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First, disconnect the battery to stop the horrid noise! The switch for the horn is in the center of the steering wheel - it may be tricky to get to this switch with an air bag unit in the steering wheel, something best left to a professional repair facility.

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โˆ™ 2008-04-16 05:08:34
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Q: Honda civic horn sounding continuously?
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Where is the horn relay on a 1999 Honda Civic?

How do you repair 1999 Honda Civic Horn?

What would make the horn not work on a 1987 Honda Civic?

not having a horn

What color is the horn wire for a Honda civic?


Where is the Horn relay on a Honda civic hatchback?

On the Steering...

Where is the horn on a 2005 Honda Civic?

The horn on a 2005 Honda Civic is located at the front of the engine compartment near the headlights. This position allows it to be projected out of the vehicle and heard better.

Where is the horn located in a 2006 Honda Civic?

Middle of steering wheel

Where do you push for the horn on the 2015 Honda Civic?

The horn sits in the middle of the steering wheel. There are horn symbols just left and right of the Honda badge. Press either one and the horn will sound.

How do you find the horn relay on a 1995 Honda Civic DX same as 1996?

The horn relay is mounted underneath the dashboard on the 1995 Honda Civic. The unit is mounted on the upper right of the cabin fuse box.

Where is a 1995 Honda Civic horn?

The horn is located directly below the inner side of the passenger side headlight.

Where is the horn relay on a 1995 Honda Civic?"

Where is the horn under the hood in a 2006 Honda civic?

behind the front bumper

How do you reinstall a horn button that has popped off of a 1994 Honda Civic EX?

The horn button on a 1994 Honda Civic clip on to the steering wheel. If the clips did not break off the button should just snap right on.

Where is the horn located in a 1991 Honda Civic HB?

Horn location for a 1991 Honda civic HBTo access the horn, you have to remove the front bumper. The horn is located on the passenger side of the car covered by the front bumper. You can see it by looking through the "bumper grill" near the passenger side front tire.

Underneath the hood where is the horn located Honda civic 1997?

inside the front grill

You cut the horn on your 2000 Honda Civic how do you fix it?"

Where is the horn located on a 2002 Honda Civic?

There are two and the are both behind the front bumper.

Where is horn located on a 2007 Honda civic hybrid?

right in the middle of the steering wheel

How do you test a horn on a 1999 Honda civic dx?

Press in horn button. If you hear the horn, your horn is working. If you do not hear anything, then something is wrong. Part it out or just scrap it.

What makes the horn quit working on a 1987 Honda Civic?

More than likely a blown fuse or defective horn relay.

Where is the fuse for the horn in a Honda Civic?

It's in the under dash fusebox. there should be a diagram on the fusebox cover labeling which one is for the horn.

Where in the engine bay is the horn located on a 91 Honda civic?

behind driver side bumper

In the 2001 Honda Civic where is the horn located in the engine?

its located under the left front headlight.

Where is a horn relay located on a 89 Honda civic hatchback?

Near the engine (inside the bonnet)

How do you fix the horn on a 2000 Honda civic si?

First Cheack the fuses!!! located under the dash board and check the fuse for the HORN.

Need location of a 1997 Honda civic lx horn fuse relay please?

The 1997 Honda Civic Horn relay is found under the drive side dash panel. The relay is mounted next to the starter relay on the right side of the fuse box.