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In the context of internet communications, a Hotspot is an area with Wi-Fi wireless internet available for public use. Some places you might find Hotspots are Airports, Libraries, Hotels or Cafes.

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How do you turn iPhone 4S into a wireless hotspot?

Setting, General, then Personal Hotspot. Hotspot fees may apply.

What is a hotspot on a volcano?

a hotspot is found above the magma plumes

What is the difference between 'hotspot' and Wi-Fi?

A hotspot is a place that offers Wi-Fi for public access. Someone who says "We are a hotspot" is saying "We have Wi-Fi available."

Does the Samsung Galaxy s3 have a hotspot?

Yes, you can use your Galaxy S3 as a mobile hotspot. However, your cellular carrier may require a monthly mobile hotspot plan in order for the hotspot to function.

How to turn iPod touch into wifi hotspot?

you can connect from your ipod in a wifi hotspot but you cant turn it into a hotspot because the ipod is not a router

Can you get a hotspot for HTC One?

Yes, you can get a hotspot, or make the HTC One a wireless hotspot. Carrier rates may apply, however.

What is a hotspot not?

1) A Goodspot 2) A hotspot is not a type of giraffe or a flavour of milkshake

Can you get internet from a hotspot in your dsi?

Yes, you can connect to a wi-fi hotspot with your DSi.

How do you make your internet a safe hotspot?

Secure the hotspot with a password, such as a WEP key.

Is a sunspot a hotspot?


Will a personal hotspot work on a plane?

A personal hotspot cannot work on a plane for safety reasons.

Is volcano poas on a hotspot?

All active volcanoes ar on a hotspot, they have a magma chamber beneath them.

What is a hotspot in photoshop?

The term hotspot usually refer to web design. I've been using and teaching Photoshop for the last 6 years and have never heard the term hotspot in photoshop.

How did the teen titian meet hotspot?

they met Hotspot in the episode 'winner take all' when they had this kind of competition

Does hotspot shield work on internet explorer?

no,when you connect to internet with hotspot shield on the internet gets disconnected

What is the diffrerence of a tetonic plate and hotspot?

A `hotspot' stands still and melts the tectonic plate moving above it.

Where are Libra hotspot?


What is a hotspot on a horse?

the nose is

Is hotspot shield a virus?


How do you get a hotspot for your iPhone?

you dont

How was fernandina formed?

The Galápagos hotspot is a volcanic hotspot in the East Pacific Ocean responsible for the creation of the Galapagos Islands.

Describe the movement of the crust at a hotspot?

The crust moves in 1 direction at a hotspot due to the convection currents of the mantle

How do hotspot volcanoes form?

A volcano forms above a hotspot when magma erupts through the crust and reaches the surface

Is hotspot shield safe to use in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, Hotspot Shield is safe to use in Saudi Arabia.

Is the grimsvotn volcano a hotspot volcano?

Grimsvotn is a hotspot volcano on a diverrrgent plate boundry (Mid-Atlantic Ridge)