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well many would tell you there are many fun things to do at a sleepover. this list includes: pillow fights,movie marathons, gossip, make overs, quizzes,truth or dare and just hang out and have fun.

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What are fun things to do for your birthday?

it is fun to do fun stuff on your birthday like swimming sleep overs fun celebrate

What are fun things to do at a birthday party?

Nothing...just sit there and sleep.:) its soo much fun

What are 5 things that can happen to you if you do drugs?

1. Have fun 2. Sleep 3. Hyper 4. See funny things 5. Have more fun

What are fun sleep-over games to play at a sleep-over?

play watch a scary movie but if ther scared don't let then watch games

What are fun things to do at a sleep-over?

Depends on your age and who's there. Young teenagers are always for Truth or Dare. Regardless of what you think, variations of pillows fight are great! Make it pitch black then have (no - it's what I did) pillows and you get really tired but its really fun!

Fun things to do when your friend is over?

go shopping have a pillow fight make a fort and sleep in it over night go to the playground watch funny youtubevideos i dont know but it depends on your age

What are some things to do with friends?

Some fun things to do with your friends include going to see movies, going out to eat, hosting a fabulous sleep-over party, or even just hanging-out at each others houses. Spending time with your friends is a lot of fun, but pick something to do that you both enjoy! Have fun!!

What are some fun things to do at 7 at night when you are 12?

sleep, do homework, chores -mom

What are fun things to do at a birthday party sleep over?

The fun things are: play singing and dancing commotion's and do each others hair, makeup and manicures. After you have done that, make up a pretend cat walk and then each person come on and show off your styles. Talk about your crushes!

What are fun things to do for your 15th birthday?

Invite friends over, go to the movies with slot of people, have a big sleep over, go to the mall with all your friend, go swimming at the beach/pool with friends, relax, throw a party, or have a cincenera(Spanish) it's really fun ;)

What do they do in Arizona?

They do the same things people all over the country and all over the world do. We are people just like you. We eat, sleep, talk, have fun, play games, go to work, and go to dinner with friends.

What are some things John Quincy Adams did while he was president?

What are the reasons for not getting enough sleep?

It could be stress over work, you sleep to long, or it could be a sleep disorder but there are many things.

What to drink at a sleep over?

the main things to drink at a sleep over is alot of dr.pepper, coke a colla, and mountain dew, oh and some energy drinks.....

How are dolphins social?

dolphins eat sleep and do many other things for social but over all they like to sleep and be intelligent

What are some fun things to do at a sleep over?

There is a lot of stuff one could do such as watch a movie, play some sort of game, eat junk food, play board games, talk about boys or girls, and your crush.

How Much money for backpacking in Australia?

At least $1000 then you will be able to eat sleep and do fun things. By the way Australia is very expensive.

Is it fun to sleep naked?


What do tourists do for fun in Australia?

they sleep

What are some fun and exciting places to go and things to do with friends?

your could go bowling have a sleep over go out to eat watch or buy or rent a movie!!if you wanna go outta town i think England Canada !! : D

What is something fun to do at a 14 year old girls sleep over?

Watch movies, have a silly string fight, make-overs, or just whatever seems like fun at the time

How can you help someone who is over obese?

you could tell them they might have no energy to do all the fun things in life if they over diet

What are some fun things to do over thae summer?

go swimming find a summer job hang out with friends go shopping have fun!!!

What are some fun things you can do over text messaging?

Some fun things you can do over text messaging include; 1. Post to Your Blog 2. Send Email by SMS 3. Google Mobile 4. Traffic updates 5. Tweeting

Why do living things sleep?

Living things sleep because it refreshes your brain.

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