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Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are the Patriarchs of Judaism, while Moses is the greatest prophet of Judaism. However, Judaism has thousands of prophets, the most significant were recorded in the Tanach (Jewish Bible).

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Prophet Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, David, Solomon all were Prophets in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Central figures are important persons who contributed to the foundation and development of the religion. The most central figures in Judaism are Abraham, Moses, Isaac, Jacob and the other patriarchs; also the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, and others.

The major prophets and figures of Hindiusm are Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. There are many more major prophets and figures because the are many sects, but those are the major three.

Judaism has had thousands of prophets of all ages.

Judaism has not had any prophets since shortly after the destruction of the First Temple. Jesus is not considered divine or a prophet in Judaism.

The messengers of Judaism were the Prophets, called nevi'im in Hebrew. The most important of them was Moses (Moshe in Hebrew). See also:The ProphetsMoses

Although Judaism has had thousands of prophets, the greatest prophet was Moshe (Moses).

Buddhism does not believe in prophets!

All prophets are common with Judaism and Christianity except prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Jews and Christians do not believe in prophet Muhammad (PBUH). __________ Jews do not acknowledge the prophets of Christianity or Islam as valid for Jews.

Abraham is looked upon as the "Father of the Prophets" by Judaism, Christianity and Islam. He is revered in all three.

Yes, Avraham, Isaac, and Jacob were all prophets according to the teachings of Judaism.

Almost all the prophets of Judaism and Christianity like Prophets Ibrahim(Abraham),Yunus (Jonah), Adham(Adam),Musa (Moses) and Isa (Jesus).

In Judaism, there is no one single most important person. Judaism has had many thousands (if not millions) of Rabbis, sages, kings, leaders, prophets, and teachers.

Judaism was not "assembled". It came about through the rules established in the Torah, supported by the Prophets, and organized and expanded by the Rabbis.

Moses was the greatest of prophets (Numbers ch.12).

God communicated to the Israelites through prophets.

No. In Judaism, there is no one single most important person. Judaism has had many thousands (if not millions) of Rabbis, sages, kings, leaders, prophets, and teachers.Answer:Moses was the most important of the Jewish prophets (Numbers ch.12, Deuteronomy ch.34).

Judaism, Christianity, & possibly Zoroastrianism.

The 24 books of Tanakh (Torah and prophets).

Jerusalem was the city of prophets, of the holy Temple, and the dynasty of King David.For the importance of Jerusalem for Judaism, see: Jerusalem in Judaism

The major prophets were Samuel, Daniel, Isaiah , Jeremiah, EzekielThe figure of Christianity are.Jesus the 12 apostles and Paul.

The role of prophets in Judaism, was that of a person through whom HaShem communicated. Prophecy did not necessarily include future events.

The major prophet is Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha)

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