Have asteroids hit the earth?


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Yes they have. There is evidence that they have. However, one should not confuse the fact that "asteroid" is not the correct term to define the object colliding with the earth. An asteroid is the object when in space. However, when it reaches and goes through the Earth's atmosphere, it becomes known as a "Meteorite".

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We know that asteroids have hit the earth because they cause indentations when they hit.

It is possible for comets and asteroids to hit Earth, but they are extremely rare events.

No. Asteroids can hit anywhere on earth.

make big holes in the earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asteroids hit earth because when asteroids are floating because of the gravity when it goes out of gravity it floats to earth and hits earth.And please be helpful and click if it was helpful or not and then flag it if there was something wrong and thank you.

Gravity causes them to hit the Earth.

An asteroid would hit earth first

Asteroids will hit earth every now and then because of the earths gravitational pull, but we don't get as much as Jupiter seeing as it has the highest gravitation pull.

because of earths gravitational pull. why, did you thinkthey hit earth because of cabbages?

Asteroids have hit the Earth that have brought about the extinction of nearly every animal and many of the plants on earth.

Well they do not die, they get destroyed when they hit earth......

Yes, asteroids fall to earth all the time, but most of them don't make it through the atmosphere because it perishes and burns up before it can even hit earth, but nothing to worry about because most of the asteroids that hit earth are relatively small. Hope this helps.

It is inevitable that an asteroid will hit Earth eventually, but there are currently no known asteroids expected to hit Earth in our lifetimes.

There are no asteroids that are known to be on a collision course with Earth.

Well I guess any asteroid could hit Earth.For a complete list of NEO - see related link .There are several hundred asteroids that could hit Earth, most of them have not been named, or even discovered yet.

Currently there are no asteroids expected to hit Earth in the next 100 years.

Yes. It has happened countless times.

Countless times. In fact, the Earth is build up of collisions of asteroids during what is called the Early Bombardment Period.

earth was born of many asteroids than it hit a planet named Thea

Some do, some do not. Both have in the past hit the Earth.

The gravitational force of Jupiter pulls in asteroids and comets that might hit earth.

dinosaurs were extinct because a large asteroid hit the earth and yes asteroids were involved

because earth has an atmosphere which makes asteroids burn up before they hit the ground but the moon has no atmosphere so it can't stop asteroids. also, the moon shields the earth from some asteroids.

While we know that asteroids have hit the Earth in the distant past, they were never named. To the extent that we have names for them, they are named for the craters they create where they hit, such as the Chixulub event that killed off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

Asteroids, if large enough, can strike anywhere on the Earth.

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