Ford Focus instrument cluster

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Q: Ford Focus instrument cluster
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Can you replace an instrument cluster without a tach on a 2000 Ford Focus with another instrument cluster form another focus with a tach?

The instrument cluster can be replaced. The connectors on the back of the instrument clusters are the same for all versions of that generation of the Ford Focus. There are however problems when doing this: -The odometer will show the miles from the old cluster. The milage is built in to the cluster, not the car. -Some panel lights (like the ABS light) may light up depending on your vehicle's options. It is sometimes possible (although usually relatively expensive) to have the cluster reprogrammed at a Ford dealership to correct these problems.

What fuse is for instrument cluster on a 2002 ford focus?

Look in the owner's manual. Page 212 - #36.

1999 Ford Expedition Changed instrument cluster and truck wont start?

keys have to be reprogram to the cluster

Where is the Location of the instrument cluster on a 1991 ford ranger?

WHAT? Its right in front of the driver.

Were is the temperature gauge on a 1997 ford excort lx?

It's in the instrument cluster.

Were is the temp gauge on a 1997 ford excort lx?

It's in the instrument cluster.

What is the meter on a 94 Ford Escort?

The meter refers to gauges in the instrument cluster.

Will a cold start determine the problem with a ford freestyle instrument cluster?

No, it won't.

Where is the instrument cluster on 1996 ford windstar?

In the dash in front of the driver The instrument cluster has your speedometer , engine coolant temperature gauge , your fuel gauge , your warning lights , etcetera

Where is the oil light on dash in 1995 ford escort?

On the right side of the instrument cluster.

How do you get the instrument cluster on a ford bantam to work after a battery change?

It may need a new fuse.

How do i find out what the warning lights mean on Ford Transit instrument cluster?

haynes manual or Ford workshop manual or 'drivers handbook'

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