How did Quebec become part of Canada?

The colonies that formed the United States were all British colonies, but Canada has one French territory in it. How did that end up being part of Canada, and the greater British commonwealth as a result?

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After the Rebellion of 1837-38, Quebec was amalgamated with Upper Canada (Ontario) in 1841 and became part of a legislative union. After the failure of that union, Quebec became in 1867 a province of the Canadian federation.

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Q: How did Quebec become part of Canada?
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When did Quebec become separate from Canada?

1867, before that they were part of the Province of Canada.

When did Quebec become a part of Canada?

When Canada was created, on July 1, 1867, Quebec was one of the four original provinces of the Confederation..

When and how did Quebec become a part of Canada?

Quebec was known as New France, when it was first explored by Champlain, then it was changed to Quebec by different native tribes, Iroquois, and the Algonquin.

Is Quebec a country within a country?

No, Quebec is not a country, Quebec is a Province of Canada. Quebec City is the capital of that province. In 1980 and 1995 referendums were held to have the province become it's own country within the borders of Canada, and both times the majority of the vote was to remain a part of Canada.

Does Quebec like being a part of Canada?

No. They feel they should break away and become their own country.

What part of Canada wants to become an independent country?

only Quebec i think. I'm not really sure why.

What part of Canada is French and What part of Canada is British?

No part of Canada is British. French are a majority in Quebec.

When did Quebec Canada come part of Canada?

Quebec was the land of the French back when the English hadn't even started to consider commisioning an expedition to the new land, technically, Quebec started Canada, so therefore, Canada became part of Quebec.

What river runs between Quebec and Canada?

Quebec is still part of Canada, so no river runs between it and Canada

Which part of Canada has the shortest name?


Is Quebec owned by Canada or France?

le Québéc is part of Canada

Why did labrador become a territory in Canada?

Labrador is not a territory in Canada it is a region that is part of Quebec but actually belongs to the province of Newfoundland which became a province in 1949

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