How To Get Rid Of Nits?

to get rid of nits you should buy a comb, preferably a white or metal nit comb and some nit oil. Also you will need some conditioner. let them wash there hair with some shampoo then squirt loads of conditioner on there head and rub it in, but don't wash it out! leave it in for about 10 mins. then you start combing with your comb until you've found one. if that doesn't work go to a nit nurse. but if it thankfully works always spray there hair with nit oil in the morning before they go to school! also if you child is a girl tie there hair up with the spray. if it is a boy you can buy nit gel to spike up there hair but it has got nit repellent in it. to keep them away forever buy vosene for kids which has head lice repellent in it!