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Not sure with an EC30, I have an EC45 but assuming they are similar make sure the steel rod in the center top is attached to the bump handle.

less likely:
With an ec45 you can detach the top of the canister fairly easily and inspect the rubber gasket and fingers inside. look for a tear in the gasket, but you'd probably get D.E. going into the pool if this was the case.

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โˆ™ 2007-07-18 20:33:51
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Q: Hi have a hayward ec30 earth filter and the bump handle to regenerate the earth is limp it has no resistance at all with the filter on or off..any answers thanks?
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How do you hook up the vacuum system if you have a Hayward 210T filter?

The vac system has to hook up the the skimmer not the Hayward filter. k

How much sand goes into a Sp714 filter?

sp714 is the filter head manufactured by hayward need tank model s180 t s244t ect. hayward

Hayward Why is DE getting in your pool?

broken filter grid

Where do you get Hayward pool filter instruction manuel?

Go to their website

How much sand is needed for a Hayward pool filter?

Depending on what type of filter you have. For example, a Hayward S180 uses 150lbs of sand, S244 uses 300lbs. This information is provided on the sticker that is located on the tank of the filter.

What are the 6 position on your hayward sand filter?

Filter, winter, closed, backwash, rinse, waste

Does a hayward sand filter require a liner at the bottom of it before adding water and sand?

My Hayward sand filter doesn't have a liner. I just add the sand to the pressure vessel.

Whats a better filter a GAME sand pro 50 or a Hayward VL40T32 VL?

Sand Andre Pro 50 is a better filter game than the Hayward VL40T32 VL.

What is Hayward?

Hayward is a pump, filter and general pool products manufacturer based in the United States. It is also a California city in Alameda county.

Where do I get Hayward sand filter manuals?

Google and search the links there. k

How do you open a hayward pool filter for an in ground pool?

Read the owners manual.

Can I swap a Hayward D.E. pool filter pump motor with a Hayward Sand filter pump motor?

If, and only if, the horsepowers are the same and the fittings are the same size, yes. Don't change the horsepower of your pump without changing your filter without consulting a professional.

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