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More information is necessary. If the rifle has a 4-lug bolt head, it is the same as a Mossberg 810. Research the 810 for info on this rifle. It may be made on FN Mauser 98 actions, in which case it will be like any other Mauser 98 sporter. Otherwise, it will be German made by Heym and is either the same as a Mauser 2000 or Mauser 3000 action. The scope, on the other hand, is almost impossible to describe these days. It will likely have Japanese optics.

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Q: Got 30-06 western field rifle wit Fran montdale4by32 scope on it cant find any info about scope or rifle on line?
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What is the value of a Western Field 308 rifle with scope?

175-250 dollars.

You want to attach a scope to your Western Field 30.30 What mounting kit should you use for a Western Field 30.30 model M72C?

The Western Field model 72 lever-action rifle was made by Mossberg and generally resembled the Marlin 336. These two rifles are not the same an no parts interchange EXCEPT for the scope mounts. The same bases that work on the Marlin 336 will work on the Western Field (or Mossberg or Revelation versions).

What scope fits western field M822 22mag WMR?

Your western field 822 was made by mossberg firearms company.the model is mossberg model 640K.I would start by cross reference the scope mounts for the mossberg 640K.Good luck!

When was a wards western field 3006 Mod JEN 757 serial number 2588 made in Belgium with western field X scope manufactured how much is it worth?

You sure this isn't an EJN 757 instead of a JEN 757? I have a EJN 757 in 3006 and would also be interested in any info. for this rifle.

What can one do with a scope device from Simmons?

Simmons makes two type of scopes. They make a rifle scope. This attaches to the top of one's rifle. They enable the shooter to see his/her target clearly. They also make a spotting scopes. It is basically a scope that sits on a tripod for use in the field or shooting range.

On average what is the cost of a BSA Sweet 17 rifle scope?

The BSA Sweet 17 rifle scope is an affordable scope that's designed for beginning rifle users. Average prices on the scope range from $50.00 to $100.00 in most cases.

What are the benefits of using a Swarovski rifle scope?

There are benefits to using a Swarovski rifle scope. Rifle scopes in general helps one aim at an object with higher precision. This rifle scope in general has a higher reuse rate so one won't have to change it as often.

Can you put a ziess 3-12x50 scope on a 12lb air rifle?

Only if the scope is designed for an air rifle. Because of the recoil being different on an air rifle than a firearms rifle. Air rifle scopes are made differently than firearms scopes. A firearms scope can break it's glass mounts if it is used on an air rifle.

What is the most expensive laser rifle scope today?

The Burris Eliminator Laser Scope is the most expensive laser rifle scope in production. It costs about 950 to 1,000 dollars.

Does anyone have any information and the value of a Western Field 25-7x20 Scope 60-1223?

almost nothing

What scopes are compatible with a daisy grizzly?

Almost any air rifle scope will fit a Daisy. Check Walmart or a sporting goods store for a Daisy scope. But any air rifle scope should fit the dovetail mount that is on the rifle.

What are the benefits of using a night vision rifle scope?

The benefits of using a night vision rifle scope on your rifle, is that at night you will able to see through the scope. You will be able to keep everything around you dimly lit, as to not draw attention to yourself.

Why use a rifle scope?

Y not?

What was the first rifle scope?

A long hollow tube was first used as a scope.

When did they make the Lyman Scope 422 expert?

In 1938, Remington began offering that scope on the Model 341 rifle. When you bought it WITH the rifle, it was $8.25.

Where can one purchase rifle scope mounts?

One can purchase rifle scope mounts from websites like Optics Planet, Cabelas, Amazon, Scope Mounts, Airgun Depot, eBay, Talley Manufacturing and Jmecks Scope Mounts.

Do you make a 5 scope ring for a shorter scope than fits standard scope for m77 rifle?


What is the best scope for accuracy on an air rifle?

zeiss is the best and most accurate scope

Is a muzzleloading scope and a rifle scope the same thing?

They perform the same function, but, they are not the same.

Who makes the western field rifle scopes?

Light Optical Works, Ltd. Suwa City, Japan--LOW--mfgd the scopesOn Western Field scopes, LOW has a stylized logo on the scope whichspells Light, eg L igh T with the horizontal parts of the letters L and the T touching and forming a box around the igh and SUWA printed below in the box, with ELT (Enhanced Light Transmission) and Japan written outside the box. Light Optical made Bushnell and others....may have made the Western Field scope directly for Montgomery Wards.

What is the difference between a shotgun scope and a rifle scope?

A shotgun scope usually has a shorter paralex and heavier cross hairs.

What is a European style rifle scope?


Can you put a scope on a 22 rifle?


Where is the rifle scope control?

Top and sides

Can the XS-B4 air rifle support a scope?

If it has a scope rail or grooves for a scope mount then yes it will support a scope but you may need a scope stop to keep it from moving.