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Why not add it to your vehicle coverage that will be pulling it? I write a lot of estimates for damaged trailers, and it can vary from state to state, definitely check with your car ins. agent and also with your homeowners ins. agent as it changes. ie; your car insurance may not cover it if a tree falls on it. Or if you are a contractor and your trailer is damaged or broken into on the job site. Many variables to consider check them all out before towing. I have seen too many people with big money wagons lose out just because they didn't check their policies.

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Q: How and where can you get a separate policy on a utility trailer?
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Utility Trailer?

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Does your homeowners insurance cover a stolen utility trailer?

Juat had one stolen and was told no by homeowners policy :(

What are the standard dimensions of a utility trailer?

A single axle utility trailer measures 12'x77" and a tandem axle utility trailer measures 16'x77". In the USA, a utility trailer can be no taller than 13 ft. 6 inches.

When was Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company created?

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company was created in 1914.

Used Utility Trailers?

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Can a 2005 Chevy Cavalier tow a small utility trailer?

A 2005 Chevy Cavalier can tow a small utility trailer. A tow hitch has to be purchased and installed on the vehicle before towing the utility trailer.

How much mulch can a utility trailer hold?

trailer is 70Lx46Wx23H

In the state of Texas does a utility trailer need insurance?

Some auto insurance policies extend liability to a utility trailer that is towed, but the coverage for the trailer itself may need a special endorsement added to the policy. The cost for this type of coverage is generally very reasonable, and it is recommended that you speak to your agent about covering it.

How to hard wire a utility trailer?

The task of wiring a utility trailer is not complicated if the person doing the labor has training or experience. Any job electrical, such as wiring, should be done by a trained professional because there is a dangerous risk of fire if the wire in the utility trailer is not right.

How do you find the year for a small utility trailer with a VIN?

To find the year of a small utility trailer with a VIN, a person will want to look at the 8th letter in the sequence. This letter will give the year when the trailer was made.

Utility Trailers?

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Can you buy utility trailer side rails?

If they make them for you trailer then yes. If not you will have to make your own.

What are the uses for a utility trailer?

A utility trailer is a engineless container with wheels. These trailers can be helpful when moving or anytime transporting items is needed. A utility trailer is primarily used for moving either large pieces of equipment, furniture, or livestock, from one location to another.

VIN number search or location for utility trailer?

1UYES2486XA100528, What is the make of this trailer, shows it is a 1999

How cheap could one purchase used utility trailers?

One could purchase a used utility trailer for as low as $300. The range in prices depends on the make, model, year, and accessories of the utility trailer, and go as high as $2000.

Is a work trailor cover by homeowners insurance?

No a work trailer would not be covered by your homeowners insurance. Anything used in a business is not covered under your homeowners insurance. A trailer to be attached to a vehicle would be covered for liability extended from whatever it is attached to but physical damage for the trailer itself would have to be purchased on a separate policy or a commercial fleet policy.

Does auto policy cover damage done when the vehicle towing the utility trailer is damaged?

In dealing with a towed trailer, the liability coverage will extend from the vehicle towing to the trailer being towed but the physical damage coverage does not extend. This means that if you are backing up at a fuel station and the trailer backs into another vehicle then the liability will cover the damage done to the other car that is damaged by the trailer. Any damage done to the trailer itself will not be covered.

Does a NC utility trailer need lights?

it all depends.

Where can I buy a utility trailer?

You can find a trailer online on a variety of sites. Craiglist or eBay Motors both sell trailers.

In an accident involving a truck and a utility trailer would the trailer be covered by the auto's insurance or does it require a separate policy?

Be Careful... These Utilty trailers are unsafe as they have a habit of comming uhiched if you do not know what you are doing. Please Go to for more. In addition in my State you need to have either two reflectors or 8 feet of reflective tape on the back because the lights do not always work. So if you do not have tape or reflectors on the back in Virginia you can be subborgated against. from You would have to check your policy (see disclaimer notice below)... Your insured car means: The vehicle described in the Declarations of the policy or any private passenger car with which you replace it. You must advise your insurance company within a specified period mentioned in your policy of any change of private passenger car or utility car. Any additional private passenger car or utility car of which you acquire ownership during the policy period. Provided that you notify your insurance company within specified period mentioned in your policy of its acquisition. Any utility trailer: a. That you own, or b. While attached to your insured car. Any private passenger car, utility car or utility trailer not owned by you or a family member while being temporarily used as a substitute for any other vehicle described in this definition because of its withdrawal from normal use due to breakdown, repair, servicing, loss or destruction. Disclaimer notice: Above mentioned terms and definitions are not intended to replace or be the exact explanation of the definitions or conditions of your policy, they are merely for general information purposes. For exact definitions and conditions applying to your auto insurance, please refer to your auto insurance policy agreement.

Where to locate stamped vin on utility trailer 6925-01?


What is the best way to secure a vehicle on utility trailer?

i make meatloaf.

How many people does it take to hitch a utility trailer to a flatbed truck?

That sounds like an old joke but you should be able to hitch up a utility trailer to a flatbed truck with just one or two people.

Does a rented utility trailer need collision coverage?

Unless you wish to may for replacement of the trailer out of your pocket in case of an accident then yes. Talk to the rental company and purchase the collision damage waiver coverage that they provide. Your liability insurance coverage will extend to the trailer so if you back it into a parked car at a gas station your auto insurance will pay for damage to the car you hit. Your auto policy will not pay for damage to the trailer itself. The rental company will have coverage for the trailer itself but your agreement most likely will specify the deductible that you are responsible for in case of damage. They will sell you a deductible damage waiver to cover this deductible for a few dollars per day extra. It is you decision but most likely you will have no coverage for this damage on your auto policy and you cannot add the trailer to your policy because you do not own the trailer.

Utility trailer that is 6.5' X 12' ft from the front of the trailer where do you place the axle?

2/3rds of the way back from the ball.

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