Functionality or functionalities

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Q: Functionality or functionalities
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Is it correct to say one of the functionality is or one of the functionalities is?

One of the functionalities is

Technologicaly what is a process by which several technologies with distinct functionalities evolve to form a single product offering enhanced functionality and convenience?

Technologicaly convergence

What functionality does a database provide?

There are a number of functionalities that a database provides. Some of the functionalities that database provide are : security of data, reduced redundancy also ease of accessing data.

What is functionality of scanner?

Usually a functionality of a computer peripheral pertains to its primary task as well as any auxiliary functions it may boast. In terms of a scanner, its primary functionality is the actual ability to scan any manner of target media, whereas its auxiliary functionality may be to access various computer applications via hot-keys or send any pertinent scans straight to a printer. These are but examples, and any scanner may boast many or none of those functionalities.

What are functionalities of a bag?

They hold things

What are the functionalities of accelerometer in iPhone application development process?

The functionalities of accelerometer include detecting the movement and change the display accordingly during the course of rotating the iPhone from portraits to landscape.

Can you use functionality in a sentence?

Learn what the functionality of the product is.

What is system programming in UNIX?

system programming uses the functionalities provided by kernel.........

What is the difference between functionality and features?

Functionality refers to how well something works. Features refer to what something can do. A Feature is a sub-system or facility that in included within a larger system. A Function is the an action that can be performed within the system. Many Functionalities are enabled through a Feature. For instance, User Administration is a feature offered in Windows. Add User, Grant Privilege to User, Delete User, List Users, etc. are Functions enabled by the User Administration feature.

What is the functionality of a scanner?

scanner functionality is images scaning ,image editing

When you smell something what are you actually detecting?

we are detecting the spatial configuration of certain chemical functionalities.

Large molecules may have reaction sites termed -----because they are attracted to water?


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