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Have a 02 escort with automatic tran that has hard shift cant find tran dipstick any ideas?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-31 21:59:28

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Dipstick WILL be on the right hand side of the engine back near the firewall. You may have to push some wires or hoses out of the way but it IS there, it will have a yellow or red top. Just look until you find it or you will burn the tranny.

2006-08-31 21:59:28
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Q: Have a 02 escort with automatic tran that has hard shift cant find tran dipstick any ideas?
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Where is the dipstick to check transmission fluid on a 96 ford escort wagon?

If it is an automatic the dipstick is right next to the brake fluid master cylinder reservoir. If it is a stick shift there is not dipstick.

Where do you add transmission fluid in 1991 Ford Escort?

is it an automatic, or manual shift?

In a 1998 escort what would cause a automatic transmission not to shift into overdrive?

Linkage adjust

How do you check the trans fluid level for a 2001 Cavalier 2.2?

need to know if it is and automatic or a standard shift transmission Automatic has no dipstick to check trans fluid.

How do you remove the gear shift knob on a 1997 Ford escort LX?

forget to tell, the car as an automatic transmission

Can you replace an automatic transmission to a standard transmission on a 1995 escort?

You can do anything you want with money but it would be much cheaper to just buy another escort that is a standard shift.

Why does my 95 ford escort take so long to shift between gears it is an automatic transmission?

Your 1995 Ford Escort might take a long time to shift between gears because the transmission fluid is low or very dirty. An automatic transmission requires the correct amount of fluid to operate properly.

Where does the gear oil go into for a 1995 ford escort?

Both the automatic and stick shift take Mercon ATF. The automatic is filled by putting a funnel on the dipstick stem. The stick shift you have to remove the VSS and speedometer drive gear on the top of the tranny. This gear has been known to break and fall down into the case jamming the shift rods. No more 5 speed. If this happens the transmission has to come out to remove it. It will be expensive. So, if someone else is doing the work and that will save you $1400.

Where is solenoid switch in automatic transmission in 1999 ford escort zx2?

The shift interlock solenoid is located inside the console close to the shfiter.

Your gear shift is stuck in Park on a 1998 Ford Escort any ideas?

It's the brake switch. It tells your break lights to come on.

Where is the shift selenoid for a 1996 ford escort?

The shift solenoid is under the console in the shift assembly.

Does the 2003 Saturn Ion have a transmission dipstick?

If it is an automatic, then all cars have dipsticks. But if the Saturn is a stick-shift it wont have a dipstick. Edit: all cars don't have tranny dipsticks, my sister in law has a 2004 Saturn Ion L2 and there is no visible dipstick.. (still looking, cant seem to find an answer ANYWHERE)

What are symptoms of low or no transmission fluid?

Acceleration could be impactedBut if it's an automatic, your car would have trouble shifting. Either take too long to shift or shift too early.The easiest thing to do is open the hood and check the dipstick.

How do you tell whether a car is standard or automatic?

If it has a stick shift and clutch, it is standard. If no clutch and stick shift, it is an automatic.

2001 ford escort transmission locked in park what could be the cause engines starts?

Lock in park automatic transmission 2001 ford escort --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can view the 2001 Ford Escort owners manual online at : www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces ) Click on Owner Guides ( starting on page 101 the brake shift interlock is explained and what to do if you can't shift out of PARK with the brake pedal depressed )

Are the 07 mustangs stick shift?

stick shift or automatic

Are Aston Martin cars stick shift or automatic?

They are stick shift.

Is an automatic the same as a stick shift?


What causes an automatic transmission to fail to up-shift?

a bad radiator -automatic portion of radiator not cooling off transmission

Why would a 1997 ford escort automatic transmission slip out of gear within the first minute of driving?

The shift cable probably needs to be adjusted. Make sure the level of ATF is ample.

Are 2001 Chevy cavaliers automatic or stick shifts?

The Chevy Cavalier vehicle can be either an automatic or a stick shift. You can switch an automatic over to a stick shift by switching out the transmission.Ê

Where is a shift soleniod in 1999 Ford Escort?

Inside transmission

Why won't my Honda four wheeler shift?

is it a automatic clutch such as electronic shift

On a ford escort zx2. What would cause transmission not to shift into overdrive?

what would transmission not to shift in to overdrive

How do you remove the shift knob from a 2003 Chevy Cavalier?

Is this a standard transmission, or an automatic? automatic