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How can you make your own badges?

you can't make your own badges , you earn them.

How do you make shoulder pads?

Is there a flat latex enamel?

Yes. Enamel means hard and many companies make a water based flat enamel.

Who was the first person to make an enamel sign?

The first person to make a purpose built factory for enamel signs would be Benjamin Baugh of Selly Oak in 1889 the factory was the Patent Enamel Company.

How do you make badges on roblox?

Find out...

Who on wikianswers can make badges for other contributors?

Deb is the ONLY Supervisor that I know of who can give others badges.

Can you make badges on WikiAnswers Mobile?

yes you can.

If you trade a Pokemon how can you make it listen?

get all the badges

Why are all the recent badges not as pretty as the past badges?

These times have changed. The Old Pixie Hollow was way better, I do agree. You may ask for a request to make the badges prettier by contacting them.

What does the word enamel mean?

little particles that make up a tooth

What kind of material does Venice use to make jewelry?

I think they enamel

Does floride make the enamel on teeth more resistant to disease?


How can you make your traded Pokemon listen to you?

in order for trader Pokemon to listen to you. you need gym badges if you have al 8 badges they will obey and if you have 3 or four badges is going to e hard to train Pokemon

How do you make enamel paint Matt?

Enamel paint? You should be able to. I can't see why you wouldn't be able to. You can go ahead and try, but I don't know if it will work.

How do you get badges in The Sims 2?

Well if you have Sims 2 open for business you can earn badges for all kinds of things if you have the robot making bench you can make lots of robots and earn bronze, silver or gold if you have Sims 2 seasons you can get gardening badges or if you own a shop you can sell things for badges or use the till and get badges ......................... Hope it helped!!

Why did Pablo paint the enamel saucepan?

He found it would make a nice picture.

How do you restore teeth enamel?

Well there are toothpaste and mouthwash that say they help restore tooth enamel. But you can also take calcium pills that can help make strengthen your teeth. But depending on the severity, your dentist can prescribe you a new toothpaste that is sup. to rebuild your enamel faster.

How do you get as many badges as possible in WikiAnswers?

If you are active in the Wiki community, work with groups, and make quality contributions, then badges will come to you without you even needing to think about them.

How can you regain enamel?

You can regain enamel by drinking milk anf using toothpastes with high concentrates of fluorides and calcium I hope this helps Glad to help Jordan @Jordan You simply cannot regrow enamel. It is a substance, not a bone. Calcium helps make your bones stronger, and there are other sources besides milk. As for the toothpaste, you are thinking of whiteners or those products that claim they can protect your enamel. But the base line is, you cannot regrow enamel.

Does Fluoride help with teeth?

It helps to protect teeth by binding with enamel to make it stronger

How do you you make your gym badges shine?

Easy: First go to your trainer card. then open the box with badges. Take the pen and rub at a gym bagde until it shines :)

How do you you make kids spy badges?

With paper pen tape and something to cut with

Can you make badges on WikiAnswers?

You can but it doesn't come up on your contribution box on the right.

Why is it so easy to break the enamel on enamel-covered pots?

Enamel pots are a great way to cook. You don't have to worry about the metal leaching out into your food like you do with metal pans. But they don't last very long because the enamel is very soft, that is why it breaks off so easy. To make it last longer use wood utensils instead of metal ones.

How do I treat my cast iron enamel cookware after washing to keep it in good condition?

Cast iron enamel cookware can handle very high temperatures but the enamel layer can be delicate and susceptible to scratching. So, after washing, make sure you gently hand dry with a soft towel and avoid scratching it on the prongs of the dish washer. Also, when cooking in the enamel cookware, use a wooden or plastic spatula instead of a metal spoon to avoid scratching or damaging the enamel layer.

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