Has anyone done business with Negotiation Center of America that is from California?

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Yes, my wife and I were several months behind on our mortgage due to my loss of income, we had both a first and a second mortgage with WAMU & Homecomings. At first we thought there fee of $5,500.00 was steep but checked them out on the BBB and also spoke with 2 past clients. It took 4 months but they reduced our rate on our 1st mortgage by 3.75% saving us $1,235.00/month & were able to get an offer in compromise on our 2nd mortgage eliminating $65,000.00 of the principal. They were great to deal with through the very stressful process. John L
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In negotiating a business deal is strategic misrepresentation permissible?

In a legal or ethical sense, any form of willful misrepresentation is considered a breach of ethics and possibly a breach of good will. The good will breach is the toughy here, as the deceived party can sue to break the contract, for damages, or both. In extreme cases, willfull misrepresentation may ( Full Answer )

Where can you find a conversion kit to a Ragazzi crib now that they've gone out of business Anyone done DIY conversion successfully on their own?

Answer . We are in the same situation. There is an aftermarket manufacturer of rails, you can find more information about them here: http://www.babyfurniturewarehouse.com/ecommerce/ragazziadultrail.html I'm going to order them this week, I've not tried them yet myself. . Hi, Ragazzi is back in b ( Full Answer )

Why is international business done in dollars?

Basically, it is just to have a standard that everyone can follow, and against which you can meaningfully compare what is happening in many different markets. If there were no standard, you would have to know every exchange rate of every nation's currency in order to understand what is going on.. T ( Full Answer )

Interpret what the business of America is business?

Essentially President Coolidge meant that the focus of America is Capitalism. A free market society is what drives our success as a Nation. It provides wealth to its' citizens, revenue to the Government, and prosperity to the Nation.

What does The business of America is business mean?

this phrase in reality means that of all the businesses done in the whole world,none can be equated to that business done by America.This means that no country in the world can compare itself to America in terms of business

What percentage of business is done online?

About 80% probably of the whole market is now getting their business online, with the internet having a larger scope for businesses worldwide.

Is Negotiation Center of America legitimate?

On or about February 27, 2009, my husband and I, signed a contract with Negotiation Center of America, Inc. or NCA #103, 3010 W. Agua Fria Freeway, Phoenix, AZ 85027; (888) 263-3952‎. They charged us $4500 per modification for our home loans that were predatory loans. They promised to get mod ( Full Answer )

Why did the French negotiate a treaty of Alliance with America?

After the General Washington began winning some battles the French invested in his army by signing an allegience with America. They did this because they were looking to weaken great Britain and were already enemies after the French and Indian war.

Where is centeral America?

It starts from South of North America and End in north of south America! Below countries are part of Central America Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama

When will World Trade Center be done?

One World Trade Center (Estimated completion Late 2013) Two World Trade Center (Estimated completion 2015) Three World Trade Center (Estimated completion 2014) Four World Trade Center (Estimated completion 2013)

What kind of business is a recycling center?

Most recycling centers are private, for profit enterprises that specialize in collecting recyclable materials in various sized lots (from a few pounds to many tons) and processing it to mill specifications so it can be shipped in large quantities for consumption. An example would be a person drop ( Full Answer )

What is Definition of training center in business?

This answer depends on the specific entity to which it is being referred but generally a business training center falls under one of two categories. The first is that of an academic training center that provides a structured learning environment to acquire the skills necessary to perform in the bus ( Full Answer )

How might working capital affect a negotiation to buy a business?

Let's imagine that a buyer of a business had gone to a lot of trouble (or, at least, his due diligence advisors had gone to a lot of trouble) to determine the working capital requirement for a target business. I'm guessing, or at least experience is telling me, that the buyer and his advisors have b ( Full Answer )

Has anyone done business with star 7 auto sales?

The attorney generals of Michigan is now involved in these scammers. The poor guy who actually owns Star 7 auto sales maintains a very reputable business. However, these scammers are using his identity and posing as his business on the internet to get people to send them via a wire moneygram 35% of ( Full Answer )

A good negotiation process is centered on?

I suppose a good negotiation process is centered on compromising and not entering a negotiation with a win/lose frame of mind...it will more than likely end up being a tug of war process leading to nowhere..

What are some shopping centers in California?

California Malls 7+FIG in Los Angeles, CA. Alameda Towne Centre in Alameda, CA. Almaden Plaza Shopping Center in San Jose, CA. Anaheim GardenWalk in Anaheim, CA. Anaheim Hills Festival in Anaheim, CA. Anaheim Plaza in Anaheim, CA. Antelope Valley Mall in Palmdale, CA. Arden Fair in Sacrame ( Full Answer )

What if you have a tumor in the center of the brain what can be done?

