Have the bodies of Maurice and Katia Krafft who were killed by Mt Unzen been recovered and if so where are they buried?

Bodies of Maurice and Katia Krafft

Not sure, but I'd say they were burned to ashes. Since they were overrun by the pyroclastic flows from Mt Unzen which could easily exceeded 1000 degrees F. This would have burned them to a crisp and also buried them under many feet of ash. There are many people from the Mt St Helen eruption that have not been found yet.

I do not think this is correct. The reason is that the pyroclastic flow separated into two parts an upper, less dense, less hot section and a lower, denser, hotter section. The lower, hotter part followed the valley bottom and bypassed them which is what they expected the entire pyroclastic flow to do. The upper part was still lethally hot but was, I believe, around 400 F. This part separated from the lower part and veered upslope - killing the Kraffts, Glicken, and the journalists. I have not personally verified this but I believe that their bodies were found and that they were recognizable and that they embraced each other when they know the end was near. I do not know where they are buried.

Yes they have been found here is the newspaper for the LA Times.

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