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For a 150-pound person, the average daily consumption of calories would be 12 calories per pound per day x 150 pounds = 1800 calories per day. Now multiply that by the number of days in a lifetime and you'll have your answer. During the first 10 years of life, the number of calories consumed daily is probably less than 1800, but during the teenage years (when the person is growing) it's certainly greater than 1800. So it averages out.

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How much food do people consume in a lifetime?

The average person will consume 50 tonnes of food in a lifetime.

How much dirt does an average person consume in a lifetime?

1/4 ton

How much wine does the average person consume in a lifetime?

942 bottles of wine, in one persons lifetime. Well in the United States that is.

How much money does the average human spend in a lifetime?

How much time does an average human spend sleeping in a lifetime?

I have read that the average person sleeps 25 years in their lifetime.

How much water does an average human consume in 8 hours?

not enough....

How much lipstick does a men consume in a lifetime?

2.5 lbs a lifetime

How much hair will the average human grow in a lifetime?

The average Human will grow up to 500 kilometers of hair in a lifetime. That is roughly 950 miles of hair!

How much pie does the average human consume in a month?

30 pieces of silver.

How much fiber should the average human being consume a day?

an average person should consume about 21-25g of fibre each day

How much food do you eat in you lifetime?

This is not definite but the average human will eat roughly 30 tons of food in a lifetime.

How much time does an average human spend on the toilet in a lifetime?

24 hours

How much food will a whale consume in a lifetime?


How much calories should the average human consume a day?

2,000 calories a day.

How much crustaceans does a human consume in a year?

it depends on how much seafood you eat. but the average is about 100 pounds.

How much water do humans consume in a lifetime?

Assuming that a human lives to be 80, they will consume about 14,500 gallons of water in a lifetime. This is based on whether they drink the required amount per day. Consuming water for cooking, cleaning, and bathing has not been measured.

How much carbon does a tree consume?

I read a tree can consume about 2000 pounds of carbon in a lifetime.

How much protein does the average human need?

An average person needs to consume around 40 grams of protein a day.

How much skin does the human body shed in a lifetime?

The average human adult sheds approximately 8lbs (3.6kg) of skin each year. In a lifetime considering an average lifespan of 75 years this would equate to approximately 600lbs or 272kg.

How much does human hair grow in a month?

Your hair grows .75 inches in a month

How much urine does a human produce?

The average person produces 10,000 gallons of urine in their lifetime and flushes the toilet an average of 140,000 times.

How much lipstick does a woman consume in a lifetime?

Over 6 pounds of lipstick

How much calories should an average person consume?

1600 to 2200 calories per day, depending on physical activity. The maximum calories the average human male should consume is 1200 calories, and average female 900 calories.

How much fish people consume in a lifetime?

It depends on if you are vegetarian or vegan. Or it depends on the size of your appetite and fish! But studies have shown that an average person that enjoys fish, would consume around 28 KG of fish on an anual basis.

If you bite your fingernails every day how much of yourself do you consume in your lifetime?

None, you spit them out.