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History of Russia

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Q: Gorbachevs policies changed the Soviet Union would you consider him a patriot?
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What was the effect of the common sense?

People where inspired and changed to the Patriot side

Looking at how Mikhail Gorbachevs policies changed the Soviet Union would you consider him a patriot or in a sense a subversive Explain your answer?

I'll do my best : Gorbachev comes across, in retrospect, as a realist. He did what he did, as he saw it for the benefit of Russia. I don't think he gave up the Soviet control of eastern Europe for the benefit of thre peoples therein, I think he did this because he saw that that was in the interests of Russia. Maintaining forces in the occupied states was a luxury Russia could no longer afford. If Russia was to free its post war image of the USSR as a totalitarian state then something had to give. No, I don't see him as subversive, it is difficult to separate what he did from the subsequent Yeltsyn regime, but it was Gorbachev who broke the mould. If you look now at the state that Putin has dominated over recent years it is obviously different from what Gorbachev inherited. As I say relinquishing powers the Soviets had in eastern Europe was a good thing from the point of view of the Poles, Czechs, Germans & so on, but I am sure it was not done for their benefit, it was done, as Gorbachev saw it, for the benefit of Russia. Therefore Patriot it is from me.

A patriot leader who changed sides and started to help the British?

Benjamin Franklin

A patriot leadeer who changed sides and started to help the british?

Benedict Arnold

Who was the famous patriot traitor who secretly changed sides in the battle of Yorktown?

Benedict Arnold

How did the patriot act change American culture?

The Patriot Act changed America because it immersed us in surveillance culture. Basically, Edward Snowden's rise was created as a result of the Patriot Act. Too much surveillance and too much ignorance was displayed by the US onto its own people

What does it mean to be a ardent patriot?

ardent patriot means a loveable patriot ardent patriot means a loveable patriot

The Patriot Laws?

the patriot laws are the rules of a patriot which is called the patriot act.

Was Patrick Henry a patriot or a loyalist or was he against it all?

Patrick Henry was a patriot. Although many people think he was against it all. I believe that he was a patriot because he gave his "Give me liberty or give me death" speech about the patriots.Please consider this answer although I don't know what the real answer is, but it sounds about right that he is a patriot.Ask me any more questions @peaceluv2993

Was Alexander Hamilton a Patriot or Loyalist?


The Patriot Act changed the constitution to allow a police officer to search your car even if you refuse?

no, they need your permission unless they have probable cause

What are the acts that changed residents requirements and jailed anyone speaking out against government?

the patriot act took most of our first amendment rights.

What city did Chopin consider his home?

Chopin considered Paris, France his home, even though he was from Poland and an avid patriot of that country.

Was Paul Revere a patriot or a loyalist?


Who loves his country and serves it devotedly?

Such a person is a patriot.

When did the Patriots football team change their helmets?

The Patriots changed the helmet logo in 1992. They went from Pat Patriot to the current Flying Elvis logo.

Was Thomas Jefferson a loyalist or patriot?

a patriot not a loyalist he was a patriot

Who is an example of one mans patriot is another mans terrorist?

George Washington, thomas Jefferson, and all of our founding fathers pretty much. an obvious one. Saddam Hussein can even be argued. just think of someone who you consider a patriot/terrorist and look at it from their country/people's or opponent'sperspective .

Was Hitler a patriot?

Indeed Hitler was a patriot. He became made since he is super patriot.

Did Loyalists have to pay taxes too?

Why not! If there consider a colonist they got to play taxes. Or if they switch sides they can fight against unfair taxes and be a patriot

what brand of 512 ram is the best?

All brands will perform roughly on par with each other. Consider Patriot memory if you're looking for something cheap and affordable.

Did loyalist have to pay taxes too?

Why not! If there consider a colonist they got to play taxes. Or if they switch sides they can fight against unfair taxes and be a patriot

Who is a US patriot?

whats a patriot

What is the German word for patriot?


What is the prefix for the word patriot?