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give the functions of theory in educational technology

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What are the disadvantages of educational technology?

people will become lazy,because they only depend on technologies

What are needs and purpose of educational measurement and evaluation?


What are the educational requirments for the NHL?

There are no educational requirements unless it is a school function. Otherwise, it varies by school,state,or district.

The function of communication?

1 Interaction function 2 Information function 3 Educational training function 4 Emotional function 5 Decision making function 6 Feedback 7 Persuasion function

What are the roles and function of educational media center?

The roles and function of the educational media center is to provide logistics and the rules that the media houses are to abide to. They offer consultant services to improve various areas of education media.

What are the roles and function of educational technology?

Instruction is not a readiness forever; training is life itself

What are some trends in history?

Increasing efficiency in food production, advancement of numerous technologies, and increasing educational opportunities (relative to the past) to name a few.

What has the author Anastasia Kitsantas written?

Anastasia Kitsantas has written: 'Learning to learn with integrative learning technologies (ILT)' -- subject(s): Higher Education, Study skills, Computer-assisted instruction, Educational technology 'Learning to learn with integrative learning technologies (ILT)' -- subject(s): Higher Education, Study skills, Computer-assisted instruction, Educational technology

Where can you find Free Video Tutorials for educational and learning technologies?

Are you a student, teacher, educator, eLearning professional interested to learn how to use or master educational or learning technologies? Then Viva eLearning is the right place for you! vivaelearning (dot) com It is a collection of Free eLearning Video Tutorials for students, teachers, educators, and generally people involved in the eLearning industry that would like to learn how to use or master educational and learning technologies.The site is absolute Free. You can join Viva eLearning for FREE by your Facebook account or your email.Also, if you are a member you can add a Free eLearning Video Tutorial by clicking the button "Upload video" at the right-up corner of the Viva eLearning website.

What are the educational requirements for golf course employees?

Education requirements depend on the job function to be performed, not on where you work.

Where can one find information on how to reverse the MySQL Delete function?

Information about the MySQL function can be found on several websites that offer tutorials. Websites that offer such educational tutorials are Tutorialspoint and W3Schools.

What piece of technology could you not live without?

clothing technologiesfood related technologiesprescription medication technologiessanitation technologiesetc.

What has the author Lawrence Haward written?

Lawrence Haward has written: 'The function of art museums' -- subject(s): Educational aspects, Educational aspects of Museums, Museums 'Edward J. Dent' -- subject(s): Bibliography

What technologies do lung specialists use?

Chest X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, bronchoscopic samples, pulmonary function testing, and many more.

What is Freeman Dyson's technologies?

Freeman Dyson's technologies

What is Lucent Technologies?

Lucent Technologies is a telecommunications manufacturer

What has the author Thao Le written?

Thao Le has written: 'Technologies for enhancing pedagogy, engagement, and empowerment in education' -- subject(s): Internet in education, Education, Effect of technological innovations on, Educational technology

What technologies did early people develop?

Prehistoric people created tools, such as the wheel. These tools help them function in life when modern day technology didn't exist.

What is the population of Tata Technologies?

The population of Tata Technologies is 2,011.

When was SDI Technologies created?

SDI Technologies was created in 1956.

When was PJ Technologies created?

PJ Technologies was created in 1998.

When was QA Technologies created?

QA Technologies was created in 2002.

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