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Ford Bronco 1994 Eddie Bauer When you turn off the ignition it will not start again right away you must wait a few minutes until you can start it again any ideas?

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2011-09-13 03:03:03

If you get a click you need to replace the solenoid. if you get

nothing at all replace the solenoid and buy a starter. install the

solenoid first and try to start the car if it still doesn't start

let it sit and then start it. try to start right after you turn it

on with a jump start it might be the battery. If that doesn't work

it will more than likely be the starter, so you have to install the

starter. When installing the new starter you must still keep the

new solenoid in. This should work I have a 96 Eddie Bauer bronco.

Before you start anything check the fuses and the battery. the

reason you get the solenoid and then check the battery again is

because there might be a drain in the solenoid that doesn't allow

the battery to hold a charge. If none of these things work turn off

all the lights in your garage and have a friend try to start the

car and watch the cap and rotor for electrical arc, this will also

not allow the battery to charge quickly. If all else fails try the


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