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That would depend on the filter . the best thing to do would be to contact the manufacturer of the filter.

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Q: HOW much d.e should one add to a pool filter?
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When adding aluminum sulphate to swimming pool should the filter be running?

Add the aluminum sulphate to the pool. Run the filter for two hours. Wait overnight to vacuum the bottom of the pool.

If my pool has too much alkalinity what should you do?

add acid

Do you leave filter pump on while shocking your pool or?

Yes, you should run the pump when you add chemicals to your water,

When do you add DE to a pool?

You add D.E. to a pool when you do a fresh filter clean. You also add D.E. if you have to backwash your pool more than normal. When you backwash the pool it is also dumping the D.E. out so it needs to be replaced to keep the grids covered so the pool can filter properly. Hope it helped

Should you leave the pump running when you add muriatic acid to your pool?

Yes, you should leave it on. This way the acid will be run through the filter.

Do you leave filter on to add salt in pool?

Yes, you leave the filter on in order for you to put salt in it

How long do you run the filter after you add shock to your pool?

3 hrs

How much de powder for 17000 gallon pool?

You add diatomaceous earth (de) powder to a pool based on the size of the filter. Most pool filters have a plate on the side telling you how much de powder you need to add. If your filter does not have such a plate, the general formula is that you add 1 lb. of de powder for every 10 sq. ft. of filter area. That is, you need to measure the length, width, of your filter, taking the pleats into account, and use the formula "sq. ft. = length x width" to determine the square footage of your filter.

How often should you add liquid chlorine to your pool?

it depends on how much chlorine is already in it .

What should you do if your water has a fishy smell?

As soon as I notice a different smell in the pool, it helps to add a focculant to the skimmer and after 24 -36 hours backwash the filter. Shocking the pool at this time should control the odor.

Can you use chlorine in a pool without a filter?

Yes you can add liquid chlorine to a pool even if it's not circulating

How do you add calcium chloride to a vinyl pool?

thru the filter intake side,

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