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  • Often there is no excuse for cheating, but when a person is on drugs they often don't know what they are doing and of course, cheating can occur. The way to help not only your husband, but yourself is by talking to him and telling him if he does not go to a detox center to get off drugs that you will leave him. If he agrees then be there for him. If he refuses then intervention of his family and those that love him can sometimes work. If he refuses all help then you must make the painful decision to leave him.

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First off you should of tried of helped him earlier because he was less addicted but it is your choice.

Give your husband an alternative of seeking professional help for his drug problem and if he refuses it would be wise to leave him. If you don't leave him then you are enabling his behavior. Drugs can do strange things to people's minds and he may have cheated on you more than once. If you don't have respect for yourself then no one else will. You deserve better.

tell the police and get him some help.

Let her husband deal with her. You definitely shouldn't worry about her, she willingly cheated with your husband.but don't let your emotions be bottled up, tell her what you think, same to your need to help your son through this, in return he can help you too.That girl needs to know she messed with the wrong family

A person who does drugs and drinks needs help. He/She should be sent to drug rehab center.

If she is a true friend, you should not tell her husband that she is cheating. You should do everything you can to help her keep it a secret from her husband, including lying for her. Real friends are a rarity.

No, not at all if you guys are i a relationship you should help each other out.

^^ (continued question) i am afraid that he will assume or think that i have cheated on him because it has been so long and i want to get tested now, i have not cheated on him and i can talk to him about anything, can you please help me. what should i do? ^^ (continued question) i am afraid that he will assume or think that i have cheated on him because it has been so long and i want to get tested now, i have not cheated on him and i can talk to him about anything, can you please help me. what should i do?

If you mean other medicinal drugs you should take them in consultation with your doctor. If you mean narcotic drugs then you should take them in consultation with the guys who work at the nearest police station. They will help you the best in this case.

Depends: good drugs help you get better and bad drugs can kill you.

There are several reasons. You are cheating on him or have cheated on him in the past. You have never cheated on him, but someone he has gone with in the past has, or he's cheating on you. I was married before and my boyfriend cheated on me and I was so in denial I didn't want to see it and married him. He cheated more, and he because emotionally/physically abusive to me. Shortly after I left him he told me his mother had repeatedly cheated on his father and he said he never wanted to be hurt the way his father had been so he thought he'd cheat first. Believe it or not I could understand his reasoning, but it was too late to work through it. Needless to say I left him and filed for divorce, but the happy side is, I met and married a wonderful man. If you can't sit down and communicate with your husband then seek out professional help even if he refuses to go. It will strengthen you and help you make decisions because you simply can't go on in this relationship much longer. Good luck!

"Illegal drugs"...this should already be a clue... Any drugs or I should say many drugs are not safe for pregnancy. Just be honest with your doctor and get advice and help. And in any case, stop doing illegal drugs right a way. What if you lose custody later as a result of doing drugs during pregnancy? It is not worth it. Having a baby is a precious gift from God and should be treated with outmost respect and care.

If you eat well and exersise it should help. Also don't smoke and to drugs!

The insurance Center can help you 116 S Main St, Mooresville, NC - (704) 663-5557

What kind of help do you need? The drugs for epilepsy are available from medicaid. A number of epilepsy drugs are generic. Can you afford $ 4 a month? If you want an operation to remove scars from your brain, that is a different problem. Still, since you have been diagnosed, the drugs should be no problem.

You both need to see a marriage counselor. Together. If he won't go with you, then visit the counselor anyway to help your self-esteem then find a good lawyer.

ANSWER: I don't think it's smart to talk to this other woman who had the affair with your husband. I know if you do, it will give you some closure on why he cheated on you. You will not learn anything useful. Even if she was gracious or friendly and give you all the tiny details about your husband, how would that help you? This mistress doesn't owe you nothing, even if she was the party to your husband's infidelity but he is the one who cheated on you not the other woman. Your husband made the vows of fidelity to you, not his mistress. He brought her into your marriage and put you in this situation You will not gain anything if you choose to talk to her, so if I were you I wouldn't. I am not supporting the mistress in any case, but I was in your shoes before and take my words for it, even she didn't say no to my husband, it was him who started the relationship.

I'm not sure and unfortunately I would like to help answer your question but I do not know who "Francine or Larry" is. Just because your husband cheated on you doesn't mean you have to take out your anger on the internet. Maybe he cheated on you because you are ugly? Or maybe you yell a lot? I don't know and don't really care lady.

will b-12 vitamins help clean illegal drugs out of my body

Drugs such as steroids help build muscle and help recover more quickly.

drugs are used to help cure people sicknesses

Infertility drugs are medicines that help bring about pregnancy.

It depends on the drugs, some drugs help us survive, some drugs will kill us. Some drugs, under different circumstances, may help us or hurt us.

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