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Has anyone here gone through US career institute for Medical assisting or do you have experience with the Penn Foster program - I am starting the USCI one but want to hear any experiences first?


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2009-11-05 18:59:30
2009-11-05 18:59:30

I am actually talking the Medical assisting program at US career institute. It is a pretty good program. I'm actually finishing up lesson 30 right now. My concern with taking this course is the hands on part because as an MA there is a lot you need to know during labs. The part that concerns me is you have to take some kind of clinicals to get the hand on experiences and im unsure if we have to find places to volunteer on our own or are they going to set it up for us. If you would like you can email me If I could start over i would take it class because as an MA you need the handson experience and were not getting that. Such as doing phlembotomy.


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