How are other countries coping with immigration?

They simply don't let them in. When they arrive by boat, plane or bicycle, the country will gladly pay for their fare, fuel, or tires to send them right back where they came from. It's cost effective over time for them. Most countries are not as free thinking as the US. In other words, you wind up in jail or arrested and they have two set of laws, one for citizens and one for aliens. Word gets out pretty quickly.
I steel this idea from the Pheonix Arizona sherriff. When the immigrants are caught, we shave their heads, male or female, set up camps and tents in nearby farm communities and put them to work for 1 month. After a month of free labor we put them on buses and planes back where they came from. They've paid for their tickets back. Finally, if they committ a crime in the US they're sentenced to twice the regular jail sentence if they are in this country illegally. Make it a constitutional ammendment. The crime wave along the borders of the country and within the cities all over this country is a disgrace.
This country is not a melting pot welcoming all the poor and homeless. If you know the real history of this country the whole idea of religious and cultural diversity, and tolerance is a joke and a 20th century myth from some liberal jackasses looking out at midtown Manhatten.
We committed genocide on every Native American we could get our hands on and our government supported and carried out this slaughter with the help of every American immigrant.
If we had had half the respect for Native Americans that we have for illegal immigrants, we wouldn't be in the world of hurt that we're in right now. What goes around, comes around and the sins of our founding fathers have yet to be atoned.