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i have a 96 jetta and i looked at the fuse box and found the horn fuse and it was blown changed the fuse and the horn works

so i would look at the fuse box find your horn fuse and see if its blown change it out with the same amp fuse and push the horn button that might fix your problem

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โˆ™ 2009-09-29 11:29:40
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Q: Horn don't work when alarm is set on 2000 Dakota?
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Why would a Kia Sportage horn and side marker lights turn on without the key in the ingintion?

I have a 2000 sportage 4x4 and somtimes my horn starts honking and the sidemarkers start blinking. it is the alarm system. mien is caused by the pasenger door lock not locking all the way. I just diconectied the horn's. I really dont know how to fix the problem exept by changing the locking mechinasem

Would it be a programming issue if you cannot activate the alarm system on a 2000 BMW 323?

it could possible be yes, did you have a alarm on the car and now it wont activate, you just installed a alarm, you dont know if it has a alarm or not (but you think it does) these are questions i will need to help diag. your problem.

Why doesn't your alarm beep when you lock your 2005 Nissan Altima?

Normally you hit the lock button twice to make the horn beep, but I think your car does a double beep but it not the horn if it dont beep anymore you could have it fixed but would it be worth it?

How do you deactive a alarm on a chrysler 1994 concord?

Deactivate? Or disarm? If you dont want it working again...just unplug the wire from the horn. Some cars have two horns (make sure u dont unplug your real horn) If you just want it to turn off cause it goes off you could hit 'unlock' on your key-fob

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i dont no

The alarm keeps coming on in my 1994 Grand Cherokee Jeep Limited how do you deactivate it permanently?

pop the hood and find a little cilinder with a little horn attached and take ouy all the wires (dont get shocked)

How do you disable the anti alarm system in a Mazda tribute?

you dont !

Increase the sound of car alarm?

lights dont flash

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Can you change the alarm noise on a 2000 Hyundai Sonata It is that real annoying chirping sound can it be changed?

Yeah youd have to take it to a shop and get an aftermarket alarm.... but those can be extremely sensitive... if you dont worry about your car being broken into i would just disconnect it. i did it to mine

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