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Yes, Avraham, Isaac, and Jacob were all prophets according to the teachings of Judaism.


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The prophets Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel).

Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, the prophets, David, the Tribes.

Isaac and Ismael are the sons of Abraham. The descendants of Isaac are the Jewish people. The descendants of Ishmael are the Muslim people.

Moses, Samuel, & Nathan.Answer:Moses, Aaron, Joshua. Also, even earlier: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

The prophets: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, Isaiah, etc.

Terach --> Abraham --> Isaac --> Jacob --> etc.

The patriarchs in Judaism are the prophets Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (later renamed Israel).

Isaac was the son of Abraham and sarah, the father of the Jewish race.

-Abraham - Isaac - Moses - Jacob -Nebbucanezar - Rabbis

The patriarchs are Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

No. His father Abraham was.

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are the Patriarchs of Judaism, while Moses is the greatest prophet of Judaism. However, Judaism has thousands of prophets, the most significant were recorded in the Tanach (Jewish Bible).

The prophet Abraham is a Jewish prophet , called the father of the Jewish nation. He had a son called Isaac when he was a hundred years.

Moses, Aaron, Joshua, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Miriam, Sarah.

There are many; but let's go with: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David.

Abraham is the founder of the Jewish people through only ONE of his sons: Isaac.

The main prophets that Catholics share with Muslims are Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus.

Prophets Isaac and Ishmael had Prophet Abraham as their father.

The helm of leadership was taken over by his soon, Isaac (Genesis ch.26).

Exactly what you stated. Jewish is a religion. It stems back from the roots of Abraham and Isaac in the Old Testament scriptures. Jewish people are highly rule regulated and the main population of them is Israel where 75.4% is Jewish.

During the times of Jesus, the stories of the Jewish patriarchs were the basis for Jewish identity. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were the Jewish patriarchs.

Abraham is a prophet, in the old testament, he is the father of the Jewish nation, and others as well. Answer: Abraham, may God bless Abraham. The Friend of God, we call him. that's because at a time when everyone in the world was worshipping idols (false gods), Abraham turned away from all others and gave his worship to God, alone. So God befriended Abraham, and chose him, and blessed him. God made him not only a Prophet, but the Father of the Prophets. After Abraham, all the Prophets whom God sent came from his descendants. Abraham had two sons. His oldest was Ishmael. Ishmael was the forefather of Muhammad. Abraham's younger son was Isaac. From Isaac came all the Prophets in the Bible, including Moses and Jesus.

Abraham was the ancestor of the Arabs, the Israelites, the Idumeans, and other peoples. However, only Isaac was considered Abraham's true successor (Genesis 17:21 and 21:12). Isaac fathered the people of Israel (through Jacob). See also:More about Abraham, Isaac and JacobAre the Israelites and Jews the same people?

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