The brain tumor I had was in the center of my brain. It was located just under the optic chiasm. It was a schwannoma brain tumor which only grows on nerves. It was growing off of my optic nerve. The craniotomy removed it, unfortunately there was nerve damage. I cannot open my left eye, which in a wa ( Full Answer )

Does anyone have a business that need bookkeepers?

all businesses use bookkeepers for basic financial record-keeping,many smaller businesses only have very basic bookkeeping needs, andin more than a few cases, the business owner is also thebookkeeper. Larger business, especially international businesses,tend to have very complex bookkeeping and acco ( Full Answer )

How much is the California science center?

Admission to the California Science Center's permanent exhibition galleries are free. For the films, admission prices are: Adult (age 18-59) $8.25 Child (age 4-12) $5.00 Students & Seniors (age 13-17 and college students with valid ID or 60+) $6.00

What are the recommendation to effectively negotiate the business relationship?

First and foremost , when negotiating a business relationship, communication and honesty are key. This person needs to know that they can be trusted, trust you and vice versa. Be willing to compromise as well as stand your own ground. Really this should be a simple task if it is someone you are look ( Full Answer )

Has anyone done the dukan diet?

I've been on the Dukan diet for 4 days now. My Attack Phase will be 5 days so I have only one day to go before eating some vegetables. People have already commented that I've lost weight (I want to lose 20lbs overall). The most amazing thing for me is that this diet has been completely without food- ( Full Answer )

What is the army ROTC and has anyone done it?

Army ROTC - Reserve Officer Training Corps, is a college program in which while pursuing a bachelors degree you also train to be an Army officer; there are many online resources which let you look into this program; it is offered at many colleges across the USA ; there are many ROTC scholarships ava ( Full Answer )

Why are avandia settlements in California taking so long to negotiate?

The MDL 1871 in Philadelphia under Judge Rufe is pulling all of the strings. Her rulings are being used in state courts like California and judges are not willing to go against her decisions. Everything is on hold now awaiting an agreement Rufe's courtroom. Basically GSK does not care about what hap ( Full Answer )

Why is business forecasting done?

Regardless of who does it, fore-casting is done to identify what is likely to happen in the future so as to be able to benefit most from the events.

Where is the center of America?

The geographic center of the USA, including the lower 48, Alaska, and Hawaii. A bit awkward, perhaps. The geographic center for the lower 48 is marked with a monument in Kansas, and the geographic center of North America is also marked by a monument in North Dakota.

What is the exact center of California?

There are different kinds of centers: geographical, population. The geographical center of California is North Fork, in Madera County.

How many fertility centers are there in California?

There are many fertility centers in California. An exact number can not be calculated as there is no data base of such information readily available to the public. However there are over fifty fertility centers in California.

Where are Abbey Business Centers based out of?

The original Abbey Business Center is based out of london in the United Kingdom, however they offer virtual offices in many U.S. and offer numerous online office packages and assistance as well.

Can anyone start an e business?

Any one can start an e-business.But they will need access to reliable internet connection and some computer skills to be successful. With the passion to run a business,the desire to learn the skills you don't have and the will to commit some time, anyone can start an e-business. The good thing is th ( Full Answer )

Has anyone done the quadruple axel?

No as people who play club penguin die of boredoom due to there extreme lonelyness and they fall of a cliff because club penguin is for 5 yearolds and kiddie fiddlers

What does a local business center do?

"A local business center can help you with advice, get you set up, fill out paperwork, ect. all in regards to setting up a small or medium sized business. They are trained in all of the aspects of business ownership."

Can anyone buy a gun in california?

No, nor in any other state. You must be a legal resident, an adult, with no felony convictions, no convictions for domestic violence, not an unlawful drug user, not have been adjudged mentallly incompetent, not have renounced your citizenship, not under indictment, not a fugitive from justice, have ( Full Answer )

What are some negotiable incidents in business law?

The word bronze is borrowed from French : bronze , itself borrowed from Italian : bronzo (compare Medieval Latin : bronzium ), whose origin is unclear. It might be connected with Venetian : bronza "glowing coals", or German : Brunst "fire", but it could equally go back to or ( Full Answer )

What does Google Local Business Center do?

The Google Local Business Center is the old name for Google Places. t is a service to locate local businesses on a map, complete with address, services and reviews, if present.

What are some books that deal with business negotiation?

Actually there are several good books available related to business negotiation. Some examples include "Getting to Yes - Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In" by William L. Ury or "You Can Negotiate Anything" by Herb Cohen.

What business is center Parcs in Longleat?

Center Parcs is a stretch of forest in England that is comprised of three main activity areas. There are also villas on site that can hold up to 4,000 people at a time.

What is the purpose of business conference centers?

There are many purposes of business conference centers. The main purpose of business conference centers is to provide businesses with a place to gather and discuss matters related to their business.

Where is the main business center in the UK?

The main business center in the United Kingdom is in London, England. For more information about doing business in England have a look at The UK Business Centre website.

How is the bowling center business?

The business changes over the years as well as reinvents itself. In more recent years, league bowling has declined, but open play has risen. Some centers have opened specifically just for open play, family bowling and parties. However there has begun a trend of centers that are going to a hybrid mod ( Full Answer )