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Function of public health nurse in homes?

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- health promotion activities

- counselling

- health education

- skills and knowledge of health assessment and promotion

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Qualifications of a public health nurse?

Qualifications of a public health nurse?

What is the difference between a community health nurse and a public health nurse?

A Community nurse costs money ಠ_ಠ A Public nurse is free... why would you ask such questions? ಠ_ಠ

What are the role of district public health nurse?

The role of district public health nurse is to assist in treating community health issues, immunizations, and sexually transmitted disease transmission education.

What is the difference between a public health nurse and a hospital nurse?

As far as I knew, a public health nurse is working in government hospitals and so they will do their duty as service, whereas a hospital nurse are supposed to work for the welfare of hospital owner so, they will not work as service minded.

What has the author Mary Beard written?

Mary Beard has written: 'The nurse in public health' -- subject(s): Nurses and nursing, Public health

Where would registered nurses work?

Jobs related to a career as a registered nurse include:home health servicespublic health departmentsprivate nursinghospitalsdoctor's officesinsurance companiesnursing homescommunity centers

Differentiate public health nurse and school nurse?

A public health nurse specializes in educating the general public and improving the health of the general public (immunizations, educating about STDs, ways to prevent illness, etc). School nurses usually will provide medications and treatments to kids in the school system, education, and at times provide first aid until a parent or paramedic arrives in cases of emergency or illness.

What are roles of a nurse in public health?

nurse play a important role in making a man perfect more than a doctor because doctor only give medicines or do operations carefully but nurse look after them from day to night they give them medicines at time and injectiones at time and look after them from day to night some times they not go there homes for many days so in my opinion nurse is a true public helper

Who was the father of public health nurse?

Florence Nightiangel Dr KannanA.T., Professor of Public health University College of medical sciences,Delhi--110095,India.

Can you be a public health nurse with a degree in public health education?

A public health nurse is required to have the same credentials as any other nurse. You must be a graduate of a school of nursing for registered nurses or licensed practical nurses and pass a state board examination. A master's of public health with a concentration in nursing integrates advanced practices and skills in nursing with the most advanced public health training. This excellent MPH degree gives you the skills that you need to pursue your nursing career in the area of public and community health. You will be able to take on major leadership responsibilities in many community health care settings, government centers and also nonprofit organizations. If you want to go for a career in the field of nursing but also are interested in health from both the clinical and the public health angle, you should consider an MPH with a concentration in nursing.

How much does a public health nurse gets paid?

PC nurses get paid around 18,000-20,000 a year..

How can public health personnel work in their community to prevent mental problems?

1.Public physician takes charge of the medical examinations. 2.Public nurse assist the physician in determining the health status of the people. 3.Public dentists can takes charge of the dental examinations of their patients.

What has the author Laurie Jeanne Davis written?

Laurie Jeanne Davis has written: 'EVALUATION OF THE CARE RENDERED BY ADVANCED PRACTICE NURSES AND NURSE MANAGED CLINICS WITHIN THE ARMY HEALTH CARE ORGANIZATION' -- subject(s): Health Sciences, Nursing, Health Sciences, Public Health, Nursing Health Sciences, Public Health Health Sciences

What has the author Marian M Holtgrewe written?

Marian M. Holtgrewe has written: 'The role of the public health nurse in mental retardation' -- subject(s): United States, Public health nursing, Children with mental disabilities

Can I enter a public safety degree in our community?

If you would like a degree in public safety you may want to become a public health nurse. Public health nurses work in the community teaching good eating habits, good exercise habits and generally good daily living habits.

Where do nurse practitioners work?

Nurse practitioners work in a variety of health care facilities like clinics, hospitals, rehab centers, mental health facilities, outpatient offices, schools, urgent care centers, retail clinics, nursing homes, and special diagnostic centers. Some nurse practitioners work in house call practices

What is the difference between company nurse and hospital nurse?

The company nurse is involved with taking care of health related issues facing employees in a given company. On the other hand, hospital nurses take care of patients from the public.

Where can one get information on prostate health?

The best place to get information on prostate health is from your doctor or community nurse. There are pamphlets available at pharmacies and public health offices. There is also an excellent source online called the Prostate Health Guide.

What are the health and safety regulations for a nurse?

Health and Safety regulations for a nurse differ depending on the country and locality within a country where the nurse works.

How long do you to be in school to be a school nurse?

A School Nurse has a minimum of a BS degree which is 4 years post high school and most need to have a Public Health Certificate which is another year after college.

Where can I find more information on bed lice ?

You can basically start with your Public Health Nurse or a Community Health Center. Your local pharmacy should also have information pamphlets on bed lice.

What are the uses of public health bag?

Public Health Bag is an essential and indispensable equipment of a public health nurse which he/she has to carry along when he/she goes out home visiting.It contains basic medications and articles which are necessary for giving care.Bag technique is performed in order to render an effective nursing care to clients and/or members of the family during home visit.

What is the role of a nurse manager?

Role and function of the nurse manager

Can heterosexuals get herpes?

Of course they can! ANY ONE can get herpes and all the other lovely STD's out there. Diseases of the human body do not see color, sexual preference or age as barriers to spreading itself. Always practice safe sex. Don't be afraid to get tested, together even, would be a good idea and then it kind of gets out there in the open. Your primary physician can do tests for you right there in his office. Also the public health nurse in your town can do it and college campuses usually have a health nurse who can test you, I believe that most if not all std screening is done through blood work. It can often take up to two weeks get the test results back. Girls can make a day out of it with their girlfriends, you go shopping, have lunch, make sure you don't have syphilis. Guys can go together before the big game and get tested. Also college campus health offices and the public health nurse always have baskets of condoms for free if you need them. To find the Public Health Nurse in your area just call 411 information and say "Public Health Nurse."

What has the author Harold Charles Meier written?

Harold Charles Meier has written: 'The oral communication of health-disease beliefs in a serial reproduction experiment' -- subject- s -: Attitudes, Intercultural communication, Mexican Americans, Nurse and patient, Oral communication, Patient education, Public health nursing, Public opinion, Social aspects of Public health nursing, Tuberculosis