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Give examples of artificial intelligence?

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If I said Google is an example of AI there might be some people who will directly disagree but it depends at what degree of relation with AI an example is put forward.

Any software taking its foundations and having techniques of solving issues that are considered to related with AI can be an example of AI.

For instance:

Search Engines ( Google , Bing , Yahoo Search ) all use NLP ( Natural Language Processing ) - Hence are examples of AI

Virtual Assistants - Siri, Google Now , S-Voice - Are developed by their respective companies for assisting users in their day to day task

Chatbots ( ALICE ) - And many others are examples of AI which are enabled to carry on with a conversation started by a user by retrieving answers from static database of pre-stored answers.

It must be noted, however, statistical applications such as Google Translate or simple NLP-like applications such as those used by popular search engines, chat bots or virtual assistance are not commonly regarded as tools or evidence for Artificial Intelligence. These tools are based on (highly intelligent application of) statistical methods and complex sets of rules, not based on systems which take free decisions based on prior learning.

2012-12-18 12:48:17
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Q: Give examples of artificial intelligence?
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