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First machine gun was the Mp44. Also labled as the sturmgewehr by Adolf Hitler himself.

The Mp44 was used secretly behind Adolfs back after he denied production of them.

Adolf later found out his troops were using the Mp44 when he was making his rounds at a military camp, and he asked his men what they needed more of. And they replied more Mp44's. The word stermhewehr translates to storm rifle "To storm enemies position"

Other names for Mp44 are.. Mp43, Stg-44, and sturmgewehr

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How has the machine gun shaped America?

Read "The Social History of the Machine Gun" by John Ellis

How did the gatling gun change history?

It didnt do much, but it was the first machine gun.

What is the world's most powerful light machine gun mmg medium machine gun and hmg heavy machine gun?

light machine gun is the m249 a medium machine gun is the m240 and the heavy machine gun is the browning m2 50. cal machine gun

What is found in a history folder?

kill your family with a machine gun and say happy birthday

What are machine gun nests?

machine gun position

What is the difference between machine gun and sub-machine gun?

A sub-machine gun fires pistol cartridges. A machine gun fires rifle rounds.

What is the difference between machine gun and sub machine gun?

Generally, a sub-machine gun fires a handgun round and a machine gun fires a rifle round.

What was the name of the first machine gun?

The Maxim Gun, was the first machine gun.

How much was a machine gun machine gun in 1969?

Depends on the machine gun. Anywhere from $100 to several thousand dollars

Is an AK 47 a machine gun? is not an a machine gun (u probably wont be knowing this) the minigun or gatling gun is considered to be a machine gun a proper one tho. most people say it a machine gun but it is a submachine gun

What is the traditional word for a group of machine guns?

There really isn't a "traditional" word for it. It could be a machine gun section, machine gun squad, machine gun platoon, machine gun company, a group or cluster of machine guns, etc.

Is a Uzi a sub machine gun?

Yes. A sub machine gun is a machine gun that fires pistol rounds and Uzis are 9mm.

Can you imitate a machine gun?

yes you can imitate a machine gun. With the proper use of equipment one can make a fake machine gun.

What is a machine gun nose?

It's when a machine gun enters the nose.

When did Da Vinci make the machine gun?

he did not make the machine gun!

Who invented the gas operated machine gun?

John M. Browning, the son of a Utah gunsmith, was the most prolific and successful American gun designer in history. He developed one of the earliest semi-automatic pistols and the first gas-operated machine gun

When did Machine Gun Corps end?

Machine Gun Corps ended in 1922.

When was Machine Gun Corps created?

Machine Gun Corps was created in 1915.

What machine guns were used in World War 2?

The British machine guns were the bren gun and the sten gun. The American machine gun was the Thompson

What was the German machine gun called?

the German machine gun was the MG 34 and MG42 the MP-38 and MP-40 was the sub-machine gun

Which is correct machine gun or automatic machine gun?

Machine gun or machinegun. All of them are automatic, so it is redundant to say that. There is no such thing as a semi automatic machine gun, or a single shot machine gun. That answer is correct, but many people use the term fully automatic machine gun or full auto machine gun to specify they are not talking about a semi-auto pistol or rifle, which are commonly referred to as autos, and sometimes that term confuses people.

Where do you find the vz61 machine gun?

Gun shops, guns shows, want ads, machine gun forums.

What 2 machine guns can you find on a tank?

45 caliber Machine Gun and 50 caliber machine gun

What is the difference between maxim gun amd machine gun?

Machine gun is a much broader category, which includes both current and obsolete models. The Maxim gun is a specific type of machine gun, and an obsolete one, at that.

What was the machine gun nest?

it is an established machine gun position. Because the gun implacement is usually round and deep, it appears like a 'bird's nest' from a distance i.e., MACHINE GUN NEST

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