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For how long do you elect the president for?

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The president is elected for a four-year term. They can only be elected twice.

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For how long to you elect the president?

How long do we elect a president? u grandpa

For how long do we elect president?

We elect a president for a 4 year term and after the foru years the president can be re-elected for only one more term.

How long does it take to elect a president?

In the USA, it apparently takes 20 months to choose and elect a president for a 48 month term.

Who becomes president if president-elect dies?

The vice president-elect becomes the president if the president-elect dies.

How long has Mexico had a democracy where the citizens can elect a president and representatives?

Mexico has been a democracy where the citizens can elect a president and representatives since 2000.

Does the president elect or vise president elect take the oath first?

Vice President-elect Joseph Biden will be sworn in prior to President-elect Obama.

Who becomes president if the president elect is indicted?

Then the vice president-elect becomes president.

What does ''president-elect'' mean and how is it different from ''president''?

President-elect means that they've been elected but have not yet taken office.

What month do we ELECT the President?

the month we elect the president is in January

How long do you elect each president?

Each president elected stays in office for four years

Who is the elect president of 2008?

The president elect for 2008 is Barack Obama

Who is the elect president?

<h1>the president elect of the U.S.A is Barack Obama:].

Who is the us president elect?

The President-elect is Barack H. Obama.

According to the 20th amendment who becomes president if the president elect dies?

The 20th Amendment (Section 3) says the Vice President-elect will become president if the President-elect dies before the beginning of his term. The Vice President-elect would be sworn in on Inauguration day as the President and serve the full term to which the President-elect was elected.

Who becomes president if the president-elect dies before his or her term?

according to the 20th amendment if the president-elect dies the vice president-elect takes the precidency

For how long do you elect your president?

there is an election every 4 years, a president can serve 2 terms( 8years.)

How long can you elect a president?

A US President may serve only two concurrent elective terms.

Who elect the french president?

It is of coarse that the french people elect the french president

If a president elect dies before taking office who becomes president elect?

US Constitution, Amendment XX, Section 3. If, at the time fixed for the beginning of the term of the President, the President elect shall have died, the Vice President elect shall become President....

This amendment spells out who becomes president-elect in the event of the death of a president-elect?

The vice president succeeds the president-elect in the event of death. The basis for this succession is based on the 25th amendment of the constitution in 1967.

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