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Unlawful--breaking into a garage to take a vehicle.

Answerthe only way it is unlawful repossesion is if they don't own it. meaning they have released the lien on the vehicle otherwise it is their's to re claim posession of.

It constitutes a breach of peace for a repossession agent to enter a locked gate to property or a building whether locked or unlocked unless said agent has a replevin order or other such order from the court.

A lawsuit for damages is possible if the state allows such suits in small claims court; a lawsuit filed in a different venue would be more costly and lengthy. It would be in the best interest of the injured party to consider all aspects of pursuing such a case before going forward with litigation.

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Q: Has anyone here ever filed suit against the bank and-or repossession company for an unlawful repossession If so what was the outcome?
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