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You need a new starter

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โˆ™ 2008-09-23 00:50:28
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Q: Having intermiten problems with the starter on a 1990 jettaworks when it wants to?
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Why are caravans bad?

The starter seems prone to going bad. We are having starter problems and I looked online and saw page after page of other people having the same issue with all years of the Dodge Caravan.

How do you start a car when having starter problems?

Bang it witha hammer but not enough to dent but enough to "jiggle" it

Why ihaving broplems with the fly weel?

maybe a bad starter gear,or a loose starter,or loose fly wheel bolts,or maybe your having starter problems but there is no way to know until you give more information

Where is the starter relay located in a 1996 Chevy Lumina?

Your car has a starter solenoid instead of a relay. The solenoid is mounted on the starter.If you are having starting problems make sure that you have checked all battery and ground connections. If it proves bad,I would recommend replacing the starter and solenoid as an assembly on this vehicle to avoid additional problems. Good luck.

How do you change transmission solenoid on Ford Escort?

You are probabily thinking of the starter solinoid..? To change that you got to take off the starter and it'll be a round cylinder about 3 to 4 inches long. If your having transmission problems hit me up

Brand new battery and the car still requires a jump?

Starter motor problems, charging system problems, wiring and connection problems between battery, alternator and starter. To many possiblities to list. If the battery is still charged and you need to jump the car to get it to start you have a bad starter. Now you say how can that be? it starts when its jumped? Correct the starter is drawing too much power"amps" and having a second battery "the jump" appx doubles the amount of amps to the starter allowing it to start. Replace the starter and problem will go away. Besides it wont take too long before a jump wont allow it to start.

Having problems getting power to starter?

I have a 1984 custom dodge ram van any useful info about how to get it started would be helpful,it has sat for 6 or 7 years.

Advantage of having a star - delta connected motor starter?

The advantage of having a star - delta connected motor starter is the advantage of having a reduced inrush starting current.

What could be wrong with a 1994 Chevy Blazer that does not start despite having a new battery?

STARTER. take it to a shop it needs to be replaced.Another problem is that the fly wheel is messed up. the fly wheel teeth get grinded down and it has problems starting up which begins to mess up the starter to.

99 e-350 diesel wont crank when hot?

That could be a worn out starter motor. I used to have to replace the starter in my van, an '82 with a 460 engine, every couple of years. It had the same trouble yours is having. Since I put in a more expensive starter (from 6 or so years ago I haven't had any problems with it even when very hot.

Your 1993 jeep Cherokee does not turn over but all gauges and lights work starter problems?

This might help you a little bit,I have a 96 Cherokee that dose that, took it to shop still having problem your flywheel may be the problem you starter maybe in a dead spot on your flywheel(Missing a tooth)

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Why is my 06 Nissan Altima starter shorting?

I was having problems with the starter and one day it decided to not work made a rrrrr rrrrr noise when I tried to start.The starter was smoking.I switched out the starter and am still getting the same problem. I was told it was an electrical problem and followed the lines and couldnt find anything loose or damaged. Can someone please explain to me whats going on? I searched the internet and apparently this question hasnt been asked.

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Why wouldn't a 1991 Volvo 240 start after having the starter replaced?

I would definitely check your starter relay. If that is not the problem, I would guess you have a break somewhere in the small wire that goes to the starter motor. You can check this with an ohm meter. High mileage Volvo's experience lot of wire harness related problems due brittle insulation and lots of motor shake (from worn motor mounts).

Why is my 85 Chevy 305 C10 having problems starting?

Could be any number of thing, be a little more specific about how it is acting or doing. Fuel, compression, spark plugs, plug wires, battery, connections, starter.

I'm Having Starter problems on 92 Pontiac Grand Am SE and want to rule out battery the starter or solenoid?

starter problems on 02 Pontiac grand am. Remove battery and take to napa or most any parts store. They will check battery for you. The starter and selonoid are combined so they must be considered a single component. Iff you know your battery is good next follow the ground wire from battery to make sure it has solid connection to vehicle with no corrosion to hamper connection. Also make sure battery cables are clean and tight. Is your fuse blown? When you attempt to start if it makes a grinding or whirring noise it is most likely the starter. If it does nothing see if your interior light seems to din or flicker when you attempt to start then (most likely) bad starter. Starters can be removed and rebuilt if replacement at retail is extremely high

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