fire?

That the supply of oxygen for the fire

Why does flame require air to burn?

fire needs oxygen to burn, because fire is a chemical reaction that needs oxygen. the fire triangle is what fire needs to burn and is this- heat, fuel, and oxygen.

Where does oxygen come from when a log fire is burning?

The oxygen comes from the air around the fire.

Can fire be created without oxygen?

No, it is impossible. You need oxygen to create fire. That is what it feeds on.

What is in oxygen that makes the fire burn better?

Oxygen itself. Oxygen is one of the elements necessary for a fire to burn, and the increased presence of it helps to further fuel the fire.

Why use CO2 to put out fires?

CO2 puts out a fire by Oxygen exclusion. Fire requires oxygen to burn and when CO2 is used to extinguish fire, it displaces the oxygen.

Is pure oxygen explosive?

No. Oxygen itself is not flammable, but it is necessary for fire. Fire is a chemical reaction between oxygen and a flammable substance. Fire is possible on Earth because ordinary air is 21% oxygen. Pure oxygen is considered a fire hazard because higher concentrations of oxygen will make it easier for a fire to ignite and will allow it to burn hotter and faster than normal.

If oxygen is used in combustion so why doesn't the fire burn further more when oxygen a catalyst in combustion is poured on fire but extinguishes?

a) oxygen does not burn b) oxygen combines with the fuel - it is NOT a catalyst. c) a fire does acellerate when oxygen is added.

True or false fire will not burn without oxygen?

True, fire must have oxygen to burn.

Can you start a fire in space?

No a fire needs heat, fuel and OXYGEN. But if you took the fuel and oxygen with you ......

What happens if there is fire without no oxygen?

There wouldn't be one. A fire needs oxygen in the first place.

What happens when you remove oxygen from a wood fire?

That is, what they already do. No kind of fire can burn without oxygen!

Does putting out fire need oxygen?

No. Adding oxygen to a fire will make it burn faster and hotter. In fact, one of the ways of putting out a fire is to cut off the supply of oxygen.