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Visual C has to different classes for that static and non-static ones: Directory and DirectoryInfo using these classes you can do what ever you want with directories.

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Which file system in Windows server 2003 allows folders to be shared?

Any file system; file sharing does not depend on the underlying representation of bits on disk. Windows server 2003 should be using NTFS anyway, which is what you want to be using. For more information on windows file sharing, look up 'SMB' and 'CIFS'.

How do you unzip files and folders?

To unzip files download a program called winrar: Open winrar and open the folder containing the file you want to unzip (My Documents, etc) and single-click on the file you want to unzip. Click on 'Extract to' and choose the file you want to extract it to.

What i do if this message appear ''another program is currently using this file ''?

Maybe there is still one software is using this file! You should close the software first if you want to operate the file!,for examble,if your computer has a movie file in D disk,and the media software is using it meanwhile,at this time ,you want to delete the movie file for some reasons,when you click"delete",the system will alert you that "another program is currently using this file"! So what you need to do is to close the software which is using the file you want to delete!

What applications do you install to set up a file server?

The requirements for setting up a file server will depend upon what you want to serve and to whom. Mac OS X has a built in file server activated by turning on File Sharing in the Sharing section of System Preferences. From the Options... button you can choose to share files using AFP, FTP or SMB. In the Shared Folders pane you add the discs or folders you wish to share and in the Users pane you can specify who has access to the shared files and what read/write permissions each user has.

How copy a file fom one location to another using the internal file operation?

Look, I don't know what you're talking about but, the 2 easiest ways to copy a file using blahbity-blah is right-click on the file, scroll down to copy, pull up where you want to paste it and do right-click paste, or do right-click send to: desktop and drag it into where you want it to be.

How do you hide folders in windows xp?

Right Click on the folder and check the box next to "hidden". if you want to see the folder, go to Start -> Folder Options -> Click on the View tab and Select "show hidden file and folders.

How do put music you from downloaded onto iTunes?

I don't know if you have already tried this, but make sure you know which folder the music goes into once it has completed, then, on itunes, selcted "file" then "add file to library" and browse the folders to find the file you want, alternatively, if it is a complete album, select "add folder to library" and browse in the same way, your music should then appear in your itunes library

A template file can be used one once?

This is a false statement, not a question. Ask again using words that make it clear what you want to know.

How can you upload a mp3 file?

i want to know this,too.

Could you download a torrent file in your mp3?

No, you can't. Also, I'm not sure what you mean. If you want to know if you can download a file into another file, I doubt you can do that. If you want to know if you can use an MP3 player to download torrents, I don't think you can do that with any MP3 player I know of. If you want to know if you can download MP3s with torrents onto an MP3 player, you can.

How do you say 'I want some folders' in Spanish?

To say 'I want some folders' in Spanish, you would say 'Quiero unas carpetas.'

How do you add a new library for Dev C plus plus?

If you want to know about adding new header files, then it is simple. Write your functions in a file. Save that file with extension .h in the include directry. Now, you can include this file using the #include directive

When java uses compiler?

What i know is java we will use compiler when it want to get class file(file with .class extension) from java file(file with .java extension).

How to Add Designs to Your File Folder?

File folders are often plain and boring. In offices file folders are usually plain white or plain black. This lack of color makes the surroundings dull. If you want to add color to your office you can add designs to your file folder. Although there are file folders that have designs with them, it would be much better to design it on your own in order to save money and also enjoy a fun activity. If you want to personalize your file folder here are some ways on how to add designs: • Gather all the needed materials. You can purchase your materials at a craft store. Generally, these materials are cheap and cute. There are also a lot of designs to choose from. When you buy your materials you have to select your color theme so that your file folder will look more attractive and organized. You can also choose a theme in case you don’t like just plain colors. You can also consider adding your favorite cartoon characters as a design to your file folder. • Once you have all the materials you can begin cutting them out. In case you will be using a fabric to cover the file folder you can lay it out and cut it accordingly. Once you have cut it to the measurements of the file folder you can use a super glue to attach it. Allow it to completely dry first before you add your other designs. • Add some cool designs to your file folder. The fun part of decorating your file folder is to add some cool designs such as ribbons as well as your name to add a personal touch. You can make your file folder simple or full of decorations depending on your preference. Allow all the designs to dry before you begin using your personalized folders. Your designed file folders will surely add a nice look to your office and this will also make wonderful gifts to your officemates and friends. You can choose various designs depending on your taste and preference. You can make it as colorful as you want, but just make sure that the designs are coordinated or it can end up looking like a mess.

How do you put a folder inside a folder on an I pad?

You cannot put folders inside of folders, but now you can have pages inside folders which allows you to have as many apps as you want inside the folder.

How do you rename folders?

Here's how to Rename folders: 1. Right-click the folder you want to rename. 2. Select Rename. 3 Change the name to what ever you want

How do you move pictures into folders on Samsung Galaxy S?

Make a folder and then go on the pic you want and press more, then press move, then folders, then the folder you want to move it to.

How do you send exiting file in the system thought gmail?

You can send a file existing in your system. You have to browse and attach the file using attachments. After attaching, you can send to whomsoever you want.

How do you Rename files using Microsoft word?

Once you have saved the file and then you want to rename it, right click on the file and press the rename option. This will allow you to rename your file.

How do you make a batch file to delete all files and folders in a particular folder in XP?

Here's the code: @echo off del "location of folder here" /Q /F /S The code, when run, will locate the mapped location of a folder and delete everything in it. An example: @echo off del C:\Users\Noah\WikiAnswers\*.* /Q /F /S You might want to get rid of the /Q and /F at the end as these two commands prompts the batch file to just go ahead and delete everything without asking for a confirmation. The /S is there so it deletes all the files in the folders in the targeted folder. Also, note that some folders can be protected either by Windows or by the owner of the folders and/or the file(s) in it, and this can deny access for your batch file to delete it if you are not the owner of the file or do not have permission to delete it.

How do you remove an account off your computer that you dont want?

Find where the file is stored on your computer and delete it. If you have the program, open it to the file/account. Choose save as. It will show where the file is. Using my computer, or explorer, go to the file and delete it. If you are using Quicken or another financial product, read the directions so that you only remove the one you want and not others.

How do you convert doc to docx?

Click file on your word document and then click save as. As you save the file using a file name, under that shows an options on what type of file would you want your file would be, including docx.

How many hours is 3GB?

GB is a unit that describes the size of a computer file. If you want to know how many hours it takes to download such a file, we would need to know your internet connection speed. If you want to know how long a video file of that size is, we need to know how it is encoded, therefore, you have not provided enough information for the question to be properly answered.

Place where you put files and folders you want to get rid of?

When you have files and folders you want to get rid of you can put them in the recycle bin. Once you empty the recycle bin, you won't be able to retrieve them.

What format should you use when saving a file?

It depends on what you want to do with the file. You will need to select the file format that meets your needs. If you are unsure what file format to use, select the default setting for the program you are using.

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