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Hi, I happen to be refinishing the stock on this same rifle. My Mother had it in the house as long as I can remember. She said that my Father had bought it for her the year after they were married. That was 1943. This of course would make it a least 61 years. I have noticed that there are 2 tapped holes on the left side behind the chamber. A possible scope mount? Does anyone know if there was a side mount availble for this rifle. . ESVA

mine also has two holes on the left side which i have always asumed were for a scope, but the rifles was given to my father from a friend long ago so i have no idea

Mine has a Wards model 93m scope and bolt on mount--kind of an old school long & skinny 4 power tube.

HeadlineI too have a Wards scope on mine. The mount reads WARDS 93M 2129A and the scope is a Western Field 4X15 60-1203.

I have one that used to be my grandfather's, I believe he said it was made in 1938 or '39. It may be a Springfield model 87, but I get confused easily.

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Q: What is the age and value and manufacturer of a Western Field model 59 22 semi rifle?
